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【BASEでは組込データベースを選択可能】 ・埋込 (Embedded)DataBase(DB)・・・LibreOffice-BASEのODBファイルに同梱可能なデータベース(DB) DB埋込によってMs-Accessのようなファイル運用が可能となりました。 ・HSQLDBとFirebirdとは?. Since LibreOffice Version 4.2, an internal Firebird database has been available in addition to the internal HSQLDB one. To use this database, go to Tools Options LibreOffice Advanced and select Optional (Unstable) Options. After this the internal Firebird database will.

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Reading a previous answer, I now understand that from LO 6.2 onwards Base will have Firebird as the embedded server. That is great - I really approve of the ethics behind the group who do the Fire* software :)

So I thought I would get a head start on learning the little quirks that every different SQL engine has (so much for standards, eh wot?). It is not practical for me to install a newer version of LO (I am stuck on 5.2.7 at the mo) so I installed the firebird 3.0 server on the same machine that is running LO. According to ps the server is running and waiting for me.

I also know the first thing I need to do is to connect to the security3 database as the admin user, so I can create other databases. Tools->SQL methinks.

But that is where I am stuck: How do I connect from Base to Firebird?

I have now realised that my problems have been compounded by running an unusual OS, which has been causing problems that are not directly connected with either LO or FireBird.

I have now moved those issues to

I have LO 5.2.7 installed on a system based on an older Debian version.

Do you recommend ODBC or JDBC? (I am already familiar with JDBC as I use it for both Mariadb and MySQL external databases, but I am happy to start learning ODBC if appropriate)

If JDBC, where do I download the Java connector class? And does the URL start with firebird://localhost ? And what port number?

If ODBC, I know I will need butwhat else, if anything, will I need? How would I register my firebird b with LO?

Libreoffice Base Firebird Free


Anythijng else I should know?

Libreoffice Base Firebird_sdbc Error

Many thanks for your help already on other threads over the last few days... and thanks for your help on this one

Libreoffice Firebird Database

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