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Handwritten letters can a very successful means of communication if the important success factors are taken into account. A blunt marketing message remains blunt even in handwriting. From 250 letters upwards, we can provide you completely individualized handwritten notes and letters.

Hand-addressed mail is perfect for:

  • Drip Mailing Pieces
  • Fundraising Campaigns
  • Tear Sheets
  • Sending Brochures and Flyers
  • Corporate Holiday Cards
  • Real Estate Investing letters
  • Or anything else you want to get opened

Add-on Services:

  • Handwritten Sticky Notes
  • Handwritten Signatures and Margin Notes

High-Quality Standards:

Increases the Chance of Your Message Being Read. If you create and send direct mail, you more. These realistic, variable handwritten fonts for direct mail effectively mimic the benefits of hand addressing or pen addressing, but at a fraction of the cost. The font technology we utilize simulates a randomness that is present in real handwritten envelopes and letters, handwritten postcards, and other handwritten direct mailers.

  • Real People, Real Handwriting
  • Dozens of handwriters and support staff available to fulfill your mailings
  • Years of experience turning out handwritten mail campaigns
  • Millions of hand-addressed and hand-personalized pieces successfully mailed!

Your prospects check their mail the same way you do. They scan each envelope to determine if it’s a bill, junk mail, or something worth their interest. Everything from the envelope, to the stamp, to the address determines whether or not your mail piece will pass this test.

Your mail piece should stand out from everything else. It should be appealing and intriguing to your potential customer. When your envelopes are hand-addressed and stamped by real people, it is guaranteed to have the personal touch that makes others curious and excited to open it. In a stack of their everyday mail, they will not just open it, they will likely open it first.

Making the time and effort yourself to give each of your mail pieces the personal touch they deserve is a lot of work, but Bottomline Ink makes executing handwritten direct mail campaigns easy. We have the staff and systems in place to hand address, fold, stuff and stamp thousands of mailers for you.

Our hand-addressed mail campaigns promise a 90-95% opening rate , proven up to a 5% response rate. We guarantee that you will be amazed with your results.

With full printing and mailing capabilities we can help you execute your idea, or if you prefer, we can help you craft and execute an entirely new one. We can help design your mailer and work with you to create an actionable message that will generate response.

Why let your important mailers slip through the hands of potential customers? With our hand-addressed mail campaign, you can have an enticing look and feel that will draw customers to your message.

Handwritten Direct MailHandwritten

Step 1: The Mail Piece

Whether you have designed your own mail piece, or need us to be your creative department, Bottomline Ink has you covered. Our team of creative professionals and mailing experts will work with you to develop effective marketing collateral or review your current design and provide you with suggestions. Bottomline Ink offers full-service printing and can also print your mailing in-house, saving you the hassle of using separate vendors for related services.

Step 2: The Mailing List

If you have your own mailing list that is a great start! If your list needs to be altered in any way, our mailing experts can take care of that for you. If you do not have a mailing list, don’t fret, we can help you develop the criteria and build a mailing list tailored to your needs whether the audience is residential or commercial.

Step 3: The Envelope

Our pre-qualified handwriting experts will legibly hand address envelopes for each person in your mailing list and insert the mailing piece(s) into the envelope. If your mailing is variable and includes personal information, we will make sure that the piece matches the envelope before we insert it.

Step 4: The Added Personal Touch

A real stamp is placed on your envelope instead of a printing a mailing permit to ensure that your mail is well-received as a personal message. For an even more personalized touch, we can add a mailers postmark to the envelope. To go a step further, consider having us add a handwritten sticky note to your mailing piece prior to envelope insertion for extra emphasis and engagement.

Step 5: The Delivery (The Fun Part)

When your customers or prospects check their mail and notice a stamped hand-addressed envelope, they will be sure to open it. Since you will be achieving higher opening rates, more people are receiving your message and giving you a higher probability of increased lead generation.

Yellow Letter Direct Mail

How much does hand-addressing cost?
Our hand-addressing prices will pleasantly surprise you. Due to the systems we have in place and the region of the country we are in, we are able to offer highly competitive prices you won’t find anywhere else. Each of our hand-addressing orders is customized to fit the needs of each individual customer. We are very proud to offer low minimum quantities. Whether you need us for 500 mailers or 50,000, our hand-addressing team can do exactly what you are looking for.
How fast is your turnaround?
Turnaround rates vary depending on the size of the job. Some of our small volume custom pieces can have a turnaround rate as fast as 72 hours, while larger jobs may require 4-7 business days. With our crews working six days per week, you’ll find you will have the edge when it comes to quickly adding that personal touch to your next project.
Are real people actually hand addressing each envelope?
Absolutely. It's easy to spot the difference between what’s printed in a handwriting font and what's actually handwritten. The personal handwriting touch is not something you can fake. We maintain the only way to have your piece truly look personal is to have real people hand-addressing it. Simply put, sometimes it just makes sense to have the real thing.
What other services do you offer?
Bottomline Ink offers full service printing, mailing, and fulfillment solutions to meet all your needs. Please visit www.bottomlineink.com to learn more.

The mission of Bottomline Ink Marketing Logistics is simple:
We help clients market, sell, and distribute their products.

Bottomline Ink started as a forms management company in 1992. Over the years we expanded into sample and literature fulfillment, complete print management, mailing services, and promotional product sourcing. More recently we expanded into direct and specialty marketing services. Our investment in dedicated in-house IT resources for custom web fulfillment, data handling, and creative web-to-print and variable data print solutions set us apart and make us a natural choice for progressive sales and marketing organizations all over the country.

Every client is unique and we offer unique solutions to fit your needs. We are proud of our reputation as a knowledgeable, flexible, and reliable partner for clients ranging from one-person operations to large national companies. Regardless of scale, Bottomline Ink Marketing Logistics will manage your program with the same level of excellence you expect from your own organization so you can focus on innovation and prosperity.

It may be time to rethink your digital and email marketing strategy. There is an alternative method of outreach that benefits your company’s success and reputation while also making your clients feel valued. Direct mail outreach is proven to be 30x more effective than digital and email outreach. So how does handwritten direct mail outperform its alternatives?

Higher Open Rates

Handwritten letter services have higher open rates than email campaigns. Campaign Monitor reported that a successful email campaign should see open rates between 15-25%. Meanwhile, IgnitePost routinely sees a 99% open rate with our handwritten letter services. With a 99% open rate, your company is guaranteed impressions. Handwritten cards have the highest chance of being opened and read compared to other marketing methods.

Handwritten Direct Mail Pieces

Higher Response Rates

While higher open rates are beneficial, higher response rates are the cherry on top. ThePoint reported that the average response rate is 7% for email campaigns. IgnitePost found that its handwritten direct mail campaigns saw 21.3x higher response rates than typical email campaigns. PurePlates saw a 68% response rate with the help of IgnitePost’s services. With handwritten letter services, your company can ensure that its outreach leads to higher conversions.

High ROI

Along with higher conversion rates, PurePlates also saw 11x the return on investment with IgnitePost’s handwritten card services. Similarly, Development Consultancy saw 10x ROI along with multiple inbound requests for proposals. IgnitePost’s services can boost your company’s conversion rates by 9.7x. The great thing about direct handwritten direct mail services is that it also keeps your customer in mind.

Handwritten Envelopes Direct Mail

Positive Impression With Handwritten Direct Mail

The numbers back how your company will benefit from mail outreach, but they also show how your customers favor this method. No one feels special or excited with a new email in their inbox, but people do when they receive handwritten letters. Americans only receive 10 pieces of handwritten mail per year, and 95% of people feel positive about handwritten letters. Mail outreach will delight your clients while also making lasting impressions.

In Conclusion

Hand Addressed Direct Mail

With direct handwritten mail outreach, your company will see higher open and response rates, high ROI, and inbound requests. While your company is benefitting, your clients will also favor your direct mail methods. You will provide your customers with a positive and memorable experience, which in turn will make you stand out from the competition.