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🔥 LibreOffice Impress Tutorial 🔥In this LibreOffice Impress animation tutorial, you are going to learn how to make a Zoom Effect.Libreoffice impress animat. LibreOffice Impress: Working With Text Boxes Version Text Boxes are considered graphical objects, actually, so they are controlled by the Drawing Object Styles. These can be a little bit confusing because they are shared among different LibreOffice modules, so some of the things you see aren’t really meant for Impress.

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QuantLib Addin

Calc addin for QuantLib (financial library).


Quant tools for LibreOffice Calc


Libreoffice-Addon for Qualitative Data Analysis


Function add-in providing a Calc function that takes a Sudoku puzzle as a 9x9 cell range and returns the solution as a 9x9 cell range.



Python-based extension for Calc:
csv import: import data to a position in a calc-worksheet

Puzzle Shapes Gallery

This extension adds a theme to your gallery named 'Puzzle 3-4-6-o' with 4 puzzle shapes (triangle, square, hexagon, circle) and equilateral triangle and hexagon with round corners.

Pseudo automatic Impress template

Four presentations in one

Project management, resource planning and deadline follow-up with a spreadsheet

The spreadsheet provides:- a timeline/Gantt chart allowing to follow-up deadlines on multiple time-related resources, with different categories- the definition of milestones which are relevant for each resource, for each type of resource an


Project Management Registers

The Project Management Registers Spreadsheet is a single workbook containing approximately 65 separate (but integrated) spreadsheets (tabs), each containing a specific project register.

Project Management Database

A project management database

Project Green

Project Documentation

A simple template for project documentation with changelog table. Pulls in the author details from user data and generates TOC.

Progress Line

Progress Line/Bar for Impress Presentations


Proforma Balance Sheet

Proforma Balance Sheet

Profit & Loss Statement

A Profit & Loss (P & L ) Statement

Profesional Impress Template

A template for Impress with two main slides. Each have a room for a logo.

Příručka Začínáme s LibreOffice 6.4 (Czech, čeština)

Uživatelská příručka Začínáme s LibreOffice 6.4 v češtině.


Příručka LibreOffice Writer

Uživatelská příručka LibreOfficeWriter v češtině.


Příručka LibreOffice Math 6.4 (Czech, čeština)

Uživatelská příručka LibreOffice Math 6.4 v češtině.


Příručka LibreOffice Calc (Czech, čeština)

Uživatelská příručka LibreOffice Calc v češtině.


Printable Lesson Plan

A school teacher who's planning book wasn't about to arrive in time for classes to begin asked for help in finding a printable lesson plan on line. This is what I came up with that met her criteria, simple but flexible. It's designed in Draw. Page 1 is


Presento template for LibreOffice Impress

Présentation filets verts

Deux pages maitresses : titre et contenu.


Présentation Barres bleues

Quatre diapos maîtresses : Titre, Sommaire et merci, Chapitre et Contenu.


Présentation Ambiance Halloween

Un modèle aux couleurs d’Halloween utilisable pour un besoin professionnel.


Prayer & Praise List, 3X5 Vertical

A Timeplates template for printing your prayer list vertically on a 3X5 inch index card.


Prayer & Praise List, 3X5 Horizontal

A Timeplates template for printing your prayer list horizontally on a 3X5 inch index card.


Power Detective

This extension enhances Detective/Trace Precedents and Trace Dependents.
It allows many cells to be selected and traced at once, instead
of one cell at a time.
It makes a new toolbar so that tracing can be selected faster and easier.

Postage stamp generator

Generate postage stamp-like border in the given page size (only with landscape orientation).

Postage stamp

Stamp-like slide template for digital photos with standard 4:3 aspect ratio

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Alex Kemp
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Hello everyone,

I'm using LibreOffice Impress for presentations including the TexMaths plugin for LaTeX integration (the integrated formula editor is not bad at all, especially its slightly latex-similar syntax is quite nice, but TexMaths' formulas simply look much better). However, there is a problem with the font rendering: In the editing window everything looks perfect, but switching to presentation mode will display extremely ugly-looking fonts (not even anti-aliasing is missing, everythings looks pretty much like an extremely-low resolution scan) while the latex svg graphics look perfect.

I tried to find some help regarding this issue and I found a few comments that the hardware acceleration causes these issues. Hence, I deactivated the hardware acceleration and the fonts are rendered correctly. However, now all my TexMaths svg graphics look ugly. I tried to solve this issue as well, but I can only conclude that either I can enable the hardware acceleration and my regular fonts look ugly or disbale it and my latex stuff looks ugly... rather annoying :-/

More precisely, I'm running a Windows 10 / Linux dual boot setup and this problem only appears with LibreOffice 5.3.3 (x64). If I open my presentation with the Linux version of LibreOffice (current version from ubuntu 16.04's repositories), I can do both, enable or disable the hardware acceleration, and my fonts look fine in both setups. My TexMaths figures look ugly as well when hardware acceleration is disabled, but this is not a problem, since there is no need to disbale the hardware acceleration. Hence, I have to conclude that there is something wrong with the font rendering if the hardware acceleration is enabled. Further, since in editing mode everything looks fine with enabled hardware acceleration, this issue only appears in presentation mode.

Can somebody help me out how to get nicely looking fonts with enabled hardware acceleration with the Windows version of LibreOffice Impress, too?

Thanks in advance!

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I can confirm that the same happens here, on Windows 10 (not dual boot), LibreOffice Impress version . Specifically,

A screenshot from design mode:

So that looks good. However, in presentation mode, we get:

Maybe, the transparency of the red shape causes the problem? @Gibtnix, do you use transparency?

Impress Libreoffice Version

Is this perhaps related to ?

(sorry, can't edit my previous commment any more :-/ )

If so - enabling OpenGL (Tools > Options > View in LibreOffice section > Check checkbox before 'Use OpenGL for all rendering' should solve this. Apparently it might also disable some slide transitions (I don't use those, so no problem for me, but YMMV).

Impress Libreoffice Update

No, I'm not using any transparency effects...

Maybe a short update: This issue still exists in LO 5.4 on Windows and appears (at least accoring to my experience) as soon as hardware acceleration is enabled; disabling the hardware acceleration is a workaround, however all SVG graphics are ugly rendered then...Currently there seems to be no solution at all, either ugly looking fonts and perfectly looking SVG graphics or vice versa... :-/

This is kind of a brutal problem. The main point of Impress is presentation mode. Disabling hardware acelleration in Tools > Options > View is a workaround, but not long-term. Hope LO addresses!

Since disabling the hardware acceleration will result in ugly looking stuff like SVG-figures or shapes or whatever you might put on a slide, disabling it is not really a workaround... the only possible workaround is to export your presentation to PDF and present it using a PDF viewer.By the way: I also reported this as a bug to LibreOffice, hopefully this helps to get it fixed: