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  1. FileZilla doesn’t update their release in Ubuntu (Linux) repositories anymore.
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In this article we are going to learn How to install Filezilla FTP client (Filezilla Client) in Ubuntu 16.04. Filezilla is a open source FTP client application allows to access FTP Server. It’s an nice light weight application supports protocols like FTP, SFTP..etc…Initially Filezilla was developed by Tim Kosse on year 2001 using C++ programming language and released under GNU GPL license.

Ubuntu Filezilla Server

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Filezilla client comes with various features mentioned below :

This video describes how to access to a local/remote Linux filesystem (any device running Linux) using FileZilla (uses ssh).

  • You can filter files and directories by applying required conditions.
  • Supports 47+ languages.
  • Suppose on daily basis you are working on a directory, then you can bookmark that directory instead of open that directory from it’s actual path every time.
  • Supports both type of IP Addresses i.e. IPv4 & IPv6.
  • Filezilla client is a cross platform application available for major operating systems i.e. Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS.
  • If you are working on a proxy based internet environment then you can set proxy in the Filezilla client.
  • You can work on multiple windows at a time using tabs.
  • Transfers data over network securly.

Follow the below steps to install Filezilla FTP client (Filezilla Client) in Ubuntu 16.04

Filezilla Ubuntu 20.04

Filezilla Ubuntu

Before start the installation we have to install official PPA repository for filezilla client. So to install the same refer the below command.

After installing the PPA repository let’s update the packages and repository of Ubuntu 16.04 using below command to take effect.

Now let’s go ahead and install Filezilla FTP client using below command.

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We have successfully installed the Filezilla FTP client. To confirm the same refer the below command.


Now to open the application just type the command filezilla on shell prompt. Refer the command below.

Filezilla FTP Client application version :


Filezilla Ubuntu 20.04 Download

You can also open the Filezilla FTP client application using search your computer box. Refer the snapshot below.

To uninstall the Filezilla FTP client application refer the below command.

Filezilla Install Ubuntu

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Filezilla Ubuntu Snap