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This is a double-entry accounting system for registering Purchase Ledger transactions (invoices and bank payments). It may be suitable for small-businesses and / or for personal / family use. Features of the template include macro buttons for opening different forms and SQL queries for document / account balance calculations and list filtering.
Open PLA can run on the Raspberry Pi!

Open PLA demo ‎‎(Youtube)‎‎

Screenshot (example of Open PLA report):

This is a database for recording information about donors / supporters, and donations received. It may be suitable for small charities. Open CDA was made on a R.Pi!
Screenshots: (Main form) (Letter created automatically by report)

Open CDA (Charitable Donor Accounts)‎‎

Download the XFDB database template.
This is a database template that can be used to store family contact details, and event details relating to contacts. It could also be used by a small business as an address-book. The database allows for showing relationships between different contacts.

YouTube Video - XFDB

To use the database templates, you will need to install LibreOffice.
LibreOffice is available for Linux, Windows and Mac.

Google website templates free

Site Templates

The following text was obtained from Google Sites 'help' section.

Creating a Site Template

If you think other people might like to use your site's design, add it to the Template gallery. When people create a new site, they can use your template as a starting point. Just keep in mind that anyone who uses Google Sites will see your template once you submit it to the gallery. (Or if you're using Google Apps with your own domain, only other people in your domain will see your template.)

  1. Go to the site you want to add as a template.
  2. Click More actions at the top right of the page, then choose Manage Site (you'll need to be signed in to see this option).
  3. Click General at the left side of the page, scroll down, and click Publish this site as a template. (If this link isn't available, then templates have been disabled for your domain and you can't use this feature.)
  4. A form appears where you can name your template and add a description of what it might be used to achieve. Optionally place your template in up to two categories (if available). Just choose a category from each of the Select a category lists.
  5. Click Submit template.

The template appears in the gallery with the name and description you gave it. Note.... any changes you make to the site after you publish it will be reflected in the template gallery.

How to Remove From The Template Gallery

To remove a site from the Template Gallery, go to Manage Site > Template Information > scroll down to find 'remove from gallery'.

Here is a short video that will review the Site Template process.

Note... Although this video is using an older version of Google Sites, the process is almost identical. Hope to create a new video soon.

YouTube Video

Cute Google Sites Templates

Google sites template galleryGoogleGoogle

At Google Search our mission is to help users find the most relevant and quality sites on the web. The goal with these updates is to highlight the best experiences and ensure that users can find the information they're looking for. The file cabinet template allows you to create a place to 'store' documents, images, pdfs, presentations or any digital file. Upload and manage documents from your hard drive onto your site and organize them into folders. A file cabinet can be used to organize all your documents in one place.

Google Sites Templates For Business

  1. While user Google Sites reviews note that the theme (template) options for GS are pretty scarce, they are still very easily applied, no matter how much you’ve customized your page already. Fluid Page Design. Many user Google Sites reviews will tell you that, as of late, the website builder industry has come across a new challenge.
  2. Google Docs brings your documents to life with smart editing and styling tools to help you easily format text and paragraphs. Choose from hundreds of fonts, add links, images, and drawings.
  3. Website Templates by Nicepage. Nicepage is a site builder, using which you can create templates, cms templates including WordPress themes, make a high-quality home, landing page website for support, contact, services, and terms according to the modern web standards.