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  • Registration Form. The purpose of this form is to collect basic information such as name and email address of your Website users. You may see this is how the form looks: Description of Registration Form. This form has eleven section. First section in this form asks to write your name. Second section asks you to write your last name.
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Smartsheet Contributor Diana Ramos on Aug 05, 2020

Google docs is a great way to build understanding of essay structure and communicate content. Students can be asked in groups, to write an essay together online. This means that students can be judging and editing each others work, and adding depth to the essay. Jul 1, 2020 - Instantly Download Editable Student Enrollment Form Template Sample & Example in Microsoft Word (DOC), Google Docs Format. Available in US.

We’ve compiled the most useful free vendor registration forms for conferences and other events, including those for companies, individual vendors, and subcontractors. Plus, learn why these forms are vital for a successful event.

Included on this page, you'll find many helpful vendor registration forms, including a vendor registration form, a vendor booth registration form, a sample vendor registration form, and an explanation of vendor registration forms.

Vendor Registration Form Template

Use this simple vendor registration form template to register vendors for an event or conference. Enter vendor company contact information, company overview (e.g., general description of goods and services), banking information, and certification information to verify the information is accurate. Customize the template by adding a company logo. This vendor registration form template is suitable for internal vendor documentation purposes or as a vendor application form.

Download Vendor Registration Form Template

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For details on vendor onboarding, see “How to Streamline Supplier and Vendor Onboarding: Best Practices, Process Flows, and Checklists.”

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Vendor Booth Registration Form

Templates for google forms

Keep track of every vendor’s booth requests and registration specifications with this easy-to-use vendor booth registration form. This form provides space to enter the name and details of the exhibiting vendor, booth location preference, and payment method. This reusable template is available in Word and PDF formats, and as a Google Docs template that you can easily save to your Google Drive account and share with others.

Download Vendor Booth Registration Form

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Event Vendor Registration Form

Use this event-specific vendor registration form to register vendors for specific events. Simply complete the easy-to-fill company contact, company overview, and banking information details. This form also includes a certification section (name, title, signature, and date) for vendors to confirm that all supplied information is true and accurate to the best of their knowledge. Upload your company’s logo and send this form to vendors, or allow vendors to upload their logo when submitting their event registrations.

Download Event Vendor Registration Form

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Company Vendor Registration Form

Use this streamlined company vendor registration form to register vendors for trade shows, conferences, or other events. This customizable template includes sections for trade category, contact and company information, and any related notes. Keep vendor registration simple and organized with this efficient template.

Download Company Vendor Registration Form

Google docs registration form template

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Approved Vendor Registration List

Keep a master list of approved vendors for your event, conference, or festival at your fingertips with this easy-to-reference approved vendor registration list. This template includes columns for vendor ID, vendor name, contact name, and contact information, as well as space for any additional comments. Eliminate paper shuffling when trying to track down a single vendor’s information with this single-source, sortable, approved vendor registration list.

Download Approved Vendor Registration List

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Subcontractor Vendor Registration Form

When registering subcontractor vendors, it’s crucial to collect their specific details. As subcontractors complete specialized work for companies and contractors on a contractual basis, they need to provide licensing details (if applicable), organization affiliations, certifications, and references in their vendor registrations. Use this all-inclusive subcontractor vendor registration form to capture all the pertinent details.

Download Subcontractor Vendor Registration Form

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Sample Vendor Registration Form

This sample vendor registration form comes with pre-filled example data for reference. Event coordinators or registrants can replace the existing content with unique, vendor-specific registration details. Enter company contact, company overview, banking information, and certification sign-off to register for an event or conference. Upload a logo to personalize this easily fillable vendor registration form.

Download Sample Vendor Registration Form

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What Is a Vendor Registration Form?

A vendor registration form includes vendor names, contact information, banking information (if applicable), the products or services provided by the vendor, and a certification section that verifies the information on the form is true and accurate.

Vendor registration forms are crucial to gathering accurate vendor information for an event. By gathering vendor registration information, you can keep all vendor-specific details organized, up-to-date, and readily available. Without a process to record precise vendor-registration information, your attendees might miss out on valuable offerings or the opportunity to establish productive and long-lasting relationships with vendors.

For details on developing vendor relationships, see “Vendor Management 101: The Definitive Guide to Managing Vendor Relationships.”

Streamline Vendor Registration Form Collection with Smartsheet Forms

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What are Google Forms?

Google Forms is a tool that is part of Google Docs. Google Forms first started in the Spreadsheet application and has now become its own application. Google forms allows anyone to create an easy to use web form, tie it to an area where you can track results and post it on the web without having to know programming. You can also choose from 13 predesigned form templates. Categories for these templates include:

Templates For Google Forms

  • Basic Employment Application
  • RSVP Form for a Holiday Party or Event
  • 'Contact us' website form
  • Online Petition
  • Event Registration Form
  • Volunteer Survey
  • Event Feedback Survey
  • Collecting Mailing Addresses
  • Website Satisfaction and Feedback Survey
  • Generic Product Satisfaction survey
  • Running Log
  • Nutrition/Food Diary
  • Detailed Product Satisfaction Survey
There is no need to sign in to respond to a form. Anyone can respond either directly from an email message or from the automatically generated web page. Google Docs Registration Form Template

Google Doc Event Registration Template

Responses are automatically added to a Google Spreadsheet. You can even keep a closer eye on them by adding the Google Docs Forms gadget to your iGoogle homepage or your Clemson Google Start Center. It lists your recent active forms, with new responses highlighted.

Can I download the Google Forms application?

Google Docs Registration Form Template Printable

No. Google forms is completely online. You just need to have a web enabled browser to create and share Google Forms.

How do I use Google Forms?

The best place to learn about Google Forms, is the Google Forms Help Documentation. However, there are also several great resources available online to teach you more about Google Forms.