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World of Hogwarts’ approved spell list – 2017

First year Second year Third year Fourth year Fifth year Sixth year Seventh year Adult spells Dark spells

  • You can not perform a spells above your year
  • If you are taught a spell above year spell you will be able to NOT perform, or it can back fire with random dangerous results.
  • Your character will know all the basic spells of your year and below.
  • Spells taught in RP are for teachers to teach in RP, or older students (including ghosts that attended Hogwarts in their youth) that have learned the spell in past years, or a Librarian staff member has access to books that can have these spells.ⓗ
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Twilight (stylized as twilight) is a 2005 young adult vampire-romance novel by author Stephenie Meyer.It is the first book in the Twilight series, and introduces seventeen-year-old Isabella 'Bella' Swan, who moves from Phoenix, Arizona to Forks, Washington. Malfoy was the surname of a wealthy pure-blood wizarding family and one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight. They lived in Malfoy Manor in Wiltshire, England. The Malfoys were related to many other pure-blood families, including the Blacks, Lestranges, Greengrasses, and Rosiers. They were also related to the Tonks and Lupin families, of mixed wizarding and Muggle heritage, much to the Malfoys' disdain.

Dark Spells

  • ✖Dark Spells are labeled with this ✖, This means if you use this spell, YOU will get into trouble if caught by an observant adult !!
  • Unforgivables – If caught at any age, casting these will result in an instant one-ticket pass to Azkaban.
  • ✖Avada Kedavra – Killing curse. ✖
  • ✖Crucio – Causes extreme pain & anguish ✖
  • ✖Imperio – Causes a person to become under another’s complete control ✖


Accio – Summoning charm
Alohomora – Opens basic locks
Avis – Launches small birds from your wand
Coloromuto – Changes an object’s colour
Creo Igniculus – Causes different coloured sparks to shoot out of your wand
Creobulla – Causes golden bubbles to flow out of your wand
Expelliarmus – Disarms your opponent
Finite – A counter spell for spells that lack specific counter spells. Can only be cast by the original caster of the spell
Flagrante – Creates a burning, fiery line in the air
Gravitas Penna – Causes static objects to become light as a feather
Locomotor Mortis – Leg-locking jinx
Lumos – Creates a burst of blue/white light out of the end of your wand
Nox – Counter-spell to Lumos
Orchideous – Causes a bouquet of flowers to come out of your wand
Pack – Packing spell
Petrificus Totalus – Full body-bind curse
Point me – Causes your wand to point to the North
Wingardium Leviosa – Levitation charm

Harry Potter And The Second Life Book

◈* Must be taught these spells in role play *:

* Aparecium – Reveals invisible ink
* Creopedere -Makes a farting sound from the end of your wand, can be accompanied with smells
* Creo Phasma – Creates a ghostly apparition
* Defluo – Charms ink to be invisible, ink must be wet
* Digitus Gelare ✖ Jelly-Fingers Curse – Causes the target’s fingers to become almost jelly-like to make it impossible for the victim to grasp objects. If the opponent touches a wall, he/she will be stuck to it like very sticky jelly. ✖
* Locomotor – If aimed at an object, it will move it
* Transfiguro – Basic transfiguration spell
* Pixit- tap a book 3 times and pictures will show up to illustrate what is written
* Ventus – Causes a strong blast of wind to emit out of the caster’s wand


Arion Vomito – Causes victim to throw up slugs
Aurumflamma – Produces a spurt of golden fire capable of breaking simple targets
Cadomolleo – Cushioning Charm
Corpus Leviosa – Body-levitation Charm
Congelo – Freezing Charm
Engorgio – Causes the target to swell in size
-Amplificatum-French version of Engorgio
Formicatio Rubens – Causes the victim’s face to erupt into hives
Halitus Capiscum – Pepper Breath Hex
Portare flamma – Blue flame charm
Rictusempra – Tickling charm
Reducio – Reduction charm, counter-spell to Engorgio
Scourgify – Cleaning charm ⓗ
Serpensortia – Creates an illusionary snake to come out of your wand
Tarantallegra – Dancing hex
Vox Dementis – Babbling jinx

◈* Must be taught these spells in role play *:

* Adhaero – Superglue hex, sticks the victim or an object to a surface with the strength of strong superglue
* Calefacens- Warming Charm- Makes item warm and dry for a length of time
* Quietus – Counter-spell to Sonorus
* Sonorus – Magnifies the voice
* Sordes – Dirt charm, causes mud to cover a surface
* Treadlum – begin with a regular swaying motion with wand, to spit out woolen yarn like a spray can of silly string. stops the wand movement and the yarn production ceases too. Keep the motion steady if you vary the speed the yarn may vary in thickness or strength and wont weave well.
* Vipera Evanesco – counter for Serpensortia
* Zestoventus – Causes a strong blast of Warm wind to emit out of the caster’s wand


Adoperrheno – Causes the victim/object to be covered in fur.
Bat-Bogey hex – “Pipistrelle Mucus” Causes victim’s bogeys to sprout bat like wings and attack
Diffindo – Severing charm
Fervens aeris – Causes hot air to be emitted from your wand
Flipendo Contendo – Objects backfire
Impedimenta – Impedes forward motion, either slowing or stopping an object or individual, effectively immobilising them for a short period of time
Impervius – Used to prevent a substance being affected by another to some degree
Lustro Circulus – Creates a large ring of fire
Mobiliarbus – Levitates and moves plants
Mobilicorpus – Levitates and moves bodies ⓗ
Profundus – Hair-thickening charm
Reparo – Repairs a broken object
Scriboscipio – Animated ribbon used to write things in the air
Somnium Tantillus – Daydream charm
Waddiwasi – Launches small objects through the air

◈* Must be taught these spells in role play *:

* Carpe Retractum- makes magical rope to pull things to you, or to attach to surface and climb up
* Contristosempra – Depression hex
* Exhilaro – Cheering charm, counter-spell to Contristosempra
* Flipendo Incantato – Spells backfire
* Jacquardium- takes yarn and weave it into cloth. The pattern of the cloth is controlled by the movement of the wand, however for our purposes today, keep your wand perfectly still for perfectly plain cloth.
* Kryoventus – Causes a strong blast of cold wind to emit out of the caster’s wand
* Revelio Simpli- A simple spell which will tell you where injuries
* Riddikulus – Counter-spell for boggarts
* Tenebris Convenire – gathers shadows around you
* Transibito-switching spell
* Veritapraesto – Cast on a written agreement, it ensures that anyone breaking the agreement will suffer unpleasant consequences as determined by the spellcaster


Capus Ebullio – Bubble-head charm
Densaugeo – Teeth growing hex
Depulso – Banishing charm
Erecto – Erects a tent or other similar structure
Expilus Protinam – Instantly removes the hair from the victim
Expulso – Violent blasting curse, causes anything to explode on impact
Ferula – Creates a wooden splint ⓗ
Flamma frigus – Flame-freezing charm
Furnunculus – Target is covered in boils
Incendio – Sets a flammable object on fire
Obscuro – Causes a blindfold to appear over the victim’s eyes
Perdopilus – Makes the victim slowly lose all the hair over their body
Protego – Shield charm
Relashio – Forces target to release what is being held
Restituo – Switching spell, exchanges one item for another
Reducto – Disintegrates or destroys objects in the caster’s path
Siccus – Drought Charm

◈* Must be taught these spells in role play *:

*☆Curricito – running charm enabling the user to run quickly
*☆Habita Transmutaris – change from your uniform to other clothing
*☆Immendo-Sets broken bone, use skele-gro to heal
*☆Imperio ✖ Causes a person to become under another’s complete control ✖
*☆Levicorpus – Victim dangled upside down by ankles
*☆Liberacorpus – Counterspell to Levicorpus
*☆Non surripio- anti theft charm
*☆Peritia Sureptio – Secret sight charm- If cast on ink, what ever is written will be unseen by unwanted eyes.
*☆Termino Commoveo – A medicinal spell which treats the patient for shock
*☆Tegmentum Ligaveris – healing spell to bind wounds
*☆Transfiguro Torqueo (Transmogrification Torture ) ✖ – Different outcomes depending on the creativity (and sadistic nature) of the caster. ✖
*☆Gemino-duplicates item -Doesn’t work on magical money or living things


Caecus – Conjunctivitus Curse
Crescoramus – Causes the victim to sprout antlers.
Cutis Squameus – Causes a skin complaint that made the skin look like it is covered in cornflakes
Deflexo Cantatrix – Used to block or deflect magic cast as you
Evanesco – Objects disappear but can be recovered
Lacio – Hurling Hex
Offendo – Causes target to trip and fall
Oppugno – Causes objects to attack
Porrum Auris – Causes leeks to grow out of the ears of the victim
Pungo – Produces a stinging sensation in the victim, resulting in angry red welts and occasionally the severe inflammation of the affected area
Recupero – Recovers objects from evanesco
Seperatus – Wall-summoning charm
Silencio – Causes someone to go silent
Stupefy – Stunning spell
Tergeo – Siphons something off of a surface
Venenatus Crabro – Launches a hornet from the wand to attack the victim

◈* Must be taught these spells in role play *:

* Arania Exumai – Spider-Killing Curse
* Expecto Patronum – Charm that evokes a partially-tangible, positive energy force known as a Patronus, dark wizards cannot use this spell
* Prior Incantato – Shows spells that were cast previously with the wand (up to 10 hours)
* Fianto Duri – Causes an object, or if cast on a person’s their muscle, becomes hard
* Fidelious -secret keeper Charm
* Friconus maximus -a sanding charm mentioned in Helga Longbottom’s book, “A Guide to Cleaning the Messiest of Magical Messes” though it comes with the disclaimer “This sanding charm is to sanding charms what the fiendfyre curse is to incendio.”
* Molliare – creates an unseen cushion. It is primarily used in broomstick manufacturing to make the brooms more comfortable for riders
* Penitus Intorqueo – Innard twisting spell, can cause death. Used in healing arts.
* Specialis Revelio – Causes an object to show its hidden secrets or
magical properties


Harry Potter And The Second Life

Aguamenti – Causes water to emit out of caster’s wand
Avexi avectum – Objects disappear but can’t be retrieved
Cave inimicum – Strengthens an area from enemies
Celo – Concealment charm
Confundo – Charm that causes a person or animated object to become highly confused
Defodio – Causes deep gouges to appear in the object targeted
Deprimo – Places immense downward pressure upon its target, which may result in the violent fracturing of said target
Descendo – Causes any targeted object to move downwards
Episkey – Minor healing spell for soft tissue injuries and cartilidge (nose/ears), not for bones ⓗ
Finite Incantatem – A counter spell for spells that lack specific counter spells. Can be cast on anyone’s spells, not just your own
Fortis obex – Causes object unable to be penetrated by other objects
Incarcerous – Ties someone or something up with ropes
Langlock – Glues the subject’s tongue to the roof of their mouth
Lingucornus – Turns target’s tongue into a horn
Muffliato – Causes an area to become soundproof
Rennervate – Revives someone out of unconsciousness ⓗ
Repleo – Refills a container with the current contents
Salvio Hexia – Provides protection for an area from hexes
Velius – Concealment charm

◈* Must be taught these spells in role play *:

*☆Anapneo – Clears the throat and air passages
*☆Aresto Momentum – Slows down an object or person
*☆Ascendio – Lifts the targer high into air
*☆Aspectu Novo – new look spell that changes a part of your appearance
*☆Avada Kedavra ✖ Killing curse. Cannot use this curse on a person without the permission person dying ✖
*☆Flipendo Genu ✖ Knee-reversal hex ✖
*☆Homenum Revelio – Reveals humans in the vicinity of the caster
*☆Injurious Revelio -The complex injury/illness assessment spell.
*☆Jelly-Brain Jinx – “Cerebrumus Gelare” Effects the target’s mental processes for an hour, target will act mentally instable.
*☆Jelly-Legs Counter-Jinx – “Expedio Crura” Causes victim’s legs to go back to their normal state
*☆Spatium Imreperio – Undetectable Extension Charm, used to enchant a container or bag, so that its interior capacity expands to enormous size


Harry Potter And The Second Life Movie

Confringo – Causes anything that the spell comes into contact with to explode
Deletrius – Erases images and magical after-effects ⓗ
Fidelius – Causes a location to only be accessible to those the secret keeper tells of the location.
Flagrante – Causes any object affected to burn human skin when
Geminio – Creates a duplicate of any object cast upon
Glisseo – Causes the steps on a stairway to flatten and form a ramp or slide
Portus – Turns an object into a portkey
Portus Continuus – Turns an object into a portkey that may be used more than once
Protego Totalum – Protego over a larger area
Puserumpo – Causes the victim’s nose to erupt into a cascade of pus, which can only be stopped through magical means.
Repello Muggletum – Keeps muggles away from an area

Harry Potter And The Second Lifetime

◈* Must be taught these spells in role play *:

* Crura Gelare-Jelly-Legs Jinx – Renders victim’s legs temporarily useless, leaving him/her to wobble around helplessly until the effect wears off or the counter-jinx is performed.
* Duro – Turns the target to stone
*☆Fiendfyre ✖ Magical, highly-destructive fire. ✖
*☆Aveho Digitus ✖ Finger-Removing Jinx Removes target’s finger ✖
*☆Glacius – Freezes things within a 10 meter radius and covers them with ice
* Memorfalsum- False Memory Charm – Plants a false memory in the target’s mind
*☆Meteolojinx – Atmospheric jinx,creates outside conditions in an interior area
* Meteolojinx Recanto – Countercurse to Meteolojinx, causes weather effects caused by incantations to cease
*☆Repello Inmigotum – Protects a place from enemies
*☆Sectumsempra ✖ Causes severe wounds & bleeding on a person ✖
*☆Sopadpuki – Touch alarm Charm- an alarm will sound if touched, Last one week and can be heard 20 meters away, if you add a name to the end of the spell that person can’t touch.

Adult Spells

☆Absconditus Domus – Causes area to become unplottable
☆Atrum Congelo – Eternal Petrification, same effect as a Basilisk’s indirect stare, is curable only by mandrake draught
☆Disillusionment Charm – Causes near total invisibility
Doleo Dolere – Entrail Expelling Curse Ⓓ
☆Expulso – Violent blasting curse, causes anything to explode on impact
☆Homorphus – Forces an animagus to take its human shape
☆Magnus Sensus – Supersensory charm, heightens the senses
☆Penitus Intorqueo – Innard twisting spell, can cause death.
☆Pia Pium – Anti-cheating spell
☆Piertotum Locomotor – Animates suits of armor- can only be used by Hogwarts Professors when castle is under attack
☆Protego Horribilis – Provides protection against dark magic
☆Remaneo – Anti-disapparition jinx
☆Senex Senis – Age-line spell
☆Doleo Dolere – Entrail Expelling Curse

These spells do not have incantations yet (professors can create words for spells if needed)◈


Kissing alarm Charm- Takes 2-should you kiss each other an alarm will sound.
Inferi-raising/creating spell.
Horcrux creation spell.
Permanent Sticking Charm – spell that keeps something from ever being removed
Stealth-Sensoring Spell – cast on a room or area and detects people under magical disguise
Taboo Jinx – may be placed upon a word or a name, so that whenever that word is spoken, a magical disturbance is created which either alerts the caster of the Taboo to the location of the speaker or has some other cursed effect, depending on what you wish it to do.
Tongue-Tying Curse – prevents certain information from being revealed by the individual upon whom the spell is placed. The curse manifests itself by causing the tongue to temporarily curl backwards upon itself.
Horton-Keitch Braking Charm – prevents players from
Intruder charm – detects intruders and sounds an alarm
Caterwauling Charm – causing anyone entering the perimeter to set off a high-pitched shriek
Flying charm – cast on brooms
Gripping charm – gives a better grip to an object
Permanent Sticking Charm – Non-verbal spell that keeps something from ever being removed