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I seem to be unable to print (LO Draw 6.3.3) a diagram in landscape mode, even when selecting landscape, per:

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  • [Page] [Properties] [Page] [Orientation] : Landscape

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The diagram displays as expected in landscape mode, but no matter how I try to print (whatever print driver), I get landscape printed, but the diagram is always cropped on the right side, as if I had been trying to print a landscape diagram with the printer set to portrait (which it was not).

No matter what I do, the right 2.5' of the diagram is always cropped off (prints blank).

I can supply a LO Draw file for testing...

The only work-around that I have found so far is to take a screenshot of the LO Draw app, then crop to the diagram, then scale to print from a graphics app. Voila! I get what I want, but it is a kluge.

This is obviously a bug, that hopefully can be fixed soon. Meanwhile, is there a simpler work-around?

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2019-11-27 : additional info as requested:

Lo Draw
  • OS: Windows 10 (current updated)
  • diagram: created in LO Draw usingnative LO Draw templates (shapes,lines, etc.)
  • file format: since this document inLO Draw, it is (obviously) a '.odg'file format

Erratum: in spite of not being able to print the full diagram as expected, I did test the LO 'Export as PDF' with the resulting exported PDF emerging as expected: landscape, with no image cropping.

I have uploaded a test file, but this portal does not allow me to upload PDF files :

Anyway, except for [Export as PDF] ... which works as expected, any time I try to print, the print driver automatically defaults to portrait ... so it would seem that there is an issue where the LO parsing to the print driver incorrectly tags landscape documents as portrait orientation.


I can, of course, over-ride this by manually changing from 'Portrait' or 'Automatic' (which defaults to portrait) ... but depending on the print driver, either the image is rotated and/or cropped.

For now, it seems I can work-around by exporting first to PDF, then printing from PDF. However, I should be able to print landscape directly from LO Draw, right?

I C:fakepathKN diagram - test landscape printing.odg

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Draw Diagram Online

I can supply a LO Draw file for testing...

Yes, that would be very helpful.

To upload the file here, please edit your initial question.Please do not write an answer, if it is not a solution to the actual question. Thank you.

  • Which operating system do you use?
  • Is the diagram a simple picture (jpg) or how did the graphic get into your file?
  • Which file format does your diagram have?


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