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Firefox Enpass

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Enpass Firefox Extension Not Working

I have 2 computers both running the same version of Firefox version 59.0.2 One is running windows 10 and the other server 2012r2. The computer running server 2012r2 the browser when I try to play a video will ask me if I want to open it in VLC media player or save the file. If I choose VLC it will download it into a temp file and then play it in VLC or if I save it it will save it to either my download folder or anywhere I choose If I select that option. On the windows 10 computer the browser will play the video within Firefox. While trying to figure out why it would do this I discovered that the difference was in application option in the general tab. The content type in question is .MP4. On the windows 10 machine .MP4 isn't even an option in applications on the general tab however VLC media file is and it is set to 'Use VLC media player. On the server 2012r2 machine .MP4 is an option and I can change that to either download or always ask. On this machine VLC media file is not an option. I don't know if the operating system could be the reason but how can I add or remove content type. Under the MP4 content type there is another action and that is to use other but I don't know what to select there Firefox isn't even an option. How does Firefox choose what content type to populate here and how can I control it?