Libreoffice Meaning In Tamil

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Helps convert text in most known Tamil character encoding schemes from one to another. Supports Unicode, TACE, TSCII, TAB, TAM, Bamini, Shreelipi, Diacritic, Vanavil, Softview. Works with Windows 2003/XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. LibreOffice supports a wide variety of languages. This page gives an overview of the level of language support of LibreOffice. Furthermore, links are provided to language-related add-ons and extensions such as spell-check dictionaries, thesaurus and grammar checker.

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I had LibreOffice 3.7 installed , which is displaying all CTL Fonts ( hindi / malyalam / punjabi and other languages ) but isn't typing in them . I upgraded LibreOffice to 4.1 , but it doesn't resolves it . I presume that this has to do something with Unicodes but I am clueless .


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Libreoffice Meaning In Tamil

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Libreoffice Meaning In Tamil



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Please indicate your operating system as the process differs according to this aspect.