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As of October, 2016, Embarcadero is offering a free release of Delphi (Delphi 10.1 Berlin Starter Edition ). There are a few restrictions, but it is a welcome step toward making more programmers aware of the joys of Delphi. They do say 'Offer may be withdrawn at any time', so don't delay if you want to check it out. Please use the feedback link to let me know if the link stops working.

This is a simple Procreate template file with a grid layer to get you started with your lettering piece. The canvas size is 2732 x 2048 px. Make sure you open the layers panel and create a new layer to avoid overwriting the gird lines:). When I first started lettering, I was lettering on Post it notes and printing paper, so you can use post its looseleaf graph paper in next cards. Printing paper, whatever you have, the only thing I recommend for paper, especially if you're using a brush tennis that you choose a paper that has a smooth surface. They contain 35 individual grid shapes you can piece together to guide your layouts. As well as Procreate, they are also provided for Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity, sketch, Autodesk, printable image files as well as a font too! Set of 20 Lettering grids for Procreate. Creating beautiful hand letters using our easy to use. Lettering grid templates help you compose your design easily and keep your letters beautiful. Start creating personalized graphic art!

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Mensa® Daily Puzzlers

For over 15 years Mensa Page-A-Day calendars have provided several puzzles a year for my programming pleasure. Coding 'solvers' is most fun, but many programs also allow user solving, convenient for 'fill in the blanks' type. Below are Amazon links to the two most recent years.

(Hint: If you can wait, current year calendars are usually on sale in January.)


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