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  1. Common file extensions used by LibreOffice. Sxw Other file extensions associated with LibreOffice.
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  3. Go to Extensions Page Head your browser up to That is the LibreOffice Extension Download Center on the VRT Network Equipment extension page. VRT is the excellent project behind these networking icons that they licensed under a free license (CCBYSA).
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MultiFormatSave lets users save a document in the OpenDocument, Microsoft. 1) iMath: Many computer users know how to use Excel or spreadsheets for carrying out different calculations using. 2) Clipart gallery of puzzle shapes: With this extension a new theme named “Puzzle 3-4-6-o” is created in LibreOffice. 3) EPC: This small extension for LibreOffice offers elements.

You can enhance the functionality of LibreOffice with Extensions.

Libre Extensions

In the LibreOffice world, we consider 3 types of extensions:

  • extensions written in C++, Python, Java, JavaScript or LibreOffice Basic, bundled as .oxt files and shared on;
  • special Calc extensions known as Add-Ins that add spreadsheet functions to Calc;
  • make galleries, wizards and autotext collections.

How to install Extensions

Libre Extension Animado

Installing extensions is easy, and provides many useful features.

  • How to install a LibreOffice extension

Developing Extensions

Please refer to Development/Extension Development for more detail on how to develop extensions.

Office Libre File Extensions

Default Extensions

In the beginning, quite some extensions were included in LibreOffice by default. But the most of them have been converted to a normal part of LibreOffice, thus in C++, the main code for LibreOffice programming.

Currently the list of default extensions exists of: (Page not found for )

Libre Extensions

  • Solver for Non-linear Programming
  • Wiki Publisher

Extension Bugs

See Filing a bug report against an Extension.


More Information

Office libre file extensions
  • Extensions are available in our own LibreOffice Extensions and Templates Repository

Office Libre Extensions

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