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In this tutorial, I will show you (one of my most requested tutorial) how to create GLOBAL SECTIONS with Elementor Pro that will save a ton of time for you when building multi page websites. You can use this to place any template anywhere on your website and edit it from one place.

Why this way? Because if you use the simple template widget alone, you will need to edit the container section EVERY time you add it to a page. With my extra step you will have a ready-to-use solution that does not need editing on the go.


Elementor Pro have shortcodes for the templates and an additional widget that can help us do this and more.

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  • To get started, install and activate Elementor Pro Create a template you wish to use as a Call to Action section or anything else you need.
  • After it is saved, let’s go back to the Elementor templates menu. As you can see we have a shortcode for every template in our library!
  • Leave this browser tab open and open a page you wish to edit in another browser tab.
  • Let’s add a section where we will need our Call to Action or anything else you created and make sure all the margin and padding options are opened up for the section and column too.

After that, we will have two options:

First option, is to add a Shortcode widget to it. Let’s go back to our previous browser tab, copy the shortcode needed and paste it into the Shortcode widget, we just added to our page.

The second option is very similar BUT you can use it in other locations too, not just in the editor.

Katka Elementor

Katka Elementor

In Elementor Pro, we also have a widget called: Templates. Let’s repeat the editing process, but this time we will add a templates widget instead of a Shortcode one. As you will see it has a drop down menu, where you can simply select a template from your library. Let’s find the section we need and save our work.

As mentioned before, you will need to repeat this easy process anywhere you need the global section, and all you will need to do is edit the template in your library. It will get updated everywhere on your website automatically.

As mentioned there is a little bonus using Elementor Pro. If you go to your WordPress widgets menu, the templates widget (Elementor Library) will be available there too allowing you to add templates to your sidebars too 🙂

Katka Elementor Template Pack

Hope this helps you a lot as I have used this technique for quite a while now with success. If you wish to go Pro, I would appreciate if you could use my partner link in the sidebar.