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What is Second Life?

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Second Life is an online multiplayer game, where users create an avatar who will literally carry out their second life. They have fully customizable names, occupations, and appearance. You’re able to explore the virtual world that you live in and socialize, play games, create, and shop. (The primary currency in the game is the Linden Dollar, which costs real life money to obtain.) Creation is a pretty large part of Second Life’s “gameplay”, with sophisticated 3D modeling and scripting tools integrated into the game. This enables users to really tap into their creative side and make something that can be appreciated by the entire community.

The game is primarily aimed at an older user, from late teens forward. That isn’t to say that there aren’t younger players, but you are going to be predominantly encountering users between the ages of 16 and 30. Second Life has always been a fairly popular game, attaining a lot of recognition for being a more mature 3D chatroom-style game, enabling users to forge meaningful relationships with people around the world. Still, maybe you’re looking for another game. Maybe you’re bored with Second Life, or you’re just looking for something a little different. In this article, I’ll talk about the top five best games that are similar to Second Life. Let’s jump right into it.

5. Garry’s Mod

Please try demo before your purchase!!!!! Will not refund any purchases when there is a demo available for you to try the product first:D.

As I mentioned before, one of the coolest components of Second Life is the ability to create things in such a rich way. Whether you want to design your own furniture or script your own mini-game, there is a world of possibilities available to the player. Not to mention, the majority of the time that you spend playing Second Life will be spent in a user-created environment. In that right, Garry’s Mod is very similar. Pretty much the entirety of Garry’s Mod consists of user-created servers and games. This game gives you all of the tools that you may need, and they let you run wild with them. In fact, I think that this game lets you create much more comprehensive creations than Second Life does.

  • Second Life Second Life by Linden Research, Inc is an online virtual world MMO RPG Simulation for all the amazing people around the globe. The game allows you to live a second life that actually is an alternate life for you in which you can be a Vampire, Animal, Robot, Human or a Vehicle.
  • Entropia Universe is a type of massively multiplayer online virtual universe which is just like the other games like Second Life. It is developed by MindArk and released in 2003. Based on the theme of the collaborative approach, this game can help you to play together with so.
  • About Second Life Viewer. To explore, communicate, and connect in Second Life, you'll need to download our 3D browsing software, or what we call the SL Viewer. It's not only fast and easy to download and install, but it's free and contains no spyware.

The primary distinction between Garry’s Mod and Second Life, however, is that Garry’s Mod doesn’t place as much of an emphasis on socialization. Although the games are multiplayer, and you can really easily find some roleplaying servers, the primary emphasis is placed on playing games. In Second Life, people will spend a lot of time creating a nightclub that’s meant to just be a nightclub. You go to it, and you stand around and talk with people. That isn’t really what people do in Garry’s Mod. People play this particular game to play, which is a little different from what you might find in Second Life. Still, if you enjoy the creating aspects of Second Life, then you’ll probably really enjoy this game.

4. Twinity

Twinity is sort of like a Second Life clone, but I think that it has seen a bit of an evolution over the years. Initially, the game separated itself with a simple gimmick: players were able to explore recreations of actual real-life locations. It was an interesting idea, and it allowed an entirely different level of roleplaying that hadn’t really been seen in other games before. The recreations were pretty accurate, and they were fun to play around in. It was interesting to be able to just walk around an actual city, in a virtual world. However, Twinity decided to ditch this feature and opt for a more traditional social multiplayer experience, instead deciding to focus traffic on user-created environments.

So, you basically are dealing with a game that I would equate to a poor man’s Second Life, honestly. Everything that Twinity does, Second Life does slightly better. However, it’s still a solid game, and if you enjoy Second Life, you’ll have a good experience. They’re very similar, allowing users to create avatars, furnish rooms, and meet all different kinds of friends. The game isn’t quite as populated as the other games on this list, but it’s still relatively busy at most times of the day. It may be the closest to a true alternative on this list, since it’s so similar. If you’re looking for a near-identical, but slightly different experience, then this is probably the best bet for you on this list.

3. Gaia Online

Gaia Online is a game that started from humble beginnings, as an anime-related message board. Over time, however, the game was built upon, and it has become a highly popular over the years. In Gaia Online, you’re able to create an avatar, chat with others, and play all different kinds of games. In my opinion, it’s very close in popularity to Second Life, and that doesn’t look to be changing any time soon. The game is updated with new items and events pretty often, which means that there’s always something new to come back to. This game has been out for a really long time, but it doesn’t ever really feel stale.

The largest difference between this game and Second Life comes down to style. Second Life is more of a realistic game — it’s meant to literally represent someone’s second life. However, Gaia Online is a little more anime-inspired, which means that avatars, rooms, and games are more cartoonish in nature. This may be a deal breaker for some people, so I thought I would at least bring it up. Plus, this game doesn’t put as much of an emphasis on user-created rooms. Although they exist, they’re not usually as popular as other Gaia-created hangout spots, or the message boards. The demographic for this game also doesn’t trend as old as Second Life’s, with the mass majority of users being in high school or college. Still, Gaia Online is a really great social platform, and it’s perfect for someone who is looking for something that’s a little stylistically out there.

2. Habbo Hotel

I like to think of Habbo Hotel as the happy medium between Gaia Online and Second Life. It has the same cartoon-ish style, while still retaining some of Second Life’s core features. In Habbo Hotel, you create an avatar who explores a hotel. This hotel consists primarily of user-created rooms. (There are a few “official” rooms, but user-created rooms are much, much more popular.) These rooms can serve a variety of different purposes — some of them are games, some of them are for roleplaying, some of them are for making friends. This is really, really similar to the kind of thing that you’ll find in Second Life.

It’s really fascinating, because Habbo Hotel sort of has its own culture. The game has been around for ages, and it’s cultivated its own different game and room types, as well as its own social norms. It’s a very rich community that I think someone coming from Second Life would really appreciate. Like pretty much every other game on this list, it’s not quite as busy as it was during its peak, but it still is regularly pulling in several thousand active users at once. The only reason why I decided not to give Habbo Hotel the top spot on this list is because I think that you can find a similar community, level of popularity, and overall similarity to Second Life on the next game on this list. However, this is probably my personal favorite game on this list, and I think it definitely deserves some kind of nod.


In my opinion, IMVU and Second Life are two birds of a feather. They look similar, they feel similar, they attract a similar userbase, and they are pretty close in concept. IMVU stands for Instant Messaging Virtual Universe, which basically means that it’s meant to be a standard chat room that is set in a 3D world. Second Life is built upon a pretty similar idea. All of the emphasis in this game is placed on socialization, and there isn’t much in the way of actual gameplay. You’re going to spend the majority of your time in this game talking with others, and making friends.

Pretty much anything that you can do in Second Life can be done in IMVU. Players create an avatar, create rooms, and interact with others in their own rooms. Although it doesn’t have creation tools that are quite as comprehensive as Second Life’s, I personally don’t think that many games do. This game is pretty much the best that you’re going to get. Not to mention, the massive ongoing marketing campaign that this game has had over the years means that it’s pretty much always populated. IMVU lets you mess around as an entirely different person, and they allow you to make all sorts of friends while doing so. That’s pretty much all that Second Life is meant to do, so IMVU is really the ideal alternative. If you want to take a look at some games that are similar to this one, feel free to check out this other article that I wrote, on games like IMVU.

And those are some of the best games like Second Life in 2017, in my opinion. Did I miss one of your favorites? Do you know of any hidden gems that you’re eager to talk about? Feel free to tell me about them in the comment section below.

Help Portal:

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In addition to the Second Life main grid (known as 'Agni') that many thousands of Residents log into each day, there is another grid open to the public, known as the preview grid, or 'Aditi.' Aditi is where we test server software under development.

If you are a new user and have never logged into ADITI or haven't logged in for a long time, you will probably need to contact Support to gain access. This is supposed to be a temporary bug in Aditi login.
If you change your password on AGNI, it may not transfer to the ADITI login servers. Keep your old password in case it doesn't. You will need to contact Support to get it resync'd.

  • 1What We Do with the Preview Grid
  • 9Regions on Aditi

What We Do with the Preview Grid

The preview grid is used for development and testing of new features and bug fixes. You will find that as you move from one region to another, you will frequently be moving to regions that are running a different version of the server software. To get the most of the preview grid, you need to know where you are.

How do I know what version is running on the region I'm in?

Some regions have a 'channel name' imprinted into the ground over and over again. If the ground texture doesn't make it obvious, look at 'About Second Life' in the help menu where you will see a wealth of information about your own system, as well as about the server software running the region you are in. The image below shows you where in the help dialog to find the channel the region you're in is running. (Just to the right of that is the version.)

The most important information in the image here is 'Second Life Server'; that's the channel that you're on. The version number is also important, but the biggest changes you will see are between different channels.

Reporting Bugs or Problems

This will vary depending on the channel of the region, and on the state of the release. If you find problems in the 'Second Life Beta Server' channel before that version has been deployed to the main Second Life service, please use our Bug Tracker to check to see if that problem has already been reported, and to report it if not. When reporting a problem, please give as much information as possible: what region you were in, exactly what you did and what behavior you saw, when it happened, and the version of both your viewer software and of the server software running in the region where you saw the problem.


In general, you will use the same procedure for problems found on regions in other channels, but sometimes those channels are being used for a focused test by other developers.

What is on the Preview Grid

A map from Aditi

Aditi has usually about 120 regions (sims). Some of them share the same name and coordinates with regions on the main grid (usually from Sansara). Some regions are special and used for testings and have different names. Access is sometimes denied in part of the sims. Usually, when you login first time to Aditi, you will start at Waterhad hidden lakes telehub (looks exactly like Waterhad on the main grid). Preview grid has a lower population density.


We will be using Aditi for beta testing of the next server version, but we will also be using it for early previews of software that isn't going to be on Second Life right away, and for some specific public testing of bug-fixes being worked on by some teams of developers.

The regions on Aditi are divided into different channels. There will always be two core channels:

  • Second Life Production Server : this has the same version of the software as is running on the main Second Life hosts. This exists for purposes of comparison. Sometimes, it will have the *previous* release, right after a new server has been deployed to Second Life.
  • Second Life Beta Server : this channel is designated for the version of the server we're planning on next deploying to Second Life in a rolling restart. Generally, after a new server version is deployed to Second Life, it will be at least a few days before the next beta version goes out to Aditi.

In addition, there will sometimes be other channels for specific tests and/or early betas of upcoming features.

How do I log in to Aditi?

The first time you want to log in to the Beta Grid (Aditi) you may need to contact Support to gain access. If the viewer doesn't recognize your username and password for Aditi, or if you haven't logged in to Aditi in some time, you may also need to request a manual update from Customer Support.

To contact Support for access to the Beta Grid (Aditi):

Games Like Second Life No Download

  • Visit the create a ticket section of
  • Sign in to your Second Life account, if you aren't already logged in.
  • On the Submit A Ticket page, select Account Issue as the Issue Type
  • For the Account Issue dropdown, select Viewer Login Issues
  • Enter the name of the avatar you'd like to use on the Beta Grid and in the Please describe the issue box, explain that you'd like access to Aditi or the Beta Grid.
  • Click Submit to send your request to Support.

You can use the same Second Life viewer you already use to log into Second Life. At the login screen, hit Ctrl-⇧ Shift-G. At the bottom of the screen to the right of the 'Log In' button, you will see a dropdown menu that allows you to select the grid that you want to log in to:

  • Select 'Second Life Beta Test' (aka Preview or Aditi) to log into the Test Grid. To return to the Main Grid select 'Second Life Main Grid (Agni)' at your next login. (On some third-party viewers a number of other grids may be listed in this dropdown.)

There are other SL internal development grids which are not available for public access. Some viewers list them. Unless your last name is Linden, you won't be able to log into them.

Some viewers display names other than 'Second Life Beta'. This is the case for the Firestorm viewer. Preview Grid, Second Life Beta Grid, Test grid, and Aditi are all indicating the same grid.

NOTE: Starting with Viewer version 2.6.0, you will need to go to the Me->Preferences->Advanced menu and enable 'Show Advanced Menu' before the above will work.The key combination works in versions 5+ without having to change any settings.

Once you do log into Aditi, you should have all of the inventory that you have on Main Grid (Agni). However, in subsequent logins to Aditi new items acquired in the Second Life Main Grid (Agni) will not be available to your Aditi account until the next inventory sync, which should be within 24 hours after your Aditi login. The process is scheduled for a 6 AM SLT start. How long it may take to get to your account is an unknown.

IN NO EVENT will you be able to transfer money or objects back from the Preview Grid for use in the Main Second Life Grid (Agni).

Uploading Mesh on Aditi

You must accept the IP Terms specifically for Aditi, even if you have already accepted the terms on the Main grid.
The Aditi IP Terms agreement can be found here:
You do not need to have payment information on file to upload mesh on Aditi.

Using Web Profiles on Aditi

Web profiles are available on Aditi with a bit of tweaking. To test web based profiles in the Viewer (2.5+) on ADITI, the WebProfileURL debug setting needs to be changed before logging in to the Viewer. You have two ways of doing this:

  • The debug setting can be accessed via Advanced->Debug Settings. Change the value to This process will be automatic once login.cgi has been updated.
  • You can invoke your viewer with the following executable parameter:
    • --set WebProfileURL ''
    • Removing this variable or setting it to '' will set it back to use the AGNI based profiles
  • Before logging back into AGNI remove this variable.
  • This is Aditi , so things might be borked. Please bear with us.

Using Marketplace on Aditi

The Marketplace supports Beta testing on Aditi! All Merchants will have access to this grid for Beta testing, but will only be able to test purchasing items using L$, since Aditi is not set up to test out other payment methods.

In order to participate in Beta testing, you just need to login to the Aditi grid using your viewer of choice. Your account should automatically be set up and you should receive L$50,000 to start.

Like Second Life

Nothing that happens on the test grid (Aditi) has any effect on your avatar, inventory, L$, or marketplace listings on the main grid (Agni). Objects, inventory and L$ on the Beta grid may be damaged by bugs, be removed, or disappear at any point during Beta testing.

To access functions on the Beta grid:

Sites Like Second Life

  • Grid: Aditi (see this section for more details)
  • (NOTE: you may see old listings, which were migrated from production when Aditi was set up. Changes made to these listings will not have an impact on production.)
  • Magic Boxes for Aditi:
  • If no region is specified for the Beta, you can try one of the following regions:
    • Virtual Trade Campus South: Virtuatrade Campus S (127, 127, 27)
    • Virtual Trade Campus SE: Virtuatrade Campus SE (86, 124, 34)
    • Or one of the permanent sandbox regions
  • Note that you may need to accept a security exception to complete a purchase using L$. Since this is a test web site, no actual sensitive information will be passed, so it is safe to do on the Aditi web site.

If you find a problem or have a suggestion, first try it out on Production before filing a JIRA. See the wiki instructions for general help on filing a JIRA, or take the following steps to file a Marketplace Issue:

  1. Go to
  2. Search to see if your issue has already been reported. (These wiki instructions will help)
  3. Create an Issue in the “BUG” project
  4. Fill in summary and description, including steps to reproduce the problem, and if you were able to try it out on Production.
  5. Fill in the component as “Marketplace-Beta” if you do not see the problem in Production, or ayou re not sure if it appears in Production. If you see the problem in Production, use the “Marketplace” component.
  6. Specify the environment (region, viewer version, etc).
  7. Submit the issue.

Updating Your Account on Aditi

Revised: May 2018

Inventory updates are now a process that sync's your AGNI (main grid) inventory into your ADITI inventory. No overwrite or loss of ADITI inventory as previously.

Once you login and off, your inventory will re-sync next at about 6 AM PT. The login/out is the trigger. No need to change the password to update inventory.

Change your password regularly to protect your account. But, save your old password. Sometimes the Aditi login process does not update. Try your old password. (2017 bug)

If your inventory or password does NOT update, you will need to contact SL Support for help.

Your AGNI trash does sync to ADITI...

Regions on Aditi

Aditi has limited capacity, so regions are frequently taken offline in order to make room for regions with more interesting test cases. See this page for the status of several Aditi regions.

Permanent Sandbox Regions

Residents who wish to test their stuff before bringing it to the main grid have been given dedicated regions to do so:

  • Beta Server Office Hours are held on the preview grid at Morris (192, 251, 35)

. These are to discuss beta testing of the next upcoming release of Second Life; when there is not a release pending, we will discuss general SVC issues listed in the JIRA.

  • The Release Team blog has discussions about rolling restarts, server release beta testing in general, and specific versions of the server that are about to be released. Also, see the archived Server Deploy Forums for updates before February 2010.
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