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Sep 17, 2020 To get the Libre Office 7.0 DEBs for your Debian PC, launch a terminal window on the Debian desktop. Once the terminal window is open, use the CD command to move the command-line session into the “Downloads” directory on your PC. Then, run the wget command to grab the latest Libre Office DEB release.

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Seek for forums and documentation about how install software on GNU/Linux. Nevertheless, try apt-get install libreoffice (you've missed 'install'). Debian 8 is oldstable, Debian 9 is new stable. Consider upgrading your operating system, or download newer LibreOffice from LibreOffice's web site instead of installing version that's in Wheezy. Installation packages are available for 32-bit and 64-bit systems, in the “x86” and “x8664” flavors, respectively, together with language and help packs for obtaining a LibreOffice installation in your preferred language. Download the appropriate packages for your system, distribution, and language. Jan 12, 2021 LibreOffice is a free and open-source complete office suite for Linux and Windows systems. The latest LibreOffice 7 is available to download and install on Linux system. You can install LibreOffice either using the Debian package available under official PPA or use Snap package to install. is a freely available cross-platform office suite similar to rival Microsoft(R) Office, with good support for .doc, .xml and other formats. is a complete office suite including a word processor, spreadsheet, database, presentation and drawing modules. It is capable of opening most Microsoft Office documents.

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    1. How to install is part of the default Debian desktop system but if you need to you can install it manually using the following packages:


  •<your locale>

  •<your locale>



Apt Get Install Libreoffice

To install, do the following:

Java Environment

Some components don't work fine with the default Java Environment provided by the Free Software Foundation. For example, inserting audio files into doesn't work. (created by Sun Microsystems) recommends using Sun Java Runtime. This package is provided by Debian/Etch, but doesn't depend on it. So you must install and configure it manually:

  • Activate 'non-free' section on your repository configuration

  • Install sun-java5-jre

  • Open and go to the menu: Tools > Options > > Java

  • Activate: 'Enable Java Environment'
  • Switch from Free Software Foundation to Sun Microsystems JRE provider

  • Restart

Extending functionalities

Extend by installing these packages (information from the package web site):

  • myspell-dictionary : Myspell dictionaries for use with

  • : User help

  • : Thesauri for the use with

  • : Hyphenation patterns for

  • ooqstart-gnome/oooqs-kde : Quick start applet for Gnome/KDE desktops

  • /-kde: Gtk/KDE UI Plugin and Gtk/KDE File Picker

  • MIME bindings

  • menu : Will add menu entries for every Debian window manager.

  • unixodbc : ODBC database support

  • cupsys-bsd : Allows to detect your CUPS printer queues automatically

  • libsane : Use your sane-supported scanner with

  • libxrender1 : Speed up display by using Xrender library

  • xlibmesa-gl / libgl1: OpenGL support

  • openclipart : Open Clip Art Library

  • msttcorefonts : Installs standard MS truetype fonts (contrib). From Debian Lenny and on: ttf-liberation contains free versions of Arial, Courier and Times New Roman.

Fixing Interoperability Problems

See Substituting Calibri and Cambria Fonts.

Team maintenance is co-ordinated using

  • the debian-openoffice mailing list, debian-openoffice

  • and #debian-oo on FreeNode IRC.

  • - The main page

  • Writer: /usr/bin/oowriter

  • Web Writer: /usr/bin/ooweb

  • Calc: /usr/bin/oocalc

  • Draw: /usr/bin/oodraw

  • Impress: /usr/bin/ooimpress

  • Math: /usr/bin/oomath

Debugging symbols are packaged in Please refer to HowToGetABacktrace for further information. To get going with gdb please run the following commands.

Read HowToGetABacktrace on how to proceed.

  • Debian

  • - Homepage

  • - GNOME OOo project.


  • All open bugs in and related packages

  • Latest README for Debian

  • Use MS-Access databases in OpenOffice:

    • The easiest way, see gmdb2.

    • - OpenOffice Database Access (Less evolutioned) (OpenOffice Database Mailing List)

  • - converts OpenOffice Writer documents into source code for MoinMoin Wikis (like the one you are using in this very moment ) (german)

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LibreOffice is a open-source and free office suite. This is the alternate of Microsoft Office. In this tutorial, we will show you how to install the latest LibreOffice 7 on Debian 10 system.

You can install latest version of LibreOffice either using the official PPA or the Snap package manager.


Linux libreoffice command

You must logged in as root or user with sudo privileges.

Installing LibreOffice on Debian#

Install Libreoffice Debian

Libreoffice Update

The official PPA includes the latest version of the LibreOffice package. Also, the Snap package is available for the LibreOffice installation. We will see here both way to install the LibreOffice on Debian 10.

Install LibreOffice using Snap Package#

Snaps have a larger disk footprint and longer application startup time. The LibreOffice snap packages are regularly update with the latest security and critical bug fixes.

You can install the snap packages via the Debian software application or using command-line.


Let’s install LibreOffice via command-line, type the following command:

That’s it, the LibreOffice is installed on your Debian system and ready to start using it.

Once a new version is available the snap will will be automatically update in the background.

Install LibreOffice via PPA#

This is the another way to install LibreOffice via PPA. The latest Debian packages includes the LibreOffice 7.0 specific PPA. First, you should add it to your system by running below command:

It will update the packages cache of your system. After that, you would run the following command to install the LibreOffice:

Install Libreoffice Debian

It’s done. Libreoffice has been installed on your system.

Install Libreoffice In Debian

Launch LibreOffice Application#

Libreoffice Linux Install

Click on Activities and type “LibreOffice” and it will show you the list of the application launcher of all office suite applications. Click on the icon to launch the application of your choice.


In this tutorial, you have learned to install LibreOffice office application on Debian 10 Linux system.

If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.

Install libreoffice linux debian

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