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WeChat is more than a messaging and social media app – it is a lifestyle for over one billion users across the world. Chat and make calls with friends, read news and use local services in Official. Forget WeChat Login Password. If you have tried several possible passwords and you are sure that. login

It will be more difficult to register a new Wechat account than ever before since the WeChat official is not allowing us to register without providing a real phone number and could be blocked or frozen easily. Therefore, you need to keep your Wechat account safety enough. It’s a wise decision to link your real phone number to your WeChat account. There are only a few steps different between link phone number , unlink or change phone number to WeChat account. So, keep reading to find what you want.

This article will show you how to link phone number and how to change linking phone number to WeChat.


Why you need to link your phone number to WeChat account?

Many WeChat users told me that their account gets blocked. And they didn’t link their phone number to WeChat. If you want to use WeChat, do remember to link phone number to WeChat account before your account been blocked. Maybe you’re wondering how could that be possible create WeChat account without link phon number? Actually, if your account was created in the early time, you could create account without phone number. Or you can’t unlink the old phone number to WeChat without link any new phone number to it.

Also, if your WeChat account is login via QQ number, not phone number or WeChat ID, then it is possible that your account doesn’t link any phone number.

In these cases, your account doesn’t link phone number might cause you to lost your WeChat account. So I strongly recommend you to link your phone number to it. (Update, you must link your phone number to WeChat.)

How do I link phone number to WeChat account?

  1. Open WeChat on your phone and log into your WeChat account.
  1. Click on [Me] in the bottom right -hand corner of the screen.
  1. And then, click on [Settings] button.
  1. Go to [Account Security] and click it.
  1. Click [Phone] and then you will get into the link-mobile page.

If your phone number has linked to your WeChat account, then you will see a green lock with a phone number next to the [Phone] button.

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  1. If you want to link your phone number to WeChat account then Click [Link Mobile]. If you want to change phone number then you can click [Change Moblie].

If your phone number has linked your WeChat account. Then you will see the linked phone number on this screen. and you can change mobile number to link your WeChat account just by clicking [Change Mobile] and do as instructed.

NOTE: you can link your phone number to only one WeChat ID. Once you’ve linked a phone number to WeChat, then you’re not able to unlink it but you can change to another. which means you can use another phone number to link your WeChat and the old phone number will be unlinked to your WeChat automatically, But your WeChat account will always be linked.

If you haven’t linked your phone number to WeChat account, then you will not see the screen as below.

What if I want to link a new phone number to WeChat?


Sometimes you don’t use your old phone number anymore and you want to link your new phone number to your WeChat. You can follow the left steps as the following steps.

  1. Choose your region and enter your phone number.

Wechat Web

The verification code will be sent to this phone number. Make sure that you enter it correctly. After that, click [Next] in the top right-hand corner.

  1. Enter the verification code.

Click [OK] And then an SMS verification code will be sent to your phone number and enter the SMS verification code.

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Thanks for reading. I really hope this will be helpful. Do as instructed and I think you will get what you want.

If you have any questions, Please comment below.


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