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Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium Key scanner that is industry-leading and eliminates malware like worms, Trojans, rootkits, rogues, malware, and rather more. Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium Key has a performance that allows you to run the program even if it is blocked by a harmful software program. Security researchers have discovered a new malware designed to affect Linux-based x86 servers, along with Linux ARM and MIPS-based IoT devices, that’s been using many infections vectors, including GitHub and Pastebin. Malware using GitHub and Pastebin as points of infection is not something new. Attackers draw some advantages from using known, stable and large platforms,.

FortiGuard Labs Threat Research Report

The FortiGuard Labs threat research team has been noticing for some time that Pastebin and similar services are being used by malware authors, sometimes to evade detection or to obscure their purposes. However, we had no idea how common this practice is or what sorts of malicious content might be stored there. To get to the bottom of this, I decided to scrape Pastebin myself to see what is going on.

Malwarebytes pastebin 2020

What is Pastebin, and How Do Bad Actors Use It?

Tools like Pastebin can be used to share plain-text data over the internet with just a link. But not everyone uses this service in the same way or for innocent purposes. Malware authors, for example, often use Pastebin, or services like it, to store part of the malicious content from their malware, and then fetch it later from inside the malicious executable using the share link. A recent FortiGuard Labs blog on the Rocke coin mining malware shows one practical use case for this practice.


Malwarebytes Pastebin

Malicious Uses for Pastebin


To take a closer look at this practice, and see how prevalent the misuse of this service is by cyber criminals, I decided to scrape all the pastes in Pastebin and process them for malicious content. At first, my goal was to look up malicious files, since Pastebin can be used as an evasion technique. However, what I discovered was a wide variety of malicious scripts, stolen credentials, encoded content, and malware. The result of this research, based on examining thousands of pastes, is as follows.

Malwarebytes Pastebin 2020

Base64 Encoded Content: Over 8,000 of these files fell into this category. Among them were obfuscated scripts, some hashes, and countless binary data. Surprisingly, I also found some ELF/PE executable files. Listed below is the MD5 hash of a few of these files and their status on VirusTotal.


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