Filezilla Remote Site

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The latest stable version of FileZilla Client is 3.53.1

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Windows (32bit x86)

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Filezilla site managerFilezilla

SHA-512 hash: 15f1a3bcc15aef0878f76e594831d69c361423fd5928e3b11dde71b917df7a56b1f4e4289255b65c535b4698395d2385673cebeb927ff20d6629129fe2969876

Once connected to an ftp site, the FileZilla window has the message log, local and remote tree view, local and remote site view, transfer queue, and status bar. Some of those areas are labeled in image shown. Setting up a Site. Use the Site Manager to manage sites you connect to regularly. Start Filezilla. Click File on the top menu bar and select Site Manager. In the Host field, enter in (replace with your actual domain name). In Site Manager, click the New Folder button. Rename it as you wish. Drag and drop your site connections into your new folder. To connect to your predefined site connections: In the FileZilla application, click the Site Manager icon’s pull-down arrow just below the File menu. Select your preferred site connection from the list.

Filezilla Remote Site

The 32bit versions of Windows 8.1 and 10 are supported.

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Prerelease versions

Filezilla Remote Site

To download the latest prerelease version (currently 3.54.0-rc1), go to the download page for unstable releases.