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Centered Login Form Bootstrap Code Snippet. Quickly jumpstart your next project with this Bootstrap CSS compatible code samples. How To Create a Login Form Step 1) Add HTML: Add an image inside a container and add inputs (with a matching label) for each field. Wrap a element around them to process the input.

Login page in bootstrap w3schools

Did you know you can customize your login page? Many membership sites have beautiful login pages. If you want to have one like that, you need to use a bootstrap form. Perhaps you are hearing this for the first time and are wondering what these bootstrap forms are. Well, I will explain.

They are input-based elements created to collect data of users. Whether you have a membership site or a blog, you can easily design bootstrap forms for your website. These forms are used as subscribe, log in, contact, and sign-up form. If you are a stylish person, you will love how easy it is to customize the forms. In this article, I will share free download 15+ bootstrap login form templates. Read on to see them.

Unique, Attractive Login Form

Having a beautiful login form is the best way to capture the attention of the user. This template gives you precisely that. The bootstrap form template is for anyone who wants to create attractive but responsive login forms. The fonts on this form will surely capture your attention. Do you love white colors? Then you might fall in love with this form template because it is enclosed in a white container box.

Simple Bootstrap Login Form With Validation

This simple login form template is what you need for your website if you are looking for a validation form that is created in CSS and HTML. The form template keeps everything simple while adding a touch of elegance. As a result, you have an outstanding form that captures the attention of every user. With this form, users can sign up with Google. This bootstrap login signup form is an excellent fit for your site as it simplifies the login and signup process.

Sign Up 1

Are you in love with blue colors? It is the form template you should try. It features an attractive blue color that looks stylish. The fields users fill in are not many, and thus, the sign-up procedure is quick and easy. If your users have already created an account, they can click the login link and get into the site instantly.

Sign Up 2

There are many form templates that you can use to ensure that your login page is exceptional. Sign up two is one of them and makes it easy for users to register on your website without a hassle. With this form template, the users don’t need to confirm the password through email. Instead, they can do so during registration. It ensures that you keep the users glued to your website.

Sign In 1

It is a sign in form template with a blue call to action that is similar to Google’s sign-in form. It shows the user’s image once they are logged in. It also offers new users a chance to create an account right from the page. This form template is browser and device compatible, and it is built using the newest CSS3 and HTML5 framework.

Sign In 2

If you love yellow and black colors, this is the form for you. It has an attractive background image of a mountain that your users will enjoy looking at as they sign in. This form helps speed the sign-in process as it allows your users to sign in using their social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook. The social icons have a yellow background that ensures users can easily see and use them. You don’t need an expert to have this form on your site. You can do it yourself. Furthermore, the texts are easy to read.

Responsive Login Page

Do you want to leave a lasting impression on your users’ minds? This responsive login page is the form template for you. This template gives you an area to add your logo so new and present users can always remember your brand. It is even after they are logged out. The form is compatible with any browser and device. It has a clean blue background, and it is distraction-free.

Register Page And Login Page Together Fully Responsive

Login page in bootstrapLogin

Are you tired of having different forms on your website? This is the form for you. It comes with both the login and registration page in one place. The creator of this bootstrap login form template had you in mind. He made the template’s layout wide enough to fit both the register and login form. This form is suitable for use for both websites and mobile applications.

Register Form With Bootstrap

Do you want a registration form that enables you to collect the gender of your users? Try this register and login form with bootstrap. You don’t need to hire someone to find out the gender of the people who register on your website. Thanks to this template since you can now collect the information during user registration. This form template has a beautiful background that gives the form a unique look.

The texts on the field labels are big enough for anyone to see and read. Whether you have a food or travel blog, this template can serve you well. You can customize the background to fit your website needs.


It is another form template that will make your login page to stand out from the rest. It is easy to edit and customize. It has a simple but creative look. Not only can users register with this form, but they can switch to log in as well. Some users can change like chameleons, and this might cause issues in the future. Well, this form template has you covered. It gives users an option to agree to your website terms and conditions. It ensures that you all have a mutual agreement as soon as they register.

Bootstrap 4 Login Form Template

Bootstrap Form Signin

It is among the best member login forms that you will ever have on your website. If you want users to have their profile picture displayed right at the login page, try this form template. It includes a place for a profile picture. The picture helps users to know that they have logged in to their rightful account.

The red label and clear background are what you need for an excellent login page for your membership site. Apart from that, members can request to reset their password inside this form. Get this bootstrap login form template free download and create a stunning login page for your users.

Member Login 1

This elegant modal has a hybrid layout, and it works with Bootstrap 3 and 4 versions. The field labels and icons show the form fields of this template. This makes it attractive and accessible for members to know where to fill in their details. The form template is created with HTML making it one of the most straightforward templates to use on your website login page.

Member Login 2

The two colors used on this form, pink-red light shade, and light color, blend well to give member log in 2 form template a fantastic look. The fonts used in this form are stylish, and they make reading easy. According to experts, stylish fonts are easy to read and trigger the user to take action. This developer of this template seems to have had this mind when creating it.

Login Form

Login Page In Bootstrap With Background Image

This template is the login form for administrators who want to have a gradient background. In case you just forgot your password, you can click the forgot password button to reset it. This form is wrapped in a white container box. The form labels are visible so you can see where to enter your email and password. This form has an excellent layout that does not consume much space.

Login Page In Bootstrap

Login 1

Do you hate creating things differently when they can all be combined? If your answer is yes, this template has you covered. The template gives you the advantage of creating a binary form. There is no need to create different forms for login and registration. This form has both the login and registration in one place. You can customize this template, depending on your needs. It comes with a plain red background and awesome fonts that trigger action. Users don’t have to search for the registration or sign up page. They can quickly move to one that fits them without change anything.

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This bootstrap template has a gradient background that you can edit to match your brand needs. The clean look on this form makes it suitable for every membership website. The text labels of this form are easily readable. If you are looking for a form that does not occupy the entire page, this is the form template for you.


Do you want to design an attractive login page for your website or app? Consider getting a bootstrap template free download from a reliable developer. The templates not only make the page appealing to the visitor or user, but they also simplify the process. The Remember Password and Forgot Password options enhance user experience on your website or application. If you also want everything on your page, choose a template that has both the register and login form.