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Are you a decorator, plumber, IT specialist or offer other maintenance services? Or, are you just a designer looking for some inspiration? In both cases, this article is great for you.

HTML5/CSS3 Maintenance Page Template - Responsive. A HTML/CSS maintenance page template for you to use on you and/or your clients projects. You may not resell this template. This template is given to you free of charge. You may modify this template as you see fit. If you choose to use the image included with this template then please leave the. Renovation – Home Maintenance, Repair Service HTML Template This is a home maintenance, repair service HTML template. It has a modern design that uses large horizontal slideshow right below the menu. This template has 3+ homepages, a valid HTML5 code, responsive layout and is.

RT-Theme 16
Landscape Gardener

We’ve looked around the web and gathered 20 website templates which can be used as online presentation websites for your maintenance services business. Check them out!

Do you own a dry cleaning business and have no idea how to design a website to help you attract more clients? Don’t have to worry anymore! There are plenty of website templates n the web, perfectly designed to suit your business. This is one of them. Nice colors with strong, bold, orange accents, this design will surely help you a lot!

Maintenance Html Template

RT-Theme 16

RT-Theme 16 is a premium WordPress which comes with a powerful admin panel. You can use it for all sorts of websites such as corporate, business, product catalogs, services or portfolio websites. It has a clean design that will present your business in a creative way. The great thing about this theme is that it comes with a built-in tool that lets you create custom page templates to use with your pages or posts. This theme is also SEO optimized, translation ready, and has a valid HTML5 markup.

Renovation – Home Maintenance, Repair Service HTML Template

This is a home maintenance, repair service HTML template. It has a modern design that uses large horizontal slideshow right below the menu. This template has 3+ homepages, a valid HTML5 code, responsive layout and is retina ready and jQuery powered. Use it for electrical services, plumbing, painting, door repair, roofing, drywall or interior maintenance businesses.


Symple is yet another cool and powerful business WordPress theme that uses a responsive grid system. It contains many great features that will help you create the website you dream of. It includes 12 drag and drop homepage layout sections, 4 unique featured sliders, 2 gallery layouts, a jQuery map and much more.

Home Improvement

This website template is perfect for a presentation website for a construction/building company. It has an earthy color palette and it is very well structured. The customized icons are a nice touch.


Simple website, with an effective “Call Us” box, this website template is most suitable for maintenance services companies. This template will allow you to create a website structure according to your needs. It has all the features that you are expecting from a presentation website.

Property Group

This is a simple website with a nice layout and very basic graphics, PropertyGroup template can be used for a broad range of businesses. It uses a light background texture and an elegant slider on which you can place your own amazing pictures.

Landscape Gardener

This template has a really nice background and it has an overall friendly feel. Perfect to showcase a gardeners work. With unlimited color settings, custom backgrounds, amazing layered slider and much more this is truly a great website template for a gardening business.

Air Care – HTML Template for Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

This template was specially created for an Air Conditioning Repair and Heating Services websites. Mix and match to create your ultimate site.


Broad Design

With a big slider on the main page, Broad Design is very versatile and can be used for many types of businesses. You can definitely use this theme for your project. This is a minimalist theme, crafted with care and attention to detail. It includes a minimalist design, coupled with beautiful visual effects.

Tremosolar- Maintenance Services WordPress Theme

This theme is a well-designed fully functional WooCommerce Theme for Cooling, Heating, Plumbing and other Maintenence Services.


Maintenance Html Template

This website is very effective for the business type it represents as it has a pretty straightforward way of delivering the information. The “Call Us Now” slider is really effective!


Phlox is a powerful and flexible theme that comes with very nice features which will help you create an awesome website. You can now easily create unique pages by simply dragging and dropping.

Strategy Consultant

This is a simple, professional looking template. It is suitable for a consultancy firm. It has a modern and functional design which will present your business nicely.

Termosolar – Maintenance Services WordPress Theme

This is a well designed and fully functional WordPress theme. It has support for wooCommerce. The theme works great for heating, plumbing, or any such nice with all the necessary inner pages.


The green accents are a nice touch to the overall grey design of this website. Tech Team is a great website for an IT services company. This template uses a simple light gray background and green details.

Hmend – Home Maintenance & Repair Service HTML Template

Hmend is a great Home Maintenance and Repair Service HTML. It is built with CSS3 and HTML5 visual effects. It is ideal for introducing various services like painting, door repair, plumbing and interior maintenance.


Are you a plumber and need a website fast? This template may be the right choice for you. It is simple and effective and it will definitely help you make the website you’ve been dreaming of! This theme has lots of layout modes which let you create the website you need easily.

Easyliving – Home Maintenance, Repair Service Responsive HTML Template

Easy Living has a professional and responsive design which will look great on any screen size. This template was built on a Bootstrap framework and it contains more than 20 valid HTML files. This website looks colorful and has a creative design that will grab people’s attention. This example was built to be intuitive and easy to customize.

Home Decorating

If you need a website for your home decorating business, this template may be a great choice, It has a very nice layout and key elements like a “Schedule” message box. This theme is really simple to use and manage, includes excellent features that let you build your own home decorating website in minutes!

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It happens that sometimes you need to take your website offline for doing various maintenance tasks such as restoring a database backup, updating scripts or switching from one web host to another. Some CMS have a built-in (or extendable via plugins) abilities to turn on maintenance mode and others do not.

In this article you will know how to create a perfect maintenance page with PHP, how to redirect all requests to this page with a CMS functionality (if applicable) or Apache's mod_rewrite module, and how to minimize harm to your search engine rankings while your site is offline. You will also find a simple maintenance page template and a sample .htaccess file.

What is a Maintenance Page?

The maintenance page is a special website page, that is created to inform visitors that the site is down and temporarily not operational for some reason. This page can block visitors from viewing the whole site or its specific sections.

It may include information when the site is available and extra elements like countdown timer, links to the social sites, contact email etc.

Here is an example screenshot of such an informative maintenance page of

Starting Up

Let's start. First of all, we need to create a simple maintenance page itself. We'll create it as a PHP file because we need some functionality that static HTML cannot provide: we need to add special HTTP headers to our response. For what? To prevent downranking, you need to tell Google that your downtime is planned and everything is OK.

Google recommends to return 503 HTTP status code and also specify Retry-After header for maintenance pages:

For example, instead of returning an HTTP result code 404 (Not Found) or showing an error page with the status code 200 (OK) when a page is requested, it’s better to return a 503 HTTP result code (Service Unavailable) which tells search engine crawlers that the downtime is temporary. Moreover, it allows webmasters to provide visitors and bots with an estimated time when the site will be up and running again. If known, the length of the downtime in seconds or the estimated date and time when the downtime will be complete can be specified in an optional Retry-After header, which Googlebot may use to determine when to recrawl the URL.

We will do it with the PHP header function:

Note that the 3600 in the code snippet dictates the delay time in seconds. That means that the above sample will tell GoogleBot to return after an hour.

Maintenance Page Templates

We have created two example variants of maintenance page. The first one is simple page saying 'Sorry for the inconvenience but we're performing some maintenance right now' with white background. The second version is based on the first one, with funny 'maintenance' video added. To match the video, we've made the page background black. You can see the source code of each template and download the zip archive below.

White Version

This sample maintenance script returns HTTP status 503 and displays a simple centered text maintenance message, featuring a nice pure-CSS blinking dots effect (courtesy of this codepen).

You can view how it looks here: maintenance.php. The PHP code is follows:

Black Version

Maintenance Template Word

The black version is similar to the white one, but have an additional 'maintenance' video and black background.

You can view it in action here: maintenance_black.php. The code is follows:

Other Templates

You can also use any another template as a starting point for your maintenance page, like this one featuring fancy animated worker or this one with moving gears, but don't forget to include a HTTP 503 response code and Retry-After HTTP header, this is really important!

If you know any other free maintenance page templates which are worth to mention, please tell us about them in the comments.

Maintenance Page Controlled By CMS


WordPress has a built-in internal maintenance mode, which is activated automatically when you upgrade a plugin or WordPress itself. Moreover, if you create a maintenance.php in the wp-content directory, WP will use it. If you need a custom maintenance switch, you can use this solution or use a WP Maintenance Mode plugin for that.


Drupal has a built-in maintenance mode.


Magento has a built-in maintenance mode which functionality can be extended with a Better Maintenance for Magento 2 extension.


vBulletin has a standard maintenance mode, which can be enabled with Turn Your vBulletin On and Off command.

Other CMS

As we know, there are no standard maintenance functionality in PHPBB, and it can be achieved with the universal .htaccess method as described below.

Universal Maintenance Handler with .htaccess

Now we need to set up our maintenance page as a default response for all visitor browser's requests. If your website is running on the Apache web server, you can do it with mod_rewrite directives in the .htaccess file, located in the root directory of your website.

Website Under Maintenance Html Template

If you need to turn on the maintenance mode only for the specific directory, you can place the file in this directory instead of root.

Maintenance Templates Free

Create a special maintenance .htaccess file, let's name it .htaccess.maintenance. Content of this file could be as follows:

Please note that we are not performing any external redirects (HTTP 301/302), we render our maintenance.php via Apache's internal redirect as a response to any request.

If you need to exclude some directories from 'maintenance mode' (for example, CSS or image) you can list them above the RewriteCond directive as follows:

How to Turn On and Turn Off the Maintenance Mode

When you need to take your website into maintenance mode, you need to ensure that you have a backup of your current .htaccess file and replace it with your .htaccess.maintenance file. After maintenance complete, you need to restore your original .htaccess file back.

Download Files


You can download the zip archive with all files from this article (maintenance.php, maintenance_black.php and .htaccess) here: