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Styled Material UI kit. Refreshed Material Design kit. Figma web templates is a stylish design kit for creating awesome landing pages. Powered by modern UI trends. 18 mobile and desktop templates + 106 design blocks inside. Freebies Dashboards Mobile Charts React & Angular Websites Icons. In this video, I am going to show you how to build a cool landing page with react and material UI.+ Material UI

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    Bootstrap, Landing page, MaterialAugust 5, 2020By Naveen Raj

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    Material Design UIkit Admin template, Scutum is available to users in two different versions.

    Reactjs Template

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    A professional React Kit that comes with plenty of ready-to-use Material-UI components that will help you to build faster & beautiful frontend pages. Each component is fully customizable, responsive, and easy to integrate.

    ⚠️ TypeScript is only available on the Standard Plus and Extended licenses.

    Built with

    • React
    • Material-UI v4
    • React Scripts (create-react-app tools)
    • Next.js
    • Gatsby.js
    • TypeScript (available on Standard Plus and Extended Licenses)
    • Figma & Sketch (available on Standard Plus and Extended Licenses)


    theFront landing page examples can be used out of the box, but since they’re built on flexible components, you can also create new pages all your own with ease. Copy-paste a section here, a component there, switch up a few variables, and you have an entirely new landing!

    • More than 45 pages
    • 300+ component reusable compositions
    • 30+ stand-alone components created by following the Atomic Design Methodology
    • create-react-app & react-scripts support
    • Next.js and server-side rendering support
    • Gatsby.js and server-side rendering support
    • Typescript sources
    • Dark mode support
    • Image lazy loading support
    • Animated sections on scroll
    • Swiper support
    • Fully responsive on all modern browsers
    • Figma & Sketch design files (available in Standard Plus & Extended licences)
    • Rich documentation with code samples and parameters/options
    • Free customer support
    • Free updates

    Learn more

    Quick start

    React Js Landing Page Template

    • Install dependencies & start the dev. server: npm install && npm start
    • Build on production: npm run build

    Design Highlights

    Material Ui Landing Page Tutorial

    theFront was designed as a rich system from the start, which is reflected in both the end result and the original design.

    • 15 Figma and Sketch files are available
    • Beautiful, modern style flexible enough to suit most brands
    • All images are included with a free-to-use license
    • Icon set provided by Font Awesome Kit

    The following are the pages that have Figma and Sketch design implementation:

    Free updates for 1 year and support for 6 months

    No matter how well documented and built something is, sometimes you just need a little help! That’s why we make ourselves available to help you anytime, just contact our support at [email protected] email. We’re also planning tons of updates! In addition to keeping theFront up to date with Material UI's core and any necessary patches, we’ll be adding new features regularly over the coming months!

    Try the free demo

    Learn more about this template in this free demo. It has a few features from the full version to let you get a feel for the product.


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