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Finding the right SFTP or FTP is critical if you are to organize all the files and folders you have on your PC or Mac. A lot can fall through the cracks if you don’t have a way of sorting and arranging all of them. Here you get 4 of the best FTP servers and FTP clients to use on your Windows or Mac Computer.

The Best FTP Software for Windows PC and Mac

FileZilla comes up early in searches for FTP and SFTP clients, but viable free and proprietary Filezilla alternatives do exist — some of them with more intuitive interfaces, better features, or connections to more tools. FileZilla Client The 64bit versions of Windows 8.1 and 10 are supported.

  • FileZilla

FileZilla is not an unfamiliar name to anyone with knowledge about FTP clients no matter how limited. It ranks among the best clients in the world due to its capacity to work with both Windows and Mac PCs. The software is free of any charge and you can simply download it from the main website onto your computer. The whole process of downloading and installation is easy to complete without needing tech support.


Learning all about how to use FileZilla is not complex as well. Anyone who just needs a simple FTP for their machine understands it easily. The FTP client comes in handy when you have to link various servers and transfer files/folders between them at any time. The beauty of the FTP is there is little to no limitation when it comes to compatibility with versions of Mac and Windows OS.

Once you have installed FileZilla on your PC, you shall operate mainly from the main window. The main window works in collaboration with a site manager and an area where all the names are filtered for the folders/files. You shall come across the main menu on the window with a bunch of tabs. The terms come in handy when you have to move between the various settings and search areas of the interface. Editing will take up much of your time and it’s best to perform this on the main window of this FTP client.

Create an account with a unique username and password as soon as the download is complete. This way you can keep your entire content safe and secure from unauthorized access. In case of any mishap, the FTP client alerts you and you can take the necessary action to avert any problems.

Features to Expect on FileZilla

  • The FileZilla Community

There are millions of FileZilla users worldwide who benefit from the fact that this FTP client is compatible with Man and Windows. All of them come together to form the FileZilla community which is an important group. Here ideas on how to better utilize the software are shared. In case you have any difficulty in using it, simply ask for assistance and the members shall come to your rescue.

  • Multiple Languages

FileZilla is not limited to any one region of the world. Anyone with a Mac or Windows computer and internet access can download it. It’s only logical that the site makes it possible for people to access the software in numerous languages. This consideration has made it even more popular among users.

  • Compatibility

The FTP client that people enjoy the most has few limitations when it comes to compatibility with various OS. This is the case for FileZilla that not only accepts Mac and Windows but all their versions. It can even be compatible with earlier versions of Windows such as Windows 7.

  • Side to Side Settings

As you work with numerous files and folders, it gets easier when you can place two of them side by side. With the drag and drop system, you can move files around from one folder to the other easily.

  • Search Settings

Every site creation is characterized by a host of files and folders that can be tough to sift through. Make use of the search setting to peruse through and locate the content you need without wasting too much time.

  • Drag and Drop System

It’s easy to drag folders and files from one to another by using the drag and drop system. This tool comes in handy when you want to save on time and effort.

  • Bookmarks

A bookmark is an important tool to help you remember a file and where it’s located next time you need it.

  • Remote File Editing

Every time you want to make a change, you don’t have to log in. Simply access what you need and use the remote file editing feature.

Pros of FileZilla

  • Best for both Mac and Windows
  • Supports numerous versions of Windows and Mac OS
  • Free of charge
  • Easy to download and install
  • Allows access to remote storage servers such as Amazon S3 and Google Drive


  • As you install the software, you also install junkware in the form of adware.
  • Cyberduck

When searching for the best FTP client in the market, Cyberduck is another to keep in mind. It’s ranked high because it’s compatible with Mac and Windows which are the most popular OS in the world. It’s simply designed and not hard to use at all hence its growing popularity among FTP users. The speed at which you transfer files is impressive, to say the least. Both local and international access is permissible as it has fewer limitations.

The good news is there are two ways you can download the Cyberduck software. One is through the main website and the second is from Microsoft and Mac Stores. The client is free for all users. You have the option of sending the developers a donation of $10 if you wish. This is to aid in their endeavor to perfect the software and keep upgrading it.

This FTP is highly regarded by users for its capacity to connect to numerous storage areas where you’re files and folders are kept. This includes remote servers widely used today such as Google Drive. The user interface is impressive with better features that make it interesting to use. Make use of the Cryptomator which is an additional feature. It provides your content with an added layer of protection enhancing data encryption.


Features of Cyberduck

  • URL Generator

This way your work gets easier once the URL is at hand. You can easily share the files and folders without much strain to locate them among all the content you have.

  • Free FTP Client

The software is easy to download and free of charge. There are no paid plans to choose from as in other FTP clients. You can opt to send the developers a $10 donation to help them keep up with the good work as this is one of the best FTP clients in the market.

  • Editor

You can opt to use an editor that is located outside of the FTP client as you work through your content. Some changes require more sophisticated editors. Cyberduck permits you to connect to them.

  • Transfer Support

You can easily move files and folders stored in other storage locations such as Google drive by using the Transfer Support. It makes it easy to locate and get the right content.

  • Drag and Drop System

You can easily transfer anything on this FTP by using this system. This way nothing important is left behind because you can’t relocate it.

  • Quick-Look

This acts like a preview where you go through everything you have created so far. You can keep track of your progress and make changes where necessary before moving forward.

  • Cryptomator

An additional layer of encryption is always welcome when transferring important files. With the Cryptomator, you can rest easy knowing everything is safe and secure. No back door exists which is another advantage to keep in mind.

  • Bookmark

The bookmarking tool comes in handy when you want to review your access history. This way you view what is done and what is yet to be accomplished. You can also not where all files and folders that you accessed are located.

Pros of Cyberduck

  • Easy to install once you download it
  • Has additional features that are beneficial like Cryptomator
  • Provides drag and drop system


  • Not essential for transferring multiple files or folders.
  • WinSCP

WinSCP is an FTP client only compatible with Windows OS. The good news is it’s free of charge and helps you keep track of all your files and folders. It’s a popular and free FTP software that you can easily download onto your computer. The main page is where you spend most of your time similar to that on the FileZilla.

Several tabs are available to customize the key page to suit your needs with various sessions and commands. The advantage here is you can access several sessions. This way you can accomplish much more in a short period. It’s an easy FTP client to use meaning even as a beginner, you can easily find your way around.

WinSCP Features to Enjoy

  • Administrative Restrictions

If you intend to use this FTP for office or in other restricted areas, then it’s best to set up the administrative restrictions. Once you set this up, no unauthorized persons can access the files and folders on it at any time without your blessing.

  • Adjustable Interface

When you download the software, check the user-interface. In case it doesn’t meet your needs, make adjustments accordingly before you start your work.

  • Workspace Connection

WinSCP remains connected to your workstation at all times unless you decide to disconnect it.

  • Beautiful Interface

The user interface is attractive making it interesting to work on. You won’t get easily bored as the hours drag on.

Download Filezilla Free Ftp Client

  • File Encryption

Any file that you send through WinSCP is automatically encrypted for its safety and protection.

  • External Editors

Use any external editor you prefer. All you should do is link it with WinSCP and you are good to go.


  • Attractive and user-friendly interface
  • Better file and folder encryption
  • Easy to download and install
  • Can set up administrative restrictions


  • Only compatible with Windows OS
  • PuTTY Client

Once you decide to use the PuTTY SFTP client then you can rest assured all your files and folders are secure. This client makes use of the SSH connection to add more security as you transfer the data. The SFTP client is free of charge and anyone can use it at will with no restrictions.

It’s enjoyed by many because you can easily configure it and use numerous terminals including SSH, telnet, rlogin among others. It supports both Mac and Windows OS which are the most widely used in the world. The good news is there is little limitation to the versions of this OS supported by the client. Even though PuTTY is common and easy to access, it can be complex to use. Mostly IT admins, Network developers and other professionals use it.

Filezilla client software download

Features of PuTTY SFTP Client

  • Cost

The SFTP client is free for all. You should access the site and download it into your computer. No payment is necessary and anyone trying to sell it to you is a con.

  • Operating Systems Support

The beauty of this client is you can use it either on Mac or Windows without any limitations. It supports a wide variety of versions of these OS.

  • Reliable

Finding an OS that you can easily rely on is the most crucial part of transferring files and folders. You must be sure of the FTP that you choose to use. PuTTY ranks among the most reliable that you can get in the market today.

  • Security

You can rest assured that all the data in your files and folders are secure on PuTTY. It makes use of the latest encryption to keep all your information secure from any unauthorized access at all times.

  • Simple Interface

The interface is simple enough to understand but it takes time to master using this SFTP. Still, the interface makes it easy to understand and in a short while you can use it effectively.

  • Side by side Comparison

Filezilla Client Software For Windows 7

On the main window, you can place two files or folders side by side and compare their content. This way you see if any changes need to be made or they are fine as is.

Filezilla 64 Bit Windows 10

  • Drag and Drop System
Filezilla Client Software

Once you use the side by side comparison and want to make changes, make use of the drag and drop system. Simply select any file/folder that you want to move and drop it in the other folder.


  • Free to use
  • Compatible with versions of Windows and Mac
  • Easy to download and install


  • Not ideal for users without experience in FTP clients and servers

Filezilla Download 64 Bit Windows


Filezilla Ftp Client Software

Check out the 4 FTP and SFTP then decide which is the best to use. They are free to use and can be easily downloaded onto Mac and Windows computers. Many people prefer them because they support various versions of these OS.