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Libreoffice Draw For Mac

With LibreOffice Draw, you can edit basic PDFs without splurging for Adobe Acrobat or jumping through any hoops with add-ons. Mac, and Linux in the same way. LibreOffice Draw is a special tool that makes creating the perfect document for commercial or private use very easy. This ensures that graphs, diagrams and other types of drawing features can be very easily combined with text to create documents that can be used in a wide range of different ways. Making Diagrams the Easy Way.

Libreoffice For Mac Sierra

LibreOffice Draw is built by a team that originally has built OpenOffice. Is a part of big software package named LibreOffice and this component, Draw, let users to create flowcharts in the same way that Microsoft Visio is doing it.
With this program you can create from simple to complex diagrams where all elements are customizable. Can use different colors, fonts and sizes, use different types of shapes and connectors (arrows, lines ..).
Supports drag&drop to move elements, interface is clean and the program is really easy to use by anyone.