Garmin Express Update Frozen

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  1. Garmin Express Update Frozen Iphone
  2. Garmin Express Update Frozen Phone

Attached to computer, on which Garmin Express was previously installed and updating process started but seems stuck. Indicating 3 hours remaining to install an item and it has been 12 hours. If I try to quit, a warning says this 'may cause unexpected results'. Live customer service non-existent e-mail sent to Garmin, expect response in 3 days! I have a 265W and I update my lifetime maps about every 9 months or so. asks to update some piece of PC software every time but that's never been a problem. The update to Express has been the biggest jump. After clicking on updates, it listed a firmware update, and the map. Download Garmin Express App First, open any Web Browser on your computer. Next, visit the official website of Garmin, just type Garmin Express - Windows in the search bar. In the next tab, you will find the Download Link for both Windows and Mac. I had a similar situation with my 3597 when updating to CN NA 2016.20. I am also using Garmin Express, latest version, on a Windows 10 PC and installing both on the device and computer. We were going out of town for the weekend, so stupidly I decided to update to the new map on Thursday.

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Garmin Express Update Frozen Iphone

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Garmin express update frozen screen
I have a 265W and I update my lifetime maps about every 9 months or so. asks to update some piece of PC software every time but that's never been a problem. The update to Express has been the biggest jump.
After clicking on updates, it listed a firmware update, and the map. The firmware update went OK although it seemed to take forever for Express to re-connect to the 265W again. Accessing as a mass storage device was OK.
I clicked on the green US & Canada check box and clicked on continue. All I had for 6 hours was this screen:
Interestingly, it asked to 'Please connect your device to continue' and 'Updates in progress' at the same time.
Since this was taking longer than normal, I restarted everything and ran the update. It ran from 9PM one day to 3PM the next before I gave up again. Still no map update.
I'm using the same computer and cable as all the other successful map updates on this GPS and this is the first failure. I would have helped if Express provided more progress information.
Has anyone had success with Express and a 265W?


  • As has been reported here a number of times, in a number of threads, there are some major issues with Garmin Express software and the 2013.40 map update. You should not use Garmin Express but instead use Garmin's MapUpdater software. It can be downloaded from:
    PC Version
    MAC version
  • Thank you for the link. I downloaded GarminMapUpdater.exe and ran it. I was surprised at the accumulation of Garmin drivers/software in my download folder that I have collected over the years. As GarminMapUpdater was 'checking the server for updates' Express popped up again. I stopped it at the service level so I could continue. GarminMapUpdater took me back to for a product ID where upon things appeared to lock up again. After a reboot, it turns out that GarminMapUpdater wasn't installed (and that's OK with me) but I found GarminWebUpdater in the start menu and clicked on that by mistake. GarminWebUpdater updated itself and proceeded to completely update my unit just like the good old days.
    For a company that makes products that are intended to keep people from getting lost, they need to address the circuitous route one has to take to keep these fine units updated.
    Thanks to GPSReview for getting me out of the ditch. I have arrived at my destination!
  • Garmin Express does things in the background, so best to unistall it IMO until they get the bugs ironed out :wink:
  • t, thank you for the link! I knew that if I came here I'd find the solution within seconds.
    When I installed Express it would not find my device and my account didn't show the new map I was entitled to. Mapupdater found everything.
    Like a fool, I didn't come here first, but followed Express's instructions to install Garmin's USB drivers. Are there any problems with that? Mapudater found my device, and an external USB drive seems to still be working,
    While uninstalling Express, I saw that there's a Garmin webupdater. Is that something I should keep, or is it part of Express?
  • Like a fool, I didn't come here first, but followed Express's instructions to install Garmin's USB drivers. Are there any problems with that? Mapudater found my device, and an external USB drive seems to still be working
    Your nuvi does NOT use Garmin's USB drivers. The nuvi is treated like a standard removable USB Mass Storage device. No extra drivers are needed. You can safely uninstall these drivers if you feel the need to...but they don't take a ton of space so leaving them won't hurt anything nor take a chunk out of your drive space.
    While uninstalling Express, I saw that there's a Garmin webupdater. Is that something I should keep, or is it part of Express?
    WebUpdater downloads & installs GPS unit firmware (system software), voices, and other non map-related updates. WebUpdater does NOT install maps nor check for map updates.
  • FWIW, I used GarminExpress to load my 1690 with the 2013.40 update and then copied over the large JCV file.
    I had no problem with GE. I would have used mapupdater, but I didn't have the current version and didn't find it until after GE completed the update.
    Win7/64 home premium PC.
  • Thanks for the Garmin MapUpdater link. The new Garmin Express is not updating my Garmin Asus A50 phone to 2013.40 Australia correctly, but the MapUpdtaer worked fine. Thanks again!
  • Yes. . I also thank you for the link.
    I gave Express to finish it's task; and it failed. :shock:
    Why was I not surprised?
    I also found no options to alter WHERE files were downloaded.
    Is GarminMapUpdater no longer supported? I looked around for it on the garmin website, but other than the weblink noted here, I did not find it.
  • AFAIK MapUpdater is still supported by Garmin as their Tech Support people were telling folks that had problems with Garmin Express to use MapUpdater instead. :roll:
  • Glad I found this site. Just got a Nuvi50LM and GE is just plain flakey. Sometime it sees the device, but then is useless. MapUpdater did the trick, but nice to see you all have figured out what works and doesn't. Thanks. I wasted a bunch of time but at least I know it wasn't. I dead get the Blue Screen of Death at one point and I have never had that on this Win7Pro64b machine.
    Their out of box experience designers really screwed the pooch. As someone you used to work on new user flows, Garmin provides all kinds of wrong turn opportunities for new users. Telling me to install USB drivers and such, asking you to install Garmin Communicator and providing multiple option, and allowing you to vector off into product comparisons, volume of privacy info, etc, before your done bringing the device up and get lost.
    Finally, the device would see the computer, but explorer didn;t see the device. Decided to uninstall all, and found BOTH 32 and 64 bit version installed of Communicator, plus the USB drivers, and the GE app.
    Just hideous human interface engineering IMO.
  • Is there a question in here or are you all sorted now :?
  • I got the garmin to do what i need with the map updater tool.
    I just won't use GE unless there is a reason (?) to, I just can't get it to work. I suspect it is a corrupt install and the uninstall didn't get everything out. I suppose I could do the regedit thing, but would rather not bother if map updater is sufficient.
    I am going to put 8GB into it so I can add more maps, so the question I has is can I do what I need with map updater tool. The 2GB is full out of box.
    I want to put detailed off road maps/topo in for Calif and Nevada for 4x4 trips to deserted mining sites. If anyone know what maps can help there that would be helpful. We cover hundreds of miles in middle of nowhere.
  • Thank you for the link to Garmin Map Updater. It is or was working better than Garmin Express. It looked like it was downloading the map then I got a message that windows said it stopped working and it killed it. I went to find it in the list of installed programs but I can not find it to restart it. I even went into the control panel>programs and do not see it listed. Were did it go?
    really lost here, Garmin Express will not download the map updates for my Nuvi 2555 and now I lost Map updater.
    Help please.
    Running Windows 7 home premium with SP1 and all updates installed.
  • The Garmin Mapupdater program file you downloaded is probably in the folder that you use as the default download location for any file you download from the internet. In any event, you can always just download and run the program again from the Garmin website. With any luck when you run the program again it will start where it failed on your first try.
  • OK I figured that first part out.
    When I started it again it told me the map was current and I could stop there or ignore that and start over. I ended it then went to my 2555 and checked the map version on it and it was still at 2013.10. So I was back were I started, again.
    I ran map updater again and after oh 90 minutes or so I got the same message from windows that map updater had stopped working and it would be ended and Microsoft would let me know if there was a solution to the problem (there never is you know).
    I am back to the beginning of having a brand new $180 piece of crap. Sorry but I am very frustrated and I just need to vent to someone.
  • I suggest that you delete the original downloaded program file and then download the Garmin Mapupdater from the Garmin Website again. Now run the newly downloaded program.
    If you continue to run into this problem, try disabling your Virus Protection program as some of those can cause issues and run the updater program again.
    There are many thousands of us that use Mapupdater with no problems on all kinds of Garmin devices with no problems at all. Believe it or not there are people that use Garmin Express with no problems. It is often the user's computer or it's operating system that is the root of these issues, not the software. :wink:
  • No I will not disable my antivirus software while connected to the internet. As far as my OS being the problem I had a hard drive issue and had to do a TOTAL reinstall of my windows 7 OS.
    I guess it goes back to the store first chance I get.
  • Suit yourself, all we can do is try to help. :?:
  • tried the link as I am also a mac user and have had problems getting updates for my NUVI 1470. Link loads and asks if I want to update the 2013.41 version, I click yes and it then skips a few places to say error, previous versions not installed.
    I called Garmin and they said they would send a link to a program with instructions on how to fix problem. So far no email. Any suggestions.
    I want to update maps and change the countries I have loaded, Italy was not loaded and we travelled from Switzerland to Italy and it was lucky I had a Navigator along to read map.
  • Hi have Nuvi 50 GPS and Garmin ask to do an update and down load Garmin Express witch I did to update the life maps. Now i can't use it, it wont let me in the place to put an address it sayes theres no detailed maps to do it but when i go back to update. It tells me that update is already done, also i can go in to my recently found address but this new update threw express deleted my detailed maps. Can some one tell me how i can fix this mess garmin as done to my gps :evil:
  • Try running MapUpdater and see what happens
  • Should add before you do that check Settings>Map>Map Info and see what's listed there. If a map is listed is it selected?
  • I'm running windows Vista. Garmin Map Updater is not seeing my Garmin. It is being recognize by my PC because when I connect it, there is a AutoPlay pop up. On the Garmin itself there is a picture of connection to a PC. Please let me know what I am doing wrong.
    Greatly Appreciated.
  • Does it show in Explorer?
    Have you installed the Communicator Plug in ...
    Does it recognise your GPS?
    Caveat: I've never used Vista :wink:
  • It could also be helpful to know what model 'Garmin' you are using.
  • I am using Garmin nuvi 50ml. To answer your previous question: no, the Garmin communicator plug in does not seem to recognize the device either. It just keeps spinning in both IE and Chrome.
  • Does your PC see nuvi as removable drive, like for example a pendrive?
    If yes, then can you find file GarminGarminDevice.xml ?
  • Yes it can. Yes I see that file ans it seems to be empty. Oh Oh :shock:
  • Probably your nuvi internal memory is full. You have to delete something and then restart nuvi and try again.
    You can for example delete some unused languages from directory Voice.
  • Almost certainly popej is correct. Delete some files and then reboot the nuvi. GarminDevice.xml file should be around 27kb in size, and it's what identifies your nuvi to Updater.
  • Thank you so much that did it!!! Although I have to say that some sort of an error/warning message would have been helpful especially since I didn't add anything.
    Anyway, thanks soooo much for your help!!!! :D:D
  • Well it wouldn't normally be full so something must have been added :?
    Anyway, good to know it's now working :)
  • Just confirming that multiple problems with Garmin Express exist for my 910XT model, too. I've uninstalled it.
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Garmin Express Update Frozen Phone

Hi guys, I'm trying to update my 2495T using Garmin Express and it's stuck at Step 1 of 2 Preparing Device For Update for the last 2 hours. Can the GPS be disconnected and restart the update process all over again or will it screw something up?

**UPDATE** I just called Garmin at 1-800-800-1020 and the lady asked for the device serial number. She said that she sees the device online and it hasn't started the download yet and was early in the process. She thinks that there might be something downloading in the background, we checked and Windows 10 was downloading an update. I was told to close Garmin Express and restart the program. Worked, went past the prep stage and is now installing the update.