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This tutorial explains steps to automatically create table of contents of a document in LibreOffice Writer. This way, your document presents an index of page titles & page numbers just like what you saw on books. I will supply example you can download & practice yourself.

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(LibreOffice Writer with table of contents)
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  • Page layout is usually easier if you select the options to show text, object, table, and section boundaries in Tools Options LibreOffice Appearanceand the options for paragraph ends, tabs, breaks, and other items in Tools Options LibreOffice Writer Formatting Aids. Choosing a layout method.
  • LibreOffice is a free and open source office suite: LibreOffice 5.1 Start Center.png by The Document Foundation and contributors.
  • In formal and long documents you normally need to display the current page number in header or footer. Instead of manually typing each page number you should use fields to let LibreOffice automatically display the numbers.
exercise (ODT)
final (PDF)


To learn this exercise, you need new document with:

Libreoffice Page Numbers

  • 10 pages
  • 10 first level headings
  • 10 second level headings


  • Create 10 pages.
  • First page, type 'First Page'.
  • Second page, type 'Second Page'.
  • Third page, type 'Third Page'.
  • Continue until 'Tenth Page'.

1. Create Headings

  • Click 'First Page'
  • Click Default Style combo box on toolbar > select Heading 1.
  • Click 'Second Page'
  • Also apply Heading 1.
  • Click 'Third Page'.
  • Also apply Heading 1.
  • Continue until 'Tenth Page' got Heading 1 as well.

Change Default Style combobox into Heading 1 for every title text selected like below.

Libreoffice pages sizeAfter changing them all, now your document should look like below.

2. Create Table of Contents

  • Go to first page
  • Create a new page
  • Call table of contents

On LibreOffce 6.2, you find the menu under Insert > Table of Contents and Index > Table of Contents, Index, or Bibliography.

This menu opens Table of Contents dialog where you could control the title, how deep, and see the preview. For first time, all default options are okay and just click OK.
After making it, a Table of Contents appears on the first page.

Print Preview:
If you print preview your document, the table of contents looks normal without grey background.

3. Multiple Level

Now you know how to utilize Heading 1 as 1st level page-title. What you need to do is to type 'Subtitle 1' until 'Subtitle 10' right under every page-title. Then apply Heading 2 to all 'Subtitles'.
After applying Heading 2, right-click existing table of contents > Update Index > it updated.

After updating, current table of contents should have subtitles with tidy indentations like below.

Libreoffice Page Color

Print preview:
Here's above table of contents looks like if being printed.

4. Real Examples

Here's an example table of contents from a book about computer. Notice there are 3 levels of heading, manual numbering, and 7 pages total.

Here's another example with more subtitles and two columns.
Do more experiments and happy writing!

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