Frame Io Costs

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As a Team Member or Collaborator, there are a few different ways to download assets within

NOTE: The Project Owner, the Team Manager, or Team Members have access to allow or deny Collaborators from downloading files. If you do not see any of these download options, please contact the person who invited you to the project.

Download All Clips in a Folder

Open a folder and select all files (Command + A), and right-click on one of them. From the menu pop-up, select the option 'Download all.'

Download Individual Clips

Construction costs include excavation, grading and the addition of a base layer of gravel that lies beneath the slab. Homeowners can expect to pay approximately $7,000 up to $16,000 to construct a concrete slab foundation for a home that is up to 1,800 square feet.

Frame Io Costs

To download a single file, select the three dots ... on a clip > Download > download the original file or a smaller proxy file 👍


Downloading from within the player page is also an option. Select the three dots... at the top right of the file and select Download.

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Download Bulk Clips

If you are looking to download two or more items at once, you'll be directed to download the Transfer App, which helps download bulk content, large folder structures, and entire projects with the same speed and reliability you come to expect with

Give a Collaborator Access to Download

If a Collaborator requests access to download files, adjust this under your Project Settings.

Frame Io Costs

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