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Filezilla Secured FTP Server for Windows 2019 A powerful and reliable Filezilla Secured FTP Server for Windows 2019 from Tidal Media Inc. Meets the growing demands for data protection and integrity in the process of transferring. With SSH protocol, the secure data transfer across the network is enabled in SFTP Server by default. FTPS stands for FTP over TLS. It’s a newer, secure version of FTP that encrypts your connection, meaning that a third party can’t see the files that you’re moving. It uses Transport Layer Security (TLS). The video tutorial below shows how FTPS Works. Video tutorial: How FTPS Works.

For IONOS Linux webhosting packages

Is filezilla a secure ftp

Learn how to save your SFTP access data in FileZilla so that you can connect quickly without having to re-enter all data each time.

For IONOS Windows hosting packages, please reference Saving Your FTPS Connection Data in WinSCP.

Step 1

Open Filezilla.


Filezilla Secure Ftp Connection

Step 2

Select File > Site Manager.

Step 3

Click New Site.

Step 4

Enter a name for your SFTP connection.

Step 5

Filezilla Secure Ftp

Does Filezilla Support Secure Ftp

Use the table below to configure your Connection Data for Secure FTP in the General tab.

Field Input
Protocol SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol
Host Shown in IONOS. Example: or
Port 22
Logon type Normal
User Your FTP user name
Password Your FTP password

Filezilla Secure Ftp Server Download

Your SFTP connection is now stored in FileZilla. You can now establish the SFTP connection and Transfer Files with FileZilla via SFTP.