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I previously had OpenOffice but found compatibility issues between that and MS Office. Does LibreOffice allow opening docs/xl, etc, to be opened in MS Office and vice versa?

I want to be sure that MS Office docs, etc, can be opened in LibreOffice and that LibreOffice docs, etc, can be opened in MS Office.

Communicating inside and outside the LibreOffice project. The Marketing Team is responsible for spreading the word about LibreOffice, talking to the press, making sure communication runs smoothly between different teams, and presenting the software in a fresh and compelling way. We're always looking for volunteers, so feel free to lend a hand- for global/general marketing, we communicate via.

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  • Recently had to start using MS Teams at work. What a terrible UX: truncated message widths, even for code. No syntax highlighting, markdown-ish syntax only works when you type it in their little editor—when you paste it in it doesn't format, isn't smart enough to auto-start a new message when I start typing, hides bottom of message—even when there's only one line left, etc.
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Libreoffice Teams Tutorial


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