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I'm trying to edit a OO writer .odt document and for some reason I'm getting grey horizontal lines appearing. I've not set anything but they seem to change the formatting and make it very difficult to move/change anything. If I highlight and erase the area containing these lines they can not be erased. Any idea what they are, where they came from, and most important how to get rid of them? Its a bit rediculous to have a wordprocessor putting in formatting unilaterally.

Libreoffice Horizontal Line Thickness


Libreoffice Horizontal Format

I would have thought Writer would have moved on much more than this by now .... bring back XyWrite where you could see and erase the formatting codes when necessary!Libreoffice

Grading Paper Horizontal Up to 32 students can be graded on a daily basis for four weeks with this horizontal grading paper. Download Free LibreOffice Template My safe download promise. Select the horizontal alignment option that you want to apply to the cell contents. Aligns numbers to the right, and text to the left. The horizontal line is either the top border of a paragraph, or the bottom border of a paragraph. So, to remove it, you must have the cursor in the paragraph in question before removing the border. If you delete the paragraph with the border, the border just to the previous (next?) paragraph because the default setting is for text to take on. It's quite simple to have a horizontal page in the document. Just define a new page style. Set the orientation to landscape under the page style and apply it. Re-apply your default page style after that. Remember you need to do Insert Manual Break Page Break. A key board page break will not work.

Libreoffice Horizontal Line

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