Marketing Mail Usps

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Sending trial-sized product samples (also known as marketing parcels) is one of the most effective ways to engage your potential customers. With Simple Samples ®, you can send free samples by mail to either targeted households or every door in a market area—without outer packaging. USPS Delivers™ is a resource for expert business knowledge and insights. We hope it inspires you to take your business to the next level.

Marketing Mail Usps

Return Address

Many mailers use a return address because it's an opportunity to 'brand' their mailpiece with a company name or a logo. The Postal Service encourages mailers to use return addresses because if the piece is undeliverable we can return it.

The return address has the same elements as the Delivery Address and must be placed in the upper left corner of the address side or in the upper left of the addressing area.

There are some instances where mailers MUST use a return address. To name a few:

Usps Marketing Mail Rates

  • Paying postage with precanceled stamps.
  • Priority Mail.
  • Package Services.
  • Mail with Extra Services.
  • Mail with Company permit imprint.

There are special addressing services you can use to tell the Postal Service what to do with your mail if it can't be delivered. You may want your mailpiece forwarded to a customer who has moved or you may want the piece back with a corrected address on it. These special addressing services are called ancillary service endorsements.


What Is Marketing Mail Usps

  • You are welcome to put logos and slogans on your mailpiece. Just be careful where you put them. Don't put anything below the delivery line of the These special addressing services are called delivery address.
  • We recommend 8 point or larger font size for the return address.