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This documentation explains how to setup a build environment for FileZilla 3for Windows and how to compile it under Debian using Mingw-w64. It will take less time and is more simple than Compiling FileZilla 3 under Windows.

OS version[edit]

Filezilla Debian Buster

There are three mechanisms for use of the FileZilla client with SSH2 keys: In the profile settings in the Site Manager of the FileZilla Pro client. If the SFTP Protocol is specified, it is possible to specify the Logon Type as “Key File” and specify the location of the private key file (in.ppk or.pem format – see below for conversion. Double click or select 'FileZilla server.exe' and press open (Once again, NOT 'FileZilla Server Interface.exe') Select 'FileZilla server.exe' from the list and click 'Ok' Verify that 'FileZilla server.exe' is added to the exceptions list and that it has a check mark in the box next to it; Press 'Ok' to close the window. Debian Main amd64 Official: filezilla-common3.39.0-2+deb10u1all.deb: Architecture independent files for filezilla: Debian Main arm64 Official: filezilla-common3.39.0-2+deb10u1all.deb: Architecture independent files for filezilla.

Any recent Linux should do the trick. For the sake of simplicity, this guide focuses on Debian(-based) distributions.

We strongly recommend to use Debian 10 (Buster) or later (recommended)

Setting up the build environment[edit]

As root, execute:

Back as normal user, execute:




Compile SQLite[edit]


The above may print a lot of errors and warnings. Ignore them, check for success this way:

Compile wxWidgets[edit]

Compile libfilezilla[edit]

Compile FileZilla[edit]

Ubuntu Filezilla Client

Voila, there's now FileZilla_3_setup.exe in the current directory.

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