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I got this working a few days ago by installing Catalina inside a VMWare Fusion VM, and then using the developer beta profile to install Big Sur. It functions, but is unusably slow; animations and elements seem to be rendering on CPU, and it can take up to 10-30 seconds for actions such as minimizing a window. Fusion 12 Pro is priced at $199, or $99 as an upgrade. In order to keep up with Apple's advancing technologies, Fusion 12 requires macOS Catalina or Big Sur. For users with systems still on macOS. MacOS Big Sur on VMware FusionSave 40% on PDFelement 7: 7 - PDF Editor:

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  1. VMWare Fusion as of Version 12.x on MacOS Big Sur is just a gigantic waste of money. My company spends a few thousand EUR each year (whenever a new release comes up) to keep all Mac clients up to date. Yet there is ZERO official support available.
  2. VMware unveiled version 12 of its popular virtualization tool Fusion on Thursday 20 August. It offers full support for macOS Big Sur, external graphics cards and open-source system Kubernetes.

Hi everybody,

I have a problem with VMware Fusion 12 and macOS Big Sur Beta 10 (I’m not sure, if it occurred on earlier Betas or macOS Catalina, but I can tell that Fusion 11.5 and Catalina worked well with the same setup).

Mac Os Big Sur Vmware Fusion

The problem is, when I choose “Autodetect” or “Wi-Fi” as Network setting in vm preferences, I can’t do various internet-base operations anymore in the vms. For example, I cannot install snap packages or I cannot pull docker images. I tested on various Linux distribution guests like Ubuntu, Fedora or CentOS. I always get the error “tls: bad record MAC”, depending on the tested tool the error message is a little bit difference but comes to the same.

Searching for this error message in the web told me that this issue only occurs when the Network is screwed up, it’s not fixable from Linux itself. It actually only occurs with VMware VMs, I don’t have those problems with “real” computers…

Vmware Fusion 12 Big Sur

Could you please have a look at this?

It’s also possible, Apple screwed something up there in the latest beta, like I said, I don’t know exactly when it occurred for the first time. At the moment macOS is still at beta phase but Apple will release it soon and then we should have a working VMware.

Does anybody have the same problem or some advises how I can solve this?

Fusion 12