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1. The Creative Penn

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First up is the book by The Creative Penn. Their landing page has a headline that isn’t the name of the book. Instead, they lead in with a question that plays to their target reader’s pain point.

Below the headline is a short description of why the author wrote the book, and the goals it will help the reader achieve. If the person landing on this page is convinced to buy it, they’re also greeted with a list of logos for bookstores they can purchase the book from.

2. Broke Millennial

Got a few different books that have a similar theme? Another way to promote them is by using a book landing page for multiple items. Readers can go there if they’ve read one already, and buy the entire series.

Take this book landing page on Broke Millennial, for example. The person has authored three different books that a reader might be interested in. So instead of just promoting one, they’ve included all three—with a description, photo, and link to buy each.


3. The Purpose of Capital

The same concept as above can apply even if you don’t have more than two standalone books. You can turn your book into a PDF, and promote both the hardback and eBook formats on a single landing page. That way, a reader gets the choice of how they’ll buy the book.

We can see this in action of Purpose of Capital’s landing page. It’s simple and to the point, with obvious links to where the reader can buy them: the secret of any good landing page.

4. Wealthbeing

We’ve included this book landing page example from Wealthbeing because of how simple it is. It proves that your landing page doesn’t have to be anything complex. You just need to give the key information about your book in a way that’s easy to understand.

You can do this yourself, and replicate the simple look of this landing page, by adding logos to the sites where your readers can buy the book. You’re associating your book with a brand or bookstore they already know, which reduces the barrier to entry for them to actually purchase it.

5. Client Care Academy

It’s not uncommon for authors to write the blurb of their book and focus entirely on what the book covers. But if you’re writing a self-help book, or one that readers use to do something in their life, it’s worth sharing how the book can help your reader in practical terms.

We can see this demonstrated on Client Care Academy’s book landing page. There’s a short description of what the book is about—but a bigger section titled “why you want to buy the book.” This shifts the focus to the reader, speaking to them directly and convincing them that they’ve made the right choice by buying it.

6. 14-18 NOW

Your book landing page should have at least one call to action. This is a button that nudges visitors to buy the book, either on your own website or a third-party bookstore (like Amazon.)

But you shouldn’t just settle for one. This book landing page from 14-18 NOW has multiple calls to action that point in the same direction.

There’s one above the fold to catch people as soon as they land there. And if a visitor scrolls down to read more, there’s another button to catch them again. This gives the visitor multiple opportunities to buy the book and keeps it top of mind.

Html Launch Page Template