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Topping the list is FileZilla, an open source FTP client. It’s fast, being able to handle. To download FileZilla, go to the project download page =nofollow. Alternatives for FileZilla. Modern SSH clients, such as Tectia SSH offer file transfers integrated with a terminal client. The FTP and FTPS protocols shouldn't really be used any more.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a flexible method of transferring files through and fro local and remote computers.

FTP remains a popular choice due to its ability to queue and transfer large amount of files no matter the size. With File Transfer Protocol you can limit transfer rates, pause and resume transfers.

How to Set Up FTP Account

To set up Ftp account in order to transfer files via FTP using Filezilla go to the Filezilla website to download and install the client application for your chosen operating system. once the download is done, locate your FTP credentials.
The FTP access to your web host server is secured with a username and a password. Your FTP client will need to be configured with these credentials before you will be able to access the server.

Log in to your web host Dashboard and then select My cPanel from the top navigation bar. Under Files, click the FTP Accounts icon then scroll down the page to the FTP Accounts section.

At the FTP Accounts section you’ll notice that one or more FTP accounts may have already been preconfigured for you, so you can use these accounts to access your server. If you do not want to use any of those account, you can scroll up the page to create a new FTP account; Once you are done creating new account, click on the Configure FTP Client to display your FTP account details.

Before we continue to the next step, make sure you already have Filezilla installed, if not then here’s

How to Download and Install Filezilla

Before you download filezilla make sure to choose the version which you want to download before you proceed, but if you are new to Filezilla versions or a newbie then i’ll recommend you choose the Installer version because it is a safe and easy choice. So back to downloading Filezilla, go to the official website at https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?platform=win64 my pc is 64 bit so it automatically detects it as 64 bit so if you follow the link and your Pc is 32 bit you can change the last two digits to 32 instead of 64.

After completing the download process of FileZilla software, it’s time to run the installation.

To install most software on your PC you must agree with there license agreement. disagreeing with it will mean you don’t want the software installed as you do not accept tghere terms, this applies to Filezilla, to install the software you must agree with it’s license agreement, user access, components and install locations in order to complete your installation.

How to transfer files via FTP using Filezilla

  • Login to your server using Filezilla
  • Open Filezilla Client and select File >> Site Manager to open a panel where you can enter your FTP details
  • Server Name or Hostname: This is your domain name, with a ftp prefix (for example, mydomain.com)
  • Port: Port is the number used for FTP connections to the server and port 21 is mostly used.
  • Logon Type: set this to Normal
  • User: enter your FTP user account name.
  • Password: enter your FTP account password.

How to Upload files using Filezilla

Once logged in to the FTP server, you’ll notice two panels on screen. The left panel displays the files and folders that is stored on your computer, while the right panel displays the contents of the remote computer.

In the left panel, head to select the files and folders you wish to upload to the server. Most FTP clients allow you to simply drag and drop files from one panel to the other to initiate an upload. To select multiple files at once, just hold the Ctrl button on your keyboard and right-click on the selected files and then choose the Upload option


Ftp Filezilla Client Download Windows

By now your files should now be queued for uploading to the server.

How to Download files using Filezilla

Ftp Filezilla Client Download

To download files navigate to the file or folder you wish to download in the right panel. select the file or folder, right click on it and choose Download.

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