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Frederick Barbarossa Civ 6

On the lookout for the lowdown on Civ 6 leaders? Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is the newest within the beloved sequence of 4X games. For these new to this titan of turn-based strategy, the premise is as follows: assume the place of a infamous historic chief, and carry your individuals all the way in which from the early days of man to world domination by way of cash, diplomacy, and as a rule, a really giant battering ram. You’ll be up in opposition to a motley crew of different nations vying for house and assets on the map, and your job is to fulfill the victory situations for one of many 5 victory varieties earlier than one in all your rivals does.

For my first Civilization VI campaign, I started as Frederick Barbarossa, the leader of Germany. Today I will show off my progress and talk about my first im. Fredbert (Robert the Bruce/Frederick Barbarossa) - Cleotore (Cleopatra/Amanitore) - Victoirine (Victoria/Catherine de Medici) - Tedfrid aka. Theofrid Laursevlt (Teddy Roosevelt/Wilfrid Laurier) - Vicbert (Victoria/Albert - historical pair) - Hedphil (Jadwiga/Philip II) - Fredleanor (Frederick Barbarossa/Eleanor of Aquitaine). Emperor Frederick Barbarossa led four more invasions into Italy (in 1158, in 1163, in 1166, and in 1174), mostly to sort out – repeatedly – who should sit upon the Chair of Peter. He also intended. To deal with the issue of Norman Sicily, but kept being distracted by revolts in northern Italy and unrest in the Rhineland.

In earlier Civilization games, leaders and civilisations had been one and the identical – not so in Civ 6, the place some civs have a number of leaders (Greece, India), representing completely different factors of their historical past – and a few leaders have a number of civs (Eleanor – France & England), making use of their distinctive chief skills to completely different nations. There hasn’t been an enormous quantity of official content material alongside these strains – as Firaxis have acknowledged prior to now that they hoped the modding group would fill within the gaps right here – but it surely does imply ‘Leaders’ are actually a definite entity inside Civ 6, separate from the civs themselves.

  1. For my first Civilization VI campaign, I started as Frederick Barbarossa, the leader of Germany. Today I will show off my progress and talk about my first im.
  2. Frederick barbarossa civ 6 guide Duke of Swabian, King of Burgundy, King of Germany, King of the Romans. King of Italy, holy German Roman emperor will try to conquer as many city-states as possible, and loves those who do not associate with them. Do not like the overlords of the city-states, or the civilizations that conquered the city-states.

Every civ brings to the desk a novel trait, a novel unit, and a novel piece of infrastructure, resembling a tile enchancment or a district. Every chief, then again has their very own distinctive potential, and has a particular agenda which partly informs their AI behaviour whenever you play in opposition to them.

The mixture of a leaders’ distinctive traits and their civilizations’ specialisation comes collectively to tell their playstyle – and as our Civ 6 best civilizations information will let you know, some are extra formidable than others.

When you’ve chosen who to embark upon your journey with, you’ll be competing with different Civ 6 Leaders for the crown – right here’s every little thing it’s worthwhile to learn about their agendas and the way to take them down.

Civ 6 Leaders’ Agendas

Every Civ 6 chief has their very own distinctive agenda, but additionally has a ‘hidden’ agenda which it’s essential to uncover by way of espionage. This hidden agenda is completely different in each sport, and is randomly decided, though there are some hidden agendas that sure leaders won’t ever have, as they’d be in direct battle with their persona. Gathering Storm offers every chief two hidden agendas; one for early sport and one for late sport.

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With the introduction of Civ 6 personas, some Civ 6 leaders have two different personas representing completely different levels of their rule – they’re the identical character, however with completely different agendas and skills, and a brand new visible mannequin. In the intervening time, the one leaders with alternate personas are Catherine de Medici and Teddy Roosevelt, and you may solely get them when you pre-ordered the Civ 6 New Frontier Pass.

You could find a full checklist of all of the agendas within the sport, together with hidden agendas, on the wiki – however right here’s our information to the way to placate or provoke every Civ 6 Chief, sorted by the subject of rivalry.


  • Eleanor of Aquitaine likes civs with excessive inhabitants cities near her borders, and dislikes these with low inhabitants cities close to her.
  • Gitarja likes civilizations who don’t settle or conquer cities on small landmasses, and dislikes those that do.
  • Teddy Roosevelt, in his normal or ‘Tough Rider’ persona, likes peaceable civs who’ve cities on his dwelling continent and dislikes civs who begin wars on his continent.
  • Amanitore builds as many Districts in every metropolis as attainable, and likes when you do the identical – however will disapprove when you don’t.
  • Menelik II settles cities on Hills, and likes people who keep away from deciding on Hills themselves – and can dislike you when you do.
  • Chandragupta dislikes civs with cities close to his borders, however likes civs that maintain their distance.
  • Tamar likes civs who construct partitions round their cities, and dislikes those that don’t.
  • Trajan tries to build up as a lot territory as attainable, likes those that do the identical, and dislikes civs with little territory.
  • Pachacuti tries to settle close to mountains, and can dislike it when you settle close to them.
  • Dido will attempt to settle close to the coast, and likes civs who maintain inland – she gained’t be glad when you arrange on the seaside.
  • Girl Six Sky will maintain her cities near her capital, and likes civs who settle removed from her – when you get too near her, she’ll dislike you.
  • Victoria likes civs who’ve a metropolis on her dwelling continent – she is going to attempt to set up a metropolis on every continent, and can dislike civs who’ve cities on continents she hasn’t but established cities on.

Army & conflict

Frederick Barbarossa Civ 6
  • Hojo Tokimune likes civs which have a powerful navy whereas additionally having excessive religion or Tradition. He dislikes civs with sturdy militaries however weak religion or tradition.
  • Simón Bolívar likes cives who promote their navy items, and dislikes those that don’t.
  • Robert the Bruce is disinclined to assault his neighbours, likes those that maintain the peace with neighbouring civs, and dislikes those that wage conflict on them.
  • Shaka varieties as many corps and armies as quickly as attainable, and likes those that do the identical.
  • Genghis Khan likes to be the one one with a powerful cavalry, and dislikes those that rival him on this space.
  • Harald Hardrada is all about his navy – and can such as you when you have a powerful navy too.
  • Cyrus will declare Shock wars, and likes civs that do the identical.
  • Gandhi gained’t ever warmonger, hates warmongers, and likes peaceable civs.
  • John Curtin likes civs that liberate cities, and dislikes civs who occupy enemy cities.
  • Cleopatra likes civs with sturdy militaries, and can search highly effective allies. She gained’t such as you in case your navy is weak.
  • Ambiorix likes to have as many navy items as attainable, likes when you do the identical, and dislikes when you don’t have many your self.
  • Alexander likes civs who’re at conflict with different civs (however not at conflict with him). He dislikes civs who’re at peace. In Gathering Storm, grievances in opposition to Alexander decay at twice the standard charge.
  • Gorgo won’t ever hand over objects in a peace deal, and gained’t such as you when you do, or when you’ve by no means gone to conflict. In Gathering Storm, grievances in opposition to Gorgo decay at twice the standard charge.

Frederick Barbarossa Civ 6 Guide


  • Saladin likes civilizations who’ve his Worship constructing of their cities, and dislikes civs who don’t comply with his faith, or wage spiritual conflict with him.
  • Jayavarman VII likes civilizations with many Holy Websites and a excessive common metropolis inhabitants, and dislikes civs missing in these areas.
  • Philip II likes civilizations who comply with his faith, and gained’t be pleasant to you when you unfold yours into his empire.
  • Basil II likes civs that comply with his faith, and dislikes people who don’t.
  • Mvemba a Nzinga likes civilisations that carry faith to his individuals, and dislikes when you’ve based a faith however haven’t unfold it to him.
  • Jadwiga tries to construct as a lot religion as attainable, likes those that do the identical, and dislikes civs with weak religion output.

Nice works/individuals, science, tradition, and wonders

  • Kristina dislikes civilizations that compete together with her for excellent works, and likes civs that go away them to her.
  • Pedro II likes civs who don’t compete for Nice Folks, and dislikes civs that take them from him.
  • Qin Shi Huang builds wonders at any time when he can, and likes civs who don’t compete over them. He dislikes civs who’ve extra wonders than him.
  • Seondeok focuses on constructing science, so will approve when you do the identical, and disapprove when you don’t.
  • Peter likes civs who’re forward of him in science and tradition, and dislikes these lagging behind.

Commerce & wealth

  • Wilhelmina likes civilizations who commerce together with her, and dislikes those that don’t.
  • Mansa Musa likes wealthy civilisations, and dislikes civs with a weak gold output.

Espionage, alliances, and friendship

  • Catherine de Medici in her ‘Black Queen’ persona likes civs who achieve as many Spies as attainable, and dislikes those that don’t.
  • Gilgamesh is simple to befriend, likes civs which have declared friendship with him, and dislikes those that denounce or assault his associates.
  • Tomyris is equally approving in the direction of declared associates, and dislikes civs who activate former allies and declare Shock Wars.
  • Poundmaker tries to determine as many Alliances as attainable, and dislikes these with out Alliances.

Emergencies and competitions

Germany Civ 6 Guide

  • Wilfrid Laurier participates in emergencies and competitions, likes those that do the identical, and dislikes those that don’t.


  • Pericles likes civilizations that aren’t competing for a similar city-state allegiance, and dislikes these which can be.
  • Frederick Barbarossa isn’t a fan of city-states, and can attempt to conquer as many as attainable – he’ll dislike you when you’re a Suzerain of a city-state, or when you’ve conquered one.
  • Matthias Corvinus will attempt to levy troops from city-states and likes those that do the identical.

Happiness, assets, and loyalty

Frederick Barbarossa Civ Vi

  • Suleiman likes civs whose cities are glad and constant, particularly if they’ve taken cities from different civs. He dislikes civs with low happiness and loyalty, or civs who don’t personal many conquered cities.
  • Lautaro will attempt to maintain his cities as loyal as attainable, and dislikes civs with disloyal cities. He likes civs who achieve cities by way of loyalty stress.
  • Catherine de Medici in her Magnificence persona collects as many luxurious assets as attainable, and can such as you when you commerce them to her – however will dislike you when you don’t.
  • Montezuma desires to gather all the luxurious assets attainable – he’ll such as you when you have the identical luxurious assets as him, however will dislike you when you have one which he doesn’t.

Atmosphere & attraction

  • Kupe avoids contributing to local weather change, and likes those that do the identical. He’ll dislike you when you’re a significant contributor.
  • Teddy Roosevelt in his Bull Moose persona tries to maximise the attraction of his tiles, likes those that do the identical, and dislikes those that don’t.

That’s every little thing it’s worthwhile to know when going up in opposition to all of the Civ 6 leaders – when you’re seeking to arrange a brand new sport, our Civ 6 settings information will enable you out; when you’re seeking to combine issues up a bit, our checklist of the best Civ 6 mods is the place it’s worthwhile to be.