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Unobtrusive and small utility which will keep a close eye on your Mac's processor and notify you when its temperature goes above a pre-defined safe value

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  1. MacsFanControl (both on macOS and Windows). Allows you to read the temperature and control fan speed (which you should imo, normal fan curve for macs is shit), and display it in the taskbar.
  2. Common use of Intel® Power Gadget is to monitor energy usage of the processor. Provides processor power (Watts), temperature (Celsius) and frequency (MHz) in real-time via graph displayed in the GUI; Let you log the power and frequency measurements and save it in a csv format. Double click on the desktop shortcut and the GUI will launch.

What's new in Temp Monitor 1.4.7:

While Activity Monitor does offer a way to view how apps and other processes are impacting the CPU, GPU, energy, disk, memory, and network usage, the built-in task manager is still quite limited and lacks a clear cut feature to show the current temperature of CPU on macOS.

  • Fix fan control bugs in Mac mini models.
  • Add entry point for removing menu sensors.
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Although most of Apple's Macs come with highly efficient cooling designs, there are times when intensive processing tasks such as video rendering and audio design put an enormous strain on the CPU.

If you need to stay on top of the situation and to keep a close eye on your Mac processor's temperature, it is a good idea to have an app capable of monitoring it one look away at all times.

Support for customizable overheat temperature

Temp Monitor is a macOS application specifically designed to watch a Mac processor's temperature very closely and display it in the menu bar in the form of a text- and icon-based status item.

More precisely, Temp Monitor runs in the background and will let you know when the CPU's temperature reaches dangerous levels, thus enabling you to pause highly intensive processing tasks and resume them at a later time to protect your Mac's integrity.

The CPU temperature which triggers Temp Monitor to display an overheat notification can be customized via the app's settings window. From there you can also set Temp Monitor to launch on login and choose the default temperature unit it uses.

Notification Center integration and automatic logging of all overheat alerts

Furthermore, the Temp Monitor utility displays audio and visual notifications via macOS' Notification Center feature, and it they are by default set to be alerts which will not go away until manually dismissed, an excellent idea for when you are away from your Mac and the CPU temperature goes above the safe threshold.

The temperature warnings are also added automatically to Notification Center's notifications tab, for later reviewing of all past alerts when and if needed.

How To Monitor Mac Cpu Temperature

Low-key CPU temperature monitor for Macs

Macbook Cpu Temperature Monitor

As a downside, when clicking the 'Configure Notifications' in Temp Monitor's Settings window, you are directed to System Preferences' main screen instead of the Notifications preference pane.

To summarize it all, the Temp Monitor app is an unobtrusive tool which will alert you when your Mac overheats, and the perfect utility to help you log all instances when the processor goes beyond a temperature which might be dangerous for both your Mac and yourself, if you're using a MacBook or MacBook Pro.

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Cpu Temperature Monitor

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Mac Temperature Monitor Free

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Temp Monitor 1.4.7

Cpu Temp Monitor Mac

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