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In this article, we will walk through step-by-step to setup & host FTP server on Windows machine using free open source software called FileZilla

Launch Windows Firewall Management Console: Select Inbound rules, click New rule, choose Port and go further. Select TCP, specific local ports and fill input with 20-21 for active FTP or 21, x-y for passive FTP, where x is the beginning of range set in Filezilla Server and y is the end. To secure your Filezilla server we will assume you wish to run the Filezilla server program as a user with limited permissions on the Windows system. This will limit the potential damage that could be caused by someone compromising the Filezilla server program or a mistake made to file system permissions in parts of the system used by Filezilla.

Part A) Installing FileZilla FTP Server

Step 1: Download open source FileZilla software from here

Note: There are two things,

  1. one FileZilla server for setting up to host FTP server and
  2. another is FileZilla client to access any FTP server from Windows machine

Here, we are downloading the FileZilla server for Windows machine

Step 2: Execute “FileZilla_Server-0_9_53.exe” setup file for FileZilla server

That is double-click on “FileZilla_Server-0_9_53.exe” setup file from download location

Click “I Agree” in the License Agreement and follow the wizard steps

Step 3: Choose components to be installed along with packages it offers

Filezilla ftp server windows xp download

Click Next

Note: Leave the default values for demo purpose, otherwise we can fine tune for our requirements

Step 4: Browse location to be installed

Click Next

Note: Leave the default values for demo purpose; otherwise we can browse through the location depending on the space availability

Step 5: Select “Install as service, whenever Windows boots up” –> which is default option available from the drop-down

Click Next

Note: We can select other option like start “manually” depending upon our choice to start this service in Windows machine

Step 6: Finally “Install

Click Install

Step 7: Installation is in progress

Step 8: Installation is complete

Click Close

Now FileZilla FTP server installation setup is complete. Next step is to host a FTP server

Let’s do it !!

Part B) Hosting FileZilla FTP Server (Configuring the server)

Step 1: Launch “FileZilla Server Interface” from Start Menu

Click OK to open FileZilla Server main screen

Note: Leave the default values for Server Address & Port until & unless you have changed these values while setting up FileZilla FTP Server

FileZilla server main screen opens up as below; error is due to router configuration in my local windows machine

Step 2: Next step is to create FTP server users, but before creating individual users –> create groups and then assign users to one of the groups

Ftp Server Windows Filezilla

For demo purposes, we will create one group called “BRN” and a user called “SJ
Then assign new user “SJ” to the newly created group “BRN

Group –> BRN
User –> SJ
Password for SJ –> [email protected]


Step 2.a: Edit Menu –> Groups

Step 2.b: Click General Page from left hand side menu

And then Click Add button under Groups –> add a new user group called “BRN” –> OK

Check whether new groups added or not under Groups list on the right hand side

Then finally click OK


Step 2.c: Edit Menu –> Users

Step 2.d: Click Shared folders Page from left hand side menu

And then click Add button under Users –> add a new user account called “SJ” under BRN group –> OK

Check whether new users added or not under Users list on the right hand side

Then finally click OK

Step 2.e: Enable password for user account

By default, new users created with blank password, but we can enable Password for each & every users from Account settings

Click General Page from left hand side menu

And then click on the user from the Users list (to enable password option) –> Check tick box Password option from Account settings –> Enter desired password for the user

Then finally click OK

Ftp Server Windows 8.1 Filezilla

Step 3: Add Shared folders for FTP server

Click Shared folders Page from left hand side menu

And then click Add button under Shared folders –> Browse for Folder dialog box opens up –> select folder to be shared across FTP server –> OK

Check whether new directory is listed under “Shared folders” section (optionally you can provide Aliases for the folder selected)

Set newly added directory as home directory by clicking “Set as home dir” button –> this gives at least list permission to the users while accessing local/remote FTP server

Then finally click OK

Step 4: Grant more permission to users

By default, users get only read files, list directories and its subdirectories permission. So it’s important to grant more permission to users like writing, deleting or copying files and creating & deleting directories

To grant more permission to users, check tick boxes next to each options available under File section and Directories section

Filezilla ftp client download windows 10

Finally click OK

That’s it; it’s time to move on to FTP client part to testverify whether FTP server is accessible or not for remote access

Filezilla Ftp Server Windows 2012 R2

To access remote FTP server, we will try out below two options

  • via Windows command prompt (cmd)
  • FileZilla client

Connect To Ftp Server Windows Filezilla

In the next article, we will demonstrate how to access FTP server using above 2 options


Happy Coding !!
Happy Learning !!

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