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FileZilla Issues - Malware Alert

Install your filezilla and go to C: Program Files FileZilla FTP Client docs. Then cut the filezilla.xml file from docs folder and paste in C: Program Files FileZilla FTP Client filezilla.xml file. Then open the filezilla application and you could see that updates and Check for updates tab is gone forever. Update your file to correspond version (mine was 3.16.1 at the time), and set Last update date further away. Ads in Filezilla automatic update. I just got this update notification. I tolerated the bundled adware in the installer since I could always opt out. I get that they want to be compensated for their time. At this point though the devs should just charge for the client instead of.

Please be advised that FileZilla – a cross-platform graphical FTP, SFTP, and FTPS file management tool for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, as well as other operating systems – has been flagged for bundling malware in to the installation process.

How does the malware get installed on your computer?

A pop-up link will alert the user that their FileZilla application is out-of-date and will direct the user to the website for The download from this link delivers a malicious bundle installation wrapper, a program used to execute one or more installation program. The wrapper contains malware such as fusioncore, installcore, Eldorado, PUP, and PUA. Many of these may not be detected by anti-virus software.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Update Filezilla Server

  • To protect yourself against this malware, it is best not to use FileZilla.
  • If you need to transfer protected information, please use the University's virtual private network (VPN) or contact UMIT for information and assistance.
  • UMIT recommends that you use Box, Google Drive, or OneDrive. If you must use an application for file transfer for your servers or systems, please work with UMIT to develop a secure and safe procedure for your applications and your data.
  • If you have vendors who use FileZilla, request they discontinue use of that application and move to the University's secure VPN.
  • If you are using FileZilla, do not click on the pop-up or allow the pop-up to automatically install the 'updates' for your FileZilla application.
  • When downloading applications and software, you should always save them to a file on your computer and run your anti-virus application against them to ensure they are free of any malware.
  • To prevent malware from being automatically downloaded and installed, disable the 'auto-run' and 'auto-download' features on your computer.

Filezilla Auto Update Disable

Filezilla turn off auto updates

For more information about this FileZilla issue, please review the following forums on the Reddit and FileZilla Project websites.

  1. We're not forcing it to be set for users as some may want the notification (even though it automatically downloads, which is annoying). Any users who wish to turn this on or off, it's within Edit - Settings - Update (near the bottom of the list).
  2. Obtain your update files. Obtain your update files. If you already have FileZilla installed, FileZilla checks automatically for updates at launch and downloads them to your home downloads folder. If you don't have FileZilla already, download it here.

Thank you.

FileZilla is a truly great piece of software. I’ve been using it for all my FTP transfers for years now and it’s never let me down; in fact, over time it’s got faster and more dependable. BUT.. I can’t help but be irritated by its update notification dialog:

To be fair you can configure how frequently FileZilla checks for updates, but thing is, once it finds an update, it’ll bug you relentlessly every time you launch the program until you relent and upgrade. Many times I’m in a rush and I just want to get my file transfer done; I’d rather leave the update for a time when I’m in less of a hurry. There’s no option for that in FileZilla, but with PTFB Pro, I was able to make one using a Single Press Item:

The Single Press quickly dismisses the notification via its Close button..

But as it does this, it takes a screenshot of the notification and mails it to me…


This basically converts the update dialog into an update email; the dialog disappears so fast it doesn’t interrupt my workflow, while the email sits there in my inbox (with a screenshot detailing what the update provides) as a reminder for when I have the time to actually apply the update.

This is one small example of how PTFB Pro can help lessen the irritations of working on a computer, and goes right back to what the acronym PTFB stands for: Push The Freakin’ Button! Grab a copy of PTFB from the download page now – you get a free trial for 30 days, and unlike most software these days, it’s installer is very lightweight (no huge package of runtime libraries or other bloat).

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