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Proceed to Creative Cloud Desktop App to install plugin

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Frame Io customers and partners can use our REST APIs to create custom workflow solutions and app integrations. The new Camera to Cloud devices API enables you to embed the power of in your hardware devices, extending the software tools and workflows that keep teams connected and working together. is the only video collaboration platform that voluntarily complies with both TPN and SOC 2 Type 2 to protect your content and data. Frame lets you create immersive collaboration spaces that run from the browser on desktop, mobile, or VR. Personal, playful, and powerful remote meetings, virtual classrooms, and event spaces.

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Frame Io
(20) is your video team's new operating system which streamlines the review, collaboration, and approval process so that your team can create better video, faster! is your video team's new operating system which streamlines the review, collaboration, and approval process so that your team can create better video, faster!

After Effects CC (2018) 15.0 - CC (2021) 18.0
Adobe’s privacy policy is not applicable to the use of this app, extension or integration. Please refer to the privacy policy provided by the developer or contact the developer directly for more information about their privacy practices.
Frame is your video team's new operating system. Relied on by over 400,000 professionals worldwide, streamlines the review, collaboration, and approval process so that your team can create better video, faster!
Our extension brings the power of directly into Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC, so that you can collaborate with your team without ever switching context.
* Upload your sequence or composition to a shared cloud bin with just 2 clicks
* Upload files, bin structures to
* Import media files from right into your project
* Receive comments and respond directly from within Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC
* All commenting activity within the extension remains synced with the web app so that your whole team is always up to date
* Import comments as timeline markers
* Upload timeline markers as comments
* Download comments as a txt file
* Iterate quickly on feedback and ideas with auto versioning
* Update the status of a file
* View and edit metadata
* Sync the player and the Program monitor playheads to easily jump between timecoded comment
* Manage your projects, folders, files, and team members
* Create branded presentations
* Iterate quickly on feedback and ideas with auto versioning
Remember sending your timeline to Adobe Media Encoder, setting up an export, uploading to some file sharing service, writing an explanation email with time coded notes, and then receiving confusing feedback from your team or clients? Or what about the fun of exporting stills to Adobe Photoshop when you needed to communicate very specific ideas? Yeah, we solved ALL of that.
” has completely changed how I collaborate. It used to be: exporting, uploading, getting back timecode-laced notes, make changes and then repeat. Now I just click a tab inside of Adobe Premiere. It really feels like my collaborators are in the edit with me” - Ryan Connolly, Film Riot
To access the panel, you'll need a account. You can create one completely free at

This update contains these improvements and bug fixes:
– Login authentication is now rerouted to the web browser, fixing SSO and Google auth issues
– Login now supports 2FA authentication
– Project indexing is substantially faster for large accounts
– Status labels added in Premiere Pro are now considered when sorting files within the web app
– Fixed a sequence renaming issue that occurred during indexing. Sequence names now maintain their original name

Frame Io Sign In

After the Adobe CC Desktop app has installed the extension, open a new project and then go to:
Window > Extensions > (

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Frame Io Camera To Cloud

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Frame Io App

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