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I regualrly use SFTP (via FileZilla) from various Windows and Linux OSs, conecting to TKL appliances hosted in VirtualBox, VMware Server, Proxmox (local and remote) and in the cloud (AWS via the Hub) and haven't had any problems. How to connect your VM via filezilla. I have a Ubuntu 10.10 server running in VirtualBox with OpenSSH installed. I have forwarded port 8888 on the host to 80 on the guest, and 2222 on the host to 22 on the guest.

Filezilla Virtualbox Ubuntu

i have a little problem with my Filezilla on a VBox Machine v4.3.6.
Filezilla VirtualboxThe guest machine is installed with Windows XP with a Xampp stack.Filezilla Virtualbox
The host is an OpenSuse 12.1 installation.
Now i would like to get Filezilla working and i would like to get it accessible from the internet not only from the host system.Filezilla
My VirtualBox network configuration now is NAT. But i heared that ftp and nat are not really friends.
So, what can i do to get an FTP access from the internet anywhere in the world to the FileZilla Server at my guest machine?

Virtualbox Filezilla Server

Filezilla Virtualbox Extension

Thanks for your help