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The minimum supported versions are Premiere Pro 12 (2018) and After Effects 15 (2018).

Well, at least something good is coming: for the first time ever, you can watch Award-winning Cambodian film The Last Reel for free on throughout April. is the world’s most popular video review and collaboration platform, used by over 550,000 filmmakers and media pros. in Final Cut Pro X: - Easily share your timeline or individual clips with your team. If you find that dents the profitability of your projects due to its high pricing, you might want to try this alternative. A free option helps new users experiment with the platform and decide whether it’s right for them. And a lower price per month awaits. In case you didn’t already love they’ve just added Transfer, a mass downloading sync app to share files and folder structures, folder support in review links, iOS offline mode and more #postchat.

Installing the Adobe extension

Open the Adobe Exchange page, sign into the same Adobe CC account that you're using with Premiere Pro or After Effects, and then add the extension.

NOTE: Close and restart all Adobe applications. If this is not done, you will not see the extension. If you still do not see the extension (see image below), you may need to restart your computer.

Alternative Installation Instructions

If you're unable to install the extension with your Adobe ID or you are having trouble acquiring it, please read these instructions for the alternative installation:

Opening the Extension

The extension can be docked in any workspace. After opening, drag it into the panel that makes the most sense for your workflow.

After making this change, save your Workspace:
Window >Workspaces > Save Changes to this Workplace or Save as New Workplace if you want to create a separate specific workplace. The next time you open Premiere, if you still do not see, click Window > Workspaces > Reset to Saved Layout.

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