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After browsing through the last stop of this post, you’ll realize you don’t have to be a seasoned pool player to enjoy billiards.

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With space-saving folding legs, these mates don’t even require any intricate engineering to set them up or break the bank to bring them home once you’re a snooker enthusiast under a space crunch.

Product description This 5ft Hy-Pro pool table with its full table unique design will give you hours of fun challenging your friends and family alike. It features a cool red velvet surface, two cues and the American-style spot and stripe balls. Customer Questions & Answers. Folding Snooker and Pool Table. Thrash 4.6ft Air Hockey Table. Thrash 4ft Air Hockey Table. Captain Football Table. 8 in 1 Folding Multi Games Table. 4 in 1 Games Table. 2 Player Basketball System. Snooker & Pool Table. 4ft Striker Football Table. All Star Electronic Hockey Table. Folding Football Table All new striking new panel design Lateral leg supports for table stability Non-slip hand grips Folds upwards easily for storage External goal shaped ball return system electronic scoring system Size L121.3, W61, H76.2cm Weight 16kg Self-assembly. IFOYO Folding Pool Table, 55 Inch Folding Pool Table for Adults and Kids Steady Modern Space Saving Pool Billiard Table with All Accessories. 4.1 out of 5 stars 17. Franstore 55' Portable Folding Billiards Table Pool Game Table.


In fact, when you’re sick of nestling at game parlors or pubs for hardcore billiard games to end up being thieved by pool sharks all the time, you may crave for a simple piece of furniture with height-adjustable that camps right inside your room.

So, are you ready to mingle with your children, your partner, or your gang inside your living room on a negligible budget? Look no further than our collections of the 4 best foldable pool tables below!

Let’s kick some rail shots!

Top Foldable Pool Tables – Quick Comparision

Product ImageProduct NameRatingsLatest Price
Hathaway Fairmont4.1/5
Costzon Billiard Table4.2/5
Fat Cat Trueshot4.4/5
Bello Games Deluxe4.0/5

Reviews of The 4 Best Folding Pool Tables

1. Hathaway Fairmont 6” Portable Pool Table – Best Overall

When you house a 14’x12’ man cave or family game room, this 66-inch long Hathaway Fairmont portable pool table will add a sprinkle of finesse into your apartment unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Indisputably, the folded legs that can crotch up a 10-inch giant down half the size with zero assembly requirement is what appeals the most to the mass, and partly relieves the much-desired demand for a shorter 7 ft version.

The chrome-plated folded legs are not only transportation-friendly but also come in pairs with integrated leg levelers and adjustable screws. In return, the set facilitates your personal customized playing surface, however flat or bowed you’d want the table angles to become.

Hypro Folding Pool Table

For even better playing experience, Fairmont introduces a cue set and accessory kit containing a nylon carry bag, standard snooker balls, two 48” billiard cues, 2 pieces of cue chalk, a brush, and a diamond racking triangle.

The standard 2.25” balls may put you on a learning curve, hence, one feasible option is to substitute them with the 178” ones for a broader view on the game tables.

Compared to how any other kid/family billiards pool table looked, you would hardly ever hear any complaint filed about the table craftsmanship or sleek design. Fairmont takes pride in claiming top-to-toe US-guided quality control, which fairly sheds light on why the overall product is slightly overweight to aim for better sturdiness.

While the overall construction is reasonably durable, not every single part performs the same. The Hathaway Fairmont portable billiard table with built-in folding utility lies above an MDF bed, which doesn’t fare well under moisture and responds poorly to refelting.

Thus, if you’re planning to leave this tall guy out in the patio (even covered with a water-proof screen), it won’t hold up well and end up becoming warped eventually.

  • Solid construction
  • Bouncy playing surface and lively bumper
  • Easy to assemble, smoothening the folding and unfolding process
  • Forward-looking design
  • Light-weighted and short billiard cue sticks
  • Oversized balls
  • Heavier than the advertised 160 pounds

2. Costzon 47” Foldable Children’s Billiard Table – Best Budget

You’re looking for a decent Christmas present for your children/grandchildren? Why not get them a deluxe snooker table for a sparkle of bonding moments, besides countless cognitive benefits which are geometry, concentration, tactics, and patience?

If the blue Fairmont or black Fat Cat can’t seem to remind your children of old-school billiard game parlors on media and thus, failing to call for their interests, whereas the Bello Games is rather too small for your likings, then this classic black-green nylon fused leather Costzon 4-foot folding pool table is definitely a favorite.

Apt for kids, the corners, superior to all other products on this folding table review list, are bolstered with styrofoam internally and extra guarded with flexible foam on the cover for maximum safety. This superior feature is also intended to combat moisture-wicking and warping MDF bed.

Your kids won’t be exposed to the risks of ball swallowing, as they’re 1316’ chip-free resin-topped spheres. The billiard balls roll quite smoothly on a rather coarse felt top, which makes the billiard game pace adjustable for your kids to be able to pick up the rules profoundly.

Hy-pro 5ft Folding Snooker And Pool Table 5

Choosing this Costzon table with height adjustable folding utility is like hitting two birds with one stone: your kids can draw happiness from the simple yet creative self-assembled offers, while you can strengthen your bond with them via some joint pooling lectures.

The piece scores roughly 33 pounds, the most light-weighted model reviewed, so after flicking some pool balls, you can easily direct your kids to tuck the compact folding table under the bed or inside the garage with high ergonomics and portability.

As compact as the table is, it’s definitely beyond toy level for its versatility. Fun facts, the fallen-out PVC webbing underneath the pockets can be contributed to making a customized ball return lengthwise.

Hy-pro 5ft folding snooker and pool table 5

In the end, although one full accessory set includes two 36-inch pool cue sticks, two powder pieces, a brush, a triangle rack, and 16 resin billiard balls, the Costzon 47” fold-up pool table for cue sports still falls short to standard models.

A rather feasible explanation must have been since the product is intended for kids, a lack of diamond racking triangle or some crowning is bound to happen.

  • Sturdy metal folded legs
  • Durable metal frame
  • Easy-to-glide-on felt
  • Easy storage
  • Non-responsive bed
  • Easy-to-crack webbing under the pockets

3. Fat Cat by GLD Trueshot Folding Billiard Table – Best Level Top

If you’re going for some quick rail kicks with your squads or grandson in the living room, this standard 36-inch folding pool table of Fat Cat is the right answer for your quest.

Following a jet black folding table concept, this piece of gaming furniture holds the power to compliment any decor. The nylon replaceable felt is not only elegant in appearance but also allows smooth ball glides and rolls across the playing surface.

Interestingly, pool players pay more glowing reviews to this Fat Cat Trueshot’s levelness over the Hathaway Fairmont’s crowning issue. Undoubtedly, this feature boosts extra customer experience while playing, as the balls now wouldn’t head towards the rails anymore.

Apart from the smooth surface, the parts are majorly made from high-density materials which yield numerous functions over a long using period. To put it more specifically, one pocket net can hold up to 5 standard balls without being torn.

With foldable legs, the overall design seems compact, but it doesn’t compromise with a smaller playing surface. In fact, you’re still guaranteed a thrilling experience during each play with a 66” wooden framed tabletop.

And don’t worry about the acute chrome-plated edges. Since this Fat Cat foldable pool table set is intended for both children and adults to enjoy, it’s slightly rounded-edged for enhanced safety.

Overall, compared to the Fairmont item, Fat Cat Trueshot’s accessory kit lacks a storage bag while requiring some extra assembling steps involving bolt screwing for a safe locking mechanism.

After a plethora of praises above, one criticism that could be sent to the Fat Cat Trueshot folding table must be how all the parts look like being glued together non-aesthetically. To add fuels to the flame, the felt also comes loosely, contributing to the way some may not find the balls’ rebound feel untrue.

  • Active rail
  • Perfectly leveled playing surface
  • Exterior added chrome support on table edges
  • Poor workmanship
  • Non-responsive bumper
  • Loose felt

4. Bello Games New York Deluxe Folding Pool Table – Best Space-Saving

If your family is hooked on pooling 24/7 in a snug condo or playroom, then this Bello Games deluxe portable pool table would be your prized possession.

With just a 44-inch cherry wooden mini tabletop, you may be doubtful whether such a small frame can bear any bank and kick shots. In general, the smaller the table is, the easier the family games turn out, leading to a fact that bar pool tables are 7’ in common. And since we’re ready to play for simple family bonding within some under 12’ wide space, this compact folding pool table (412’ post folding) is ideally a full package.

Hypro Folding Pool Tables

There might be no pre-mark on the rails, but it’s not a hassle with a well-stocked accessory set packing cue chalk, 16 half-sized down standard balls, two 42” pool cue sticks, a shedding brush, and a triangle rack.

The wool blend felt is another nice touch to add, smooth enough for the balls to glide on yet sufficiently resistant to wear and tear. The bumper cushions and rails are not the most responsive for an ideal ball bounce and roll, but that is what makes the distances within the shots’ reach reasonable for such a petite design.


On top of those great features, Bello Games mini pool tables include pre-attached legs and pockets, resulting in no assembly needed. After each play of snooker, simply tuck the folded-in-half table in the garage, under the bed, or in the attic for space-saving easy storage.

The Bello Games foldable pool table provides a lot of fun for space crunch house owners. Remember, however, this little folk is just a miniature version of a standard billiard table. Hence, for seasoned pool players or trainees who want to practice for pro-level games, the under-standard measures wouldn’t serve to their heart’s content.

  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Super stable construction
  • No assembly
  • Half-heartedly bouncy rails
  • Prone to wear-and-tear pockets
  • No leg leveler

The Insider’s Guide to Picking up The Best Portable Pool Table

1. Size

Internationally, there are two officially pool tournament approved dimensions recognized by the International Olympic Committee and the World Pool-Billiard Association, the 9 x 4.5 ft and 8 x 4 ft models.

In further consideration, the most popular pool table measurement according to both British Commonwealth/European and North American rules used in pubs, game parlors, or households is 7 x 3.5 ft.

Hypro Folding Pool Table Replacement Parts

By rule of thumb, pool players gauge the space they want to install the table within based on the pool cue stick’s length and the table’s dimensions. In particular, the distance from the table to the wall is twice the cue’s length, which can vary from 36”, 42”, 48” in deluxe sizes to 58” in the standard.

Put the figures into a strategic formula, we have:

Room size = (table length + cue length*2) by (table width + cue length*2)

2. Budget

Reckoning upon your purpose of using, you will meet the middle ground between your willingness to spend and the quality. On the current scene of the market, the price range of portable pool tables for cue sports kicks off with $80 – $120 mounting to $600 – $900.

The vast variances in prices may be attributed to many criteria including the table’s overall construction, craftsmanship, portability, playability, material quality, additional mental plated cover, or accessories included.

If you need an easy-going form of entertainment, affordable pool tables with folding legs can handle the job beautifully. If you’re going for an extra sturdy one with more close to the standard gaming experience, then you can come to terms with splurging over $600 once in a while.

3. Construction

In general, foldable pool tables come short with their standard counterparts in terms of sizes, bed material, and pool cue stick durability to name but a few for optimal cost-efficiency.

MDF (medium-density fiberboard) trumps above slate beds among the portable lines, but they’re equally durable if taken out of a humid preservation environment.

Adjustable folding tables are a variant of portable pool tables that requires little to no assembly, alongside the detachable ones. Prior to making a deal, you may desire to make pre-assessments about the storing location and transportation methods. Only afterward should you weigh between whether to buy a self-rested or a wall-leaning folding table.

4. Accessories kit

Portable folding pool tables usually arrive with a full set of accessories included upon delivery.

Two cues, balls (one cue ball and 15 numbered ones), a table cloth brush, a triangle rack, two pieces of cue chalk are standard on a set, sometimes with a storage bag as optional.

5. Purpose of using

There are various makes of folding portable pool tables out there on the market. Since you’re mostly no seasoned player, always ask yourself what the adjustable table will serve after passing through your doormat pre-purchase.

If this is a pool table set for kids, you may pay more attention to safety features such as round edges or appropriate height adjustable folding utility. If it is for multiple adults, the story then revolves around design, crown, or the bouncy rates of the rails and the bumpers.

In a similar fashion, you should also take different locations into consideration. Once you’re planning to place the pool table in a man cave, it’d totally diverge from the intention to store it outside the patio (MDF vs slate beds or additional screen).

And if you’re on the hunt for folding multipurpose game tables that have multiple forms of recreations to offer, one critical point to lay full focus on is the variety of tabletops, for you to place them on as playing surfaces for a game of ping pong for instance. On the contrary, you may forego this feature.

Set a transparent final view before browsing the mouse to add a portable folding table to your list and expect the unexpected, or not!

Bottom Line

After long-thought contemplating and detailed feature-by-feature comparison, we choose Hathaway Fairmont 6” Portable Pool Table as the Best Overall choice on our list of the top folding pool tables due to these ground-breaking offerings:

  • The price is within the mid-range, not excessively bank-breaking.
  • The design is sleek and modern.
  • The craftsmanship is second to nil with no supposedly glued together parts.
  • It scores first in terms of sturdiness with zero assembly requirement, at the expense of the overall weight capacity.
  • It offers a true playing experience with bouncy rails and lively bumpers.

Yet due to the height, perhaps this wouldn’t be the most ideal for small children. Then you may resort to our Best Budget choice, the old-school Costzon 47” Foldable Pool Table if you’re looking for a decent Christmas present for your 5-feet grandson.

What if we tell you, that’s not the end of the story?

Are you ready to explore different types of portable folding tables for gaming other than this top 4 best foldable pool table list?

Simply, always be our treasured guest and browse for more varieties of top portable folding tables via our site!

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