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Well on a basic level, you just design a template or implement one that already exists; then implement the form for data collection, using an extension such as RSForm or ChronoForms or any of the other excellent forms extensions.

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  2. If you're building your landing page as an article in Joomla, simply write the headline as the title of the page. If possible, turn off excess menu items and modules that will distract from the key offer at hand. Once you've harnessed the reader's attention, you're ready to.
  3. Is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made Joomla! The most popular Web site software available. Best of all, Joomla is an open source solution that is freely available to.

What are Landing pages? Landing pages, are more than likely the way you found your way to this web site. Landing pages are essential for local search success. Landing Pages, the definition; Landing pages, are web pages (articles) designed to target specific cities, areas and regions with products and services. These landing web pages target specific areas for services and products in the organic placement of returned search results from the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. These pages coded correctly, can dramatically increase exposure in these results, in markets your businesses products and services may not be placing in the major search engines. Landing page development is an essential part of organic SEO. i4Dezin offers landing page development and addition, for your Joomla CMS web site.

Sick of paying for expensive Google Ad Words?

Sick of paying Google Ad Words? Google Adwords are expensive, and ineffective! The solution; Landing pages are an essential part of organic SEO for Joomla. i4Dezin specializes in the creation of Joomla landing page articles for organic placement results. Perfect for the local business community selling a product or service in their local area. If your product or service is not getting the results you desire in search engine placement, such as in Google, Yahoo or Bing, call us today for a consultation. Whether you need 1 to 1,000 pages, we can help your business get the search exposure you need in this tough economy. Call the landing page experts at i4Dezin for the solution.

Landing pages in general are the optimized entry pages to the site for better conversion rates. Landing pages can either be the homepage or could be specific for your ad campaign. A landing page usually have concise information of your service or product with strong call to action buttons and relevant information to convince the user to go ahead with purchase or desired action.

JA Joomla Page Builder not only helps to create different page layouts for your site but is also very effective in creating landing pages. It has all the required blocks to build a landing page quickly. Today we will show you how to create stunning landing page for your Joomla site in 5 minutes, no coding or technical skill required.

A checklist before we start :

  • 1. A Joomla site installed on your hosting or localhost.
  • 2. Think of all the blocks you would need for your landing page. Say, testimonials, product gallery, slider or call to action (CTA) buttons etc.
  • 3. Download JA Joomla Page Builder package
  • 4. Get started

Joomla Login Landing Page

Let's get started.

Joomla Landing Page Template Free

1. Prepare content and graphics.

Before building a page, you should give some time to prepare the draft content and graphics. Think of the structure and layout of the page, for example, a landing page with 5 sections: Header, Slideshow, Features List, Call to action and footer.

2. Install JA Joomla Page Builder on your Joomla site.

This step is super easy, download the installation package from this LINK.

Download JA Joomla Page Builder installation package

Next, access your Joomla back-end panel, go to: 'Extensions » Manage' then browse the download installation package and install.

Now, we need to set JA Joomla Page Builder template as default template style. Go to 'Extensions » Templates', select JA Builder template and set it as default.

Note: if your site is using other template, you can ignore the step.

Set JA Joomla Page Builder template as default template style

The installation is done, now, we will create the landing page.

3. Create landing page

Joomla login landing page

To create a new page, go to: 'Components » JA Builder' then create new page, once you save the page, you will see the 'Live Edit' button, hit it to proceed to the page building panel.

4. Create content block

The page layout includes 3 main sections:

Joomla Page builder structure

  • Header: content blocks on the section will be displayed in all pages
  • Footer: content blocks on the section will be displayed in all pages
  • Content: content blocks on the section will be displayed in the current page only

Hit the add block button in each section, select the content block type then layout, style.

Next, follow same step to add content blocks for 'Main content' and 'Footer' section.

Add content block for Main content and footer section

For example, here is a sample page we created.

5. Customize content and style

Joomla Make Landing Page

Once the page is created, you can customize the page. Hover over the content block and hit the 'Setting' icon on the right tool bar to configure the style of the content block: change background color, background image, spacing, text align, animation, etc.

Customize content block

You can update content, graphics, icons, etc in the content block. The changes are auto saved but not published. Only when you click publish, user can see the changes.

Once the page customization is done, hit the 'Publish' button to publish the page so users can view the page.

Joomla Create Landing Page

Publish page

Here is the sample page after customization.

Do give it a try, it is fun to see the page take shape with few clicks and is mobile ready / responsive all the way.

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