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Mandala Grids Mandala grids are used with stones that go together for a specific purpose.Sets of crystals and stones are used forspiritual, healing or magical purposes. Some grids are generalized and others have very specificintention. Mandala Crystal Grid #1.

  1. Mandala Grid Paper
  2. Mandala Grid Procreate
  3. Mandala Grid Paper
  4. Mandala Grid Printable

Why Sacred locations (power Spots on Earth) are so important?

  • Mandala grid is used to make perfect symmetric m. Hey everyone,This is my new video on mandala Basics please watch and share your opinion in comment section. Mandala grid is used to make.
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  • Mandala techniques There are several techniques for creating Mandalas: grid pattern, Zendalas, and the dotting technique. The grid pattern technique has geometric patterns using a compass and a protractor for precise lines and shapes of the design. But, since we are painting rocks, I find Mandala stencils to work just as well.

Well… because they lend powerful energy in the form of information to be put into practice.

They are POWER SPOTS OF MYSTERY and subtle fields of spiritual energy.

When we visit them we rediscover the Medicine of the Earth and how to work with, respect, honor and heal each other and The Earth.

This year in April Spirit called my husband and I to visit a few Sacred Locations in Mexico (Ruta Puuc) in order to receive Important Insight from our ancestors from Mayan, Atlantean and Lemurian Civilizations.

The information when we visit Sacred Locations and we visited quite a few, is absolutely mind blowing!!! It is filled with truth, crazy powerful Ahhha!!! Moments and a lot of gifts in the form of healing, psychic insight, spiritual empowerment, abundance and much more…

One of the most powerful insights received during this visit transformed into a Sacred Project: ~ Sacred Mandala Universal Grid Project ~

This Project it is about connecting own individual grid (mandala) with the Universal Grid to ACTIVATE Awareness, Unity, Peace, Consciousness, Harmony, Centerdness.

Ancestors are telling us that it is CRUCIAL to develop these qualities in as many people as possible.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate, by the way.

The beauty of this is that we can connect with these sacred locations and receive information from advanced civilizations and ancestors.

In this podcast I invited my friend Yasmine to discuss together the Importance of creating our own mandalas to create a spiritual practice that connects with everyone’s practice in the world.

It is TIME!

We are required in these powerful times to create our own sacred locations and connected them with the Universal Grid with the flow of the collective.

Sacred Geometry

Highly evolved civilization like Lemuria and Atlantis used sacred geometry: circles, pyramids, torus, merkaba, Golden Mean, cube, etc.

Nautilus is the perfect example of sacred geometry: spiraling consciousness that moves from higher frequencies to lower frequencies of thought.

Mandala Grid Paper

Mandala grid procreate free

Nautilus represents the Golden Mean, the beginning of ALL spiraling beautiful representing the evolution. And what is magical and synchronistic about this is that only two months before visiting Mexico I was gifted with a Spiral Shell of a rare Nautilus in Fiji while visiting another Sacred Spot on Earth. Still to this day I am in such Awe!

So what is a Mandala?

Mandala is a round, circular image representing wholeness.
It is a cosmic design found all around us.
It represents peace, Oneness and harmony.

The insight received was to Create individual grids/mandalas using Sacred Geometry which will eventually become vortexes that connect us with the Divine Spirit, God.

Use any type of mandala you are guided to.
Spirit whispered that the 7 pieces arrangement works for 2014. However use whatever your intuition, Spirit, Angels are guiding you.

Mandala grid paper

This information waited for the divine time to surface and it is supposed to reach MANY people in order to raise global vibrations and raise consciousness.

Purpose of the Grid

~ rapid awakening – mass awareness.
~ bring feminine energy awareness and balance it with the masculine.
No more wars, harmony instead. Law of Oneness!
~ connect everything to raise vibrations of PLANET, amplifying positive Energies
~ connect with Sacred Locations and become Sacred Locations,
~ create our own sacred circles, vortexes of positive energies
~pull divine energy into the physical world

Steps in Creating the GRID/MANDALA

1. INTENTION/prayer/meditation/thought – it has to be in alignment with Truth, wisdom, peace, Love to serve the Greatest Good. Any intention that comes from power struggle, selfishness, fear and so on, will simply not work. Work light and PASSION!!!

2. Creative Essence:
ask yourself : What do I want to bring into the world?
What is my contribution to the Soul of the planet?
Your talents, your gifts, your hobbies, basically who you are.
Awakening and Activate these Energies

3. Sacred Geometry:
bring intention–we found out the circle is the perfect geometric structure as it represents feminine energy, healing, compassion and has subtle powers. Other examples: Flower of Life, Merkabha, Pyraminds, Diamond, Cube, Triangle

4. Sacred objects used:
symbols that remind you of your sacredness, or divine seeds

Yasmine and I gathered for many years a multitude of sacred objects.
Instead of collecting shoes, makeup, fashionable clothing, we collected and created spiritual sacred objects that we work with and get attuned to their energies: Gemstones, rocks from the tree nations and plant kingdom, Sacred orgone amulets and pendants, crystals, >Lemurian Crystals, talismans, different realms objects: Angelic and Faeries Realm Objects, Dolphins and Whales, Dragons, Fossils, Herbs, elements and elemental objects, psychic and spiritual empowering objects, shamanic objects, sacred feathers, native drums, sacred musical instruments, powerful elixirs from the Earth, blessed water and more.

5. Actual Individual Work

act upon knowledge
Every mandala created is never duplicated. Mandalas also change.
Individual mandala is created with attention, creativity, uniqueness.
The Beauty is we need very little to do this activity.

6. Actual Connection with the Grid:
via Intention

7. Spreading the Knowledge to RAISE AWARENESS:
post picture, spread the word, so we connect with each other, create your own circle, communities circles, connect with the grid

Mandala grid book

Facebook: SACRED PROJECT: Create own Mandala and Connect with Universal Grid

We need reminders, we need triggers, we need nudges.

Universal Grid is reminding subconsciously of our conscious.
This is part of evolution, becoming more aligned with our divine purpose.

Working with energies is the Master Key in Spiritual Evolution.

Strongly suggest taking part in this project!!!
It brings so much spiritual growth, psychic insight, amazing ideas, vitality, empowerment and so much good stuff… Totally go for it!

Sacred Grid Blessings,

Lilly Natures Blessings

Mandala Grid Procreate

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Mandala Grid Paper

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Mandala Grid Printable

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