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The site is absolutely brimming with funny reaction memes and self-deprecating music-related humor. Though a lot of the jokes are self-owns regarding, say, listening to songs from Glee over and over again, there are some memes that employ a bit more wit - or make playful fun of Apple Music users. When I first started out, it was all music to too. Music to cry to, music to scream to, music to have a mental breakdown to, music to christmas to. Then things got weird from there, no pattern. I have a halloween playlist called halloween pussy, then I’ve got a bunch of screaming songs titled my mental decline. 101 Strangest on Spotify: Kesarbai Kerkar - Living Music From The Past. In the penultimate post of the series, here’s a lost treasure from Mumbai – as crackly and muffled as it is mellifluous. All about the songs that make you laugh either by the things they say, or by the funny sounds in their tunes. This playlist features songs in many languages, not just English and Spanish. A collection of funny, comedic, or comedy songs from a multitude of different genres. Including: The Lonely Island, Afroman, Fat Damon & The Church Vans, Tenacious D, Mickey Avalon, Your Favorite Martian, Ceelo, The Offspring, Bloodhound Gang, Weird Al, Macklemore, Eminem, and more.

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Funny Rude Songs On Spotify

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This is a satirical project and does not use real artificial intelligence, but a faux pretentious music-loving AI. The code creates a custom blend of jokes from our database paired with the insights found in the artist, album, genre, and track data from your Spotify.

Funny Songs On Spotify

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Funny songs on spotify

Funny Meme Songs On Spotify

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