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You're reading the LINE Developer documentation. If you're looking for help using the LINE app, see the Help Center(opens new window).

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Integrate LINE Login into your web app or native app to allow users to log in with their LINE accounts.

LineLineLine log in

LINE Login lets users easily create accounts for web apps and native apps with their existing LINE accounts.

Line Online Game

LINE Login not only works with native iOS and Android apps but also with web apps and Unity games.

# Introduction

You'll need to create a LINE Login channel regardless of what type of app you're building. To learn more, see Getting started with LINE Login.

# Integrating with web apps

Integrate LINE Login into your web app to make it easier for people to create an account and log in. With LINE Login, your users can automatically log in to your web app if they're already logged in to LINE on their device. The authentication and authorization process is based on the OAuth 2.0(opens new window) and OpenIDĀ® Connect(opens new window) protocols. For more information, see Integrating LINE Login.

For an example of how LINE Login can provide users with an improved experience, see the LINE STORE(opens new window) website.

# Integrating with native apps

Use our SDKs to add LINE Login to your app and let LINE handle user authentication. When users are logged in to LINE on their mobile device, they're able to log in to your app without entering their email address and password. We offer SDKs for Android, iOS (Swift and Objective-C), and Unity:

The LINE Rangers game, for example, uses LINE Login to let users easily create an account for the game with their LINE accounts.

# LINE Login authentication methods

For web app integrated LINE Login, users can use one of the following authentication methods:

Authentication methodDescription
Auto loginLogin without user operation. The LINE Login screen or the confirmation screen is not displayed
Log in with email addressLog in by entering an email address and password on the LINE Login screen
Log in with QR codeLog in by scanning a QR code displayed on the LINE Login screen using the QR code reader on the LINE app for smartphones
Single Sign On (SSO) LoginLog in by clicking the login button on the confirmation screen with the message 'Log in with the following account'

To learn more about which screens are actually shown and the conditions under which they appear for each of the authentication methods, see User authentication.

# Identifying users

Line Online Chat

Once a user has logged in to your app through LINE Login and your app has retrieved an access token for the user, the app can get the profile information that the user has registered with LINE.

Line Online

Line Online Store

You can get the user's ID, display name, profile image URL, and status message.

To learn more, see Getting user profiles.

# LINE Login versions

Line Online Messenger

LINE Login supports OpenID Connect Discovery 1.0(opens new window). For information about the OpenID provider, click the following URL.

Line Online Computer

The following versions of LINE Login have been released. Each version supports a different set of features.

Line Online Books

LINE LoginDescription
LINE Login v2.1This version can handle login requests based on the OAuth 2.0 authorization code flow(opens new window). It also supports the OpenID Connect(opens new window) protocol and allows you to get user information with ID tokens.
It was released on September 28, 2017. To learn more, see LINE Login v2.1 released.
LINE Login v2.0This version can handle login requests based on the OAuth 2.0 authorization code flow(opens new window). It also allows you to get user information.
It was released on January 24, 2017. To learn more, see New versions of Web Login and the LINE SDK released.
LINE Login v1This version and all of its endpoints were discontinued on June 30, 2018. It is not currently available for use. To learn more, see LINE Login v1 to be discontinued.