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When the file is later opened, the format string is recalculated from these properties. Thus the resulting string would become: 000.00E+00 It is clear that the current ODF format specification cannot work as is with Engineering Format, let alone SI. If I remember Libreoffice exports some of the meta data like author or date created etc to a normal PDF. Is all meta data removed from the redacted version? Also I am confuse so 8.5×11 (letter), 8.5,14 (legal), 11×17 (ledger/tabloid) are not supported at this time? We look at the possibilities of sending an e-mail from LibreOffice. (The idea of e-mailing the invoices completed in the previous tutorial) At this moment, LibreOffice cannot e-mail a document out by itself, it can open Thunderbird and set a LibreOffice document up as an e. LibreOffice comes with an extensive Help system. This is your first line of support for using LibreOffice. To display the full Help system, press F1 or select LibreOffice Help from the Help menu. In addition, you can choose whether to activate Tips, Extended Tips, and the Help Agent (using Tools Options LibreOffice General). Free, powerful and open source office suite – the successor to OpenOffice. Compatible with Microsoft Office. Please note that.

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LibreOfficeConference is the annual gathering of the LibreOffice community,now in its sixth year (after Paris, Berlin, Milan, Bern, Aarhus). Atthe LibreOffice Conference, LibreOffice users gather to network andmeet LibreOffice developers, designers, localizers, documenters,supporters and marketers, and to learn of the latest in LibreOfficedevelopment. This year, the conference will take place in the city ofBrno in the Czech Republic.

Theconference would not be possible without support of sponsors. We'vecreated pre-defined sponsorship packages to make it easier to findthe right sponsorship participation in the conference. Besides thepre-defined packages, there are also other ways to sponsor theconference such as sponsoring conference events, coffee, pastries,lunches.

Main Sponsor

Large Sponsor

Medium Sponsor

Minor Sponsor

Sponsorship Fee

€ 5,000
CZK 135,000
$ 5566

€ 3,500
CZK 94,500
$ 3,896

€ 2,000
CZK 54,000
$ 2,226

€ 1,000
CZK 27,000
$ 1,113

Pre-Conference Promotion: mentioning in press release1)

All press releases

One press release



Mentioning during opening session





Conference Program

1 page of advertisement space, logo and description on the sponsors page

½ page of advertisement space, logo and description on the sponsors page

¼ page of advertisement space, logo and description on the sponsors page

Logo and description on the sponsors page

LibreOffice Conference Session2)





On-Site Promotion3)

Own banner in conference rooms and logo on conference banners and publicity materials

Logo on conference banners and publicity materials

Logo on conference banners and publicity materials

Logo on conference banners and publicity materials

Official Registration Conference Bag

Any material of choice provided by sponsor

Any material of choice provided by sponsor

Flyers provided by sponsor

Flyers provided by sponsor

  1. Sponsors benefit from a number of promotional activities beforeLibreOffice Conference, including the logo and the companydescription on the website, a media announcement of the sponsorship,and a mention of all sponsors at the opening session.
  2. Sponsors are given the opportunity to present a business or technicalsession, that is included in the conference program published on TheDocument Foundation and LibreOffice websites.
  3. A logo placed on conference banners and publicity materials in thevarious conference rooms, as well as include sponsor materials in theofficial LibreOffice Conference registration bag.

Additionaloptions to sponsor LibreOffice Conference:






€ 500

€ 500

€ 500


€ 500

€ 500

€ 500


€ 1500

€ 1500

€ 1500

LibreOffice Welcome Event4)

€ 2000

LibreOffice HackNight5)

€ 3000

  1. Coffee will be provided and served by a local quality coffee company- KofiKofi ( attendee will get three vouchers for a free coffee of his/herchoice with sponsor's logo.
  2. Pastries in the form of crossaints, cakes, and small snacks will beprovided twice a day during breaks. „Sponsored by + Sponsor's logo“sign will be visibly placed by the table with the pastries.
  3. Lunch will be served during the lunch break with „Sponsored by +Sponsor's logo“ sign placed in the serving area.
  4. LibreOffice Welcome Event will take place in a cafe on FIT BUT campus(conference venue) in the evening before the official start of theconference. People can come as they arrive to meet others and gettuned for the upcoming conference. An early registration desk to pickup badges and conference bags will be there. Free buffet and drinksprovided.
  5. LibreOffice HackNight is organized for the conference attendees toget some work done while having good food, drinks, and fun.
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Pleasecontact [email protected] if you'd like to become a sponsor of the conference.

LibreOfficeConference 2016 is organized by the not-for-profit associationOpenAlt( Whenyou sign up for a sponsor package you will make an agreement withthis association.

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