Human Anatomy Atlas 2019 Complete 3d Human Body Pc

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Apps conceived and designed to provide an innovative way to study human anatomy


ANATOMY 3D ATLAS allows you to study human anatomy in an easy and interactive way. Through a simple and intuitive interface it is possible to observe every anatomical structure from any angle. Highly detailed 3D models, with textures up to 4k resolution, enable to examine the shape of each structure of the human body with great depth.

3D human anatomy atlas free download. Education software downloads - Human Anatomy Atlas by Argosy Publishing, Inc. And many more programs are available for instant and free download.

Seen Physique’s Human Anatomy Atlas for PC is a superb instrument now out there to medical college students which makes studying the gross human anatomy straightforward and enjoyable. This software gives a complete 3D view of all the human physique which makes it very straightforward for constructing an imaginary image of a fancy anatomical. Human Anatomy Atlas 2019 Edition is the go-to 3D anatomy reference app for healthcare professionals, students, and professors. The app includes comprehensive male and female 3D gross anatomy models, select microanatomy of tissues and organs, cadaver slices and diagnostic images that are paired with 3D. RF Anatomy is an innovative content and software developer company which provides a complete educational platform for medical students, professionals and universities. The package involves an interactive human anatomy app, online platform and an exceptionally detailed printed human anatomy atlas with AR technology. Jul 08, 2010 Human Anatomy Atlas is a powerful 3D visual guide to the human body. The Skeleton Preview of Human Anatomy Atlas includes over 400 3D models of bones, ligaments, and teeth. You can rotate any of the available models, zoom in or out, read definitions, learn Latin terms and hear pronunciations.

Human Anatomy Atlas 2019 Complete 3d Human Body Pc

Systems: Musculoskeletal, Cardiovascular, Nervous, Respiratory, Digestive, Urogenital (male and female), Endocrine, Lymphatic, Eye and ear.

This application is aimed at medical students, doctors, physiotherapists, paramedics, nurses, athletic trainers and in general anyone interested in deepening their knowledge of human anatomy.

This app is a fantastic tool to complement classic human anatomy books.


This app is freely downloadable, however an in-app purchase is required to unlock all the contents. Some of the contents are always freely accessible enabling you to try the app properly.


Windows 10

This video tutorial will show you how to use all app features

Human Anatomy Atlas 2019 Complete 3d Human Body Pc Game

select model
isolate model

Muscle names (in 11 languages) and info about origin, insertion, innervation and action of each muscle


Show or hide all pins
Touch/Click a pin to visualize the relative anatomical terms


Option to hide or isolate single or multiple selected models

Human Anatomy Atlas 2019 Complete 3d Human Body Pc Game


Go through muscle layers
Muscles are grouped into layers frome the most superficial to the deepest.


Frame the view on the selected model and move center of rotation on it


User Interface and anatomical terms in 11 languages