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Gutenberg Page Templates
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I am excited to announce that our Gutenberg Templates Library has been growing well since launch. And now we have started added Niche based Landing page templates. So now, the Templates Library is divided into two types:

Free Gutenberg PowerPoint Template is a presentation template with slide designs inspired by the Gutenberg Press, which was replacing wood with metal and printing blocks with each letter, creating the European version of moveable type. In order to make the type available in large quantities, Gutenberg applied the concept of replica casting. Gutenberg is the latest WordPress editor. Being Collection of Gutenberg Templates, by default Templatebeg is compatible with all Themes. Woo & EDD Templates Creating eCommerce websites, choose from the hundreds of ready-made beautiful design templates created with. Starter Templates are available with your favorite page builders and WordPress default editor – Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy and Gutenberg Editor. Starter Templates library has a number of templates, some are FREE (without any tag) while some are marked with AGENCY tag.

  • πŸŒ“ Gutenberg Patterns / Section Templates
  • πŸŒ• Gutenberg Full Page Templates / Niche Templates

The Gutenberg patterns are the same as launched earlier that are simply section templates. We have been adding new templates regularly to the collection.


Video Walkthrough


Gutenberg Landing Page Templates

This is what we are introducing now, we have added about twenty-two (22) Full Landing Page Templates and more to be added. These are niche-based templates that are organized into the most common niches. The best part is that all these templates are πŸ’― FREE.

  • πŸ— Construction Template
  • πŸ“š Education Template
  • πŸ‘— Fashion Template
  • πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ Gym Template
  • 🏨 Hotel Template
  • πŸ› Law Template
  • πŸš‘ Medical Template
  • 🏚 Nonprofit Template
  • πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ Personal Template
  • 🐹 Pets Template
  • πŸ“Έ Photography Template
  • 🏘 Real Estate Template
  • πŸ” Restaurant Template
  • 🏫 School Template
  • πŸ§žβ€β™‚οΈ Service Template
  • πŸ₯Ž Sports Template
  • πŸš• Transportation Template
  • πŸ– Travel Template
  • πŸ’ Wedding Template
  • 🦁 Zoo Template

How to Import a Gutenberg Template

There is no trouble required to download a template file and then import it to your website. Neither I ask you to install a WordPress plugin to be able to import or insert a Gutenberg Template. Simple browse the templates, copy one you like & paste it in the editor.

I have also prepared a quick instructional video if that helps.

Must Needed Plugin

These Gutenberg Templates are highly customizable and that is possible because of the Editor Plus plugin. We developed this plugin to make it super easier for you to customize the styles easily and visually.

Please make sure you have this plugin installed and activate before you copy any template.

If you have this plugin installed and activated, you are all good and nothing to worry about. πŸ˜‡

Templates Adapt Your Theme Styles

I tried to make almost no use of custom CSS for the styles and typography in the templates added by myself (we may add 3rd party templates in the future). That means you may experience a little different design of a template as opposed to the screenshot in the library.

Whatever theme you are using templates will adapt most of the typography and styles from it.

3rd Party Blocks & Plugins

Although at the launch, I’ve not used any 3rd party blocks/plugins for the these templates I have created. Except for the contact forms, which required a form plugin, and for that, I’ve used Gutenberg Forms.

But, in the future, templates may require 3rd party blocks/plugins to be installed. Make sure to check for the details of the required plugins for the template you wish to use.


Blockypage is a set of custom blocks and premade layouts that help you build your websites using Gutenberg quickly and easily, the blocks come with all the customization options that you need: Typography, Spacing, Gradient and video backgrounds, borders..etc
Also, Blockypage introduces a new mode for the editor named: Page-Building mode, in this mode you can preview your design on different devices and make changes to it accordingly.

Video Tutorial

Page-Building Mode

Improving Gutenberg interface and user experience

Gutenberg has been primarily built for content editing, not design, for that reason we’ve improved its interface and make it suitable for web design, we call it:
Page-Building Mode.

Page-Building Mode main features.

  • Cleaner Interface
  • More space for design
  • Better User Experience
  • Live Preview and editing for different devices

Container And Row Blocks.

Build any layout with the row and the container Block
Even Complex layouts has become easy to build with the most advanced block layout builders on the market:

Gutenberg Page Templates Pdf

The Container Block: wrap a set of blocks together to build page sections.
The Row Block: 40+ different columns structures to choose from with control over different devices.

Advanced set of Blocks..

All the blocks that you need to build any design you can dream of

  • Advanced Button Block
  • Buttons Group Block
  • Tabs Block
  • Accordion Block
  • Advanced Image Block
  • Advanced Text Block
  • Divider Block
  • Spacer Block
  • Advanced Heading Block
  • Testimonial Block
  • Info Box Block
  • Icon Box Block
  • Advanced Video Block
  • Team Member Block
  • Pricing Table Block
  • Advanced List Block
  • Call to action Block
  • Counter Block
  • Contact Form Block
  • Google Maps Block

Endless Customization options for all blocks…

Our Blocks are the most customizable blocks in the market, Just like any other modern page builder,
you can literally customize every detail in a block.

Gutenberg Page Templates

Customization options in short

  • Backgrounds
    Classic: background color, background image, opacity, parallax effect …
    Gradient: Radial & linear with direction and position control
    Video Background

  • Background Overlay
    Opacity, brightness, contrast, Grayscale, Hue, Invert, Saturate, Spa.

  • Spacing
    Margin and padding control over all directions with different units and breakpoints

  • Border
    Control the border size, type and color on all directions
    Control the border radius on all corners

  • Shadows

  • Shape dividers

  • Typography
    Google fonts, Font size, color, text shadow, alignment and transform

  • 900+ font awesome 5 icons

  • On Scroll Animations

And much much more!

It’s completely free, Download now and start building something cool!


1- Upload BlockyPage directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
2- Activate the plugin through the β€˜Plugins’ menu in WordPress


What is BlockyPage?

BlockyPage is a Gutenberg Based Page-Builder that comes with a large set of page-building Gutenberg Blocks and a new interface that improves the user experience.

Does your blocks work with other blocks?

Absolutely, our blocks are compatible with Gutenberg and all other third-party blocks.

What’s the Page-Building Mode?

As Gutenberg isn’t primarily built for web design but for writing posts, we have built our own interface on top of Gutenberg, this new interface has a better experience and suitable for designing complex layouts and web pages

Does your blocks work with any theme?

Yes! our blocks work with any theme.

Can I build full-width layouts using your blocks?

Yes, we provide two custom templates, full width, and centered layouts, if you have more questions, feel free to post them on the support forum

Will You Continue Supporting this plugin?

Yes, we will do for the next 100 years!