Kk Ragtime Piano

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  1. The Entertainer by Scott Joplin (1868-1917) This is doubtless the most famous piece of Ragtime.
  2. Ragtime originated in African American music in the late 19th century and descended from the jigs and march music played by African American bands, referred to as 'jig piano' or 'piano thumping'.
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  4. Forward Rag Roll. The forward rag roll is arguably the most common rag roll in ragtime piano, and it.

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Kk ragtime piano sheet
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Kk Ragtime Virtual Piano

In 1979 after 2 years of playing piano for US gymnasts, Barry Nease produced the first orchestrated floor-ex music in the US. The first 10 pieces were for the 1980 US Olympic Team – he has worked with every US Olympic team since. Athletes who have used his work include 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist, Aly Raisman, 2012 London Games Gold and Silver medalists on Floor-Ex – Aly Raisman (Gold-FX) and Romania’s Catalina Ponar (Silver-FX), Shawn Johnson (2008 Beijing Olympics Silver Medal-FX), ALL of the athletes on the 1996 Gold Medal Atlanta Mag 7 US Olympic Team and the 1992 Barcelona Bronze medal team. Barry has arranged for some of the most outstanding athletes and choreographers in the US and the world.

Kk Ragtime Piano

I write, arrange, orchestrate, perform, edit, mix, master and do all the final production on every piece in this catalog – there is no one else involved in the actual creation of this music! When you get a piece from Floor Express, you are getting a piece of music from me, Barry Nease.